Chapter Three


Knuckles awoke with a start. He looked around the room to check if there was anyone there.

That was weird…He could have sworn…

Slowly the echidna stood, wobbling slightly. He leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. This was not good…

I should go back to sleep…it was probably nothing…nothing…He blinked. Was it just him or was he repeating himself? Had that wall always been that…fuzzy looking?

Before he could really think about it his vision blacked out.


With a yawn Amy sat up, stretching her arms out as sunlight fell around her. Surprisingly, she'd actually had a good night's snooze. The leaves Knuckles had shown her had been very…pillow-like and made a good mattress and blanket at the same time. Not like she needed the blanket, it being so hot and all…

"Well, I guess I better go find Knuckles…where did he say he was sleeping again?" Amy asked herself, tapping her chin with one finger. "Somewhere down this corridor I think…"

She set off at a steady pace, smiling to herself. A nice rest made all the difference on her mood.

"Knuckles? Are you awake?" she asked, peering around the corner. She froze. "Knuckles?"

That didn't look very comfortable…He was sprawled out on the ground with his face in the dirt.

"'Hey…Knuckles? Wake up…"

The hedgehog knelt down next to him, shaking him slightly.

"Seriously! Heeellooo!" she yelled in his ear.

He stirred slightly, blinking one eye open.

"You look good in purple…" he murmured.

Amy stared at him.


"Purple…were you always that color?"

"Knuckles…I'm not purple."

"You aren't…you look…purple…"

"I think there's something wrong with you…you can understand what I'm saying, right?"

"Of course I can Abbie."

"My name is Amy, Knuckles," she corrected with a frown.

"I knew that…you're Amelia…"

Amy sighed, deciding that it was a lost cause. What was she supposed to do in this situation?

"Did you not get any sleep last night or something?"

Maybe he was delirious? She was about to reach out to touch his forehead but he grabbed her wrist. Amy winced.

"Ow…Knuckles, that hurts…please let go!"

His grip tightened and she cried out in pain. Finally she managed to pull her arm away.

"Don't touch me," he growled out lowly. Amy flinched back.

"I'm trying to help you!"

"Just leave me alone…I'm…I'm…fine…" he said slowly, stuttering out the last bit. Once more he closed his eyes.

She sat for a moment, watching him while she rubbed her wrist…it had felt like it would have been so easy for him to break it in two. Another shiver escaped her.

But…once more she reached out, this time managing to put her hand against his forehead. Amy bit her lip.

What could she really do? She had no medicine…unless…

Maybe…just maybe the medical supplies in the plane hadn't been damaged! They had been in a thick metal box, so…

She stood, determination set on her face. It was time for her to pay him back for saving her. This was her chance to save someone else!


"I can do this…" she told herself as she walked carefully through the forest. "Just remember…near the orange flowers…"

Before too long she found herself standing next to the plane. The hedgehog couldn't help but stare at it for a bit, thinking how lucky she had been. So lucky that Knuckles had been there…

After a few minutes of rummaging around she found what she had been looking for. Her first aid kit! Perfect! With this she could cure Knuckles' fever and make sure her own wounds didn't get infected!

"Yes!" she exclaimed, jumping up in the air. Quickly she scrambled out of the metal pile and back into the lush greenery.

A few birds sang overhead and the orange flowers seemed to wave at her as she passed.

She could do this. Well, actually, she had to do this. Maybe he wouldn't think she was so worthless if she accomplished this task. It had to work.

Somehow…she felt sorry for the red echidna. Even if he talked roughly and was kind of scary…it was almost like he didn't mean to do it. It just sort of…came out that way.

Maybe…maybe he just needed a friend…

Amy laughed at herself. What a silly notion! He'd already said he didn't need anyone or want anyone and it wasn't like she could make a friendship work anyway! It just wouldn't…They were both too…stubborn.


She sighed, leaning back against the cold stone wall. It was exhausting having to take care of herself and Knuckles' at the same time when it was hard enough finding her way around. It was constantly 'Where was that stream again?' and 'I wonder if I've left him alone for too long…' or 'Is this medicine actually working?'

A few times he seemed to be actually thinking clearly. He'd tell her some necessary facts about the island. Then he'd always lapse back into delirium and start spouting nonsense. And he kept forgetting stuff. Her name was one of those things, though he always called her something that started with an A.

Like that one time when he had called her Albert.

Other times he'd attack her and not let her near him. She'd learned to avoid him around then or suffer a new row of bruises. Maybe he just forgot who she was and thought she was going to steal whatever it was he was supposed to be guarding?

It had been four days since the day she'd found the medicine. During that time all she'd been able to do was sit around. At least his fever seemed to have lessened…

Amy sighed. Now if only she could get some sleep before she also fell ill. That would be just splendid on top of everything else.

Still…he couldn't say she didn't do anything. That was really all she was going for. She didn't care about him. Not at all…


She started, surprised to actually hear someone saying her name. The hedgehog turned her head to stare at Knuckle, surprised to see him staring back.

"What happened…?" he asked slowly, sitting up. "I feel like I got run over by a boulder or something…"

"You had a fever and I took care of you," she replied with a yawn.

He paused.

"…You did?"

"Yeah," she said, smiling at him.

He noticed the bruises on her arms and froze.

"…What happened to your arms?"

Amy laughed uneasily, covering up the ugly purple and yellow marks with her hands.

"I fell down a lot in that cave when I went out to get food. It's not a big deal."

She could tell he didn't quite buy it and when he opened his mouth to speak she interrupted him.

"It's not like they hurt at all. I'm used to falling down. You know; clumsy me!"

Knuckles went silent and she watched as his eyes narrowed ever so slightly. Then he sighed.

"…Thank you, Amy. I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't been here…" he smiled, "I guess it's actually a good thing that you landed on my island."

Amy was shocked to find that he had a really nice smile.

"I guess we're even now," she smirked.

Again there was silence. The hedgehog soon got sick of it and thought of something to say.

"You're really good at fighting, huh?" she asked absently.

Knuckles blinked, wondering if that was a compliment or a question.

"I practice a lot…it's not like there's much else to do with my free time…"

"Could you maybe…train me?"

He stared at her, taken by surprise.

"I assume so…if you really wanted to…I mean, while we're not repairing your airplane…" he trailed off.

She was a bit disappointed that he still wanted her to leave.

"I'm just so useless when it comes to something like that…Whenever Dr. Robotnik attacks…"

Knuckles raised an eyebrow.

"Who's that?"

"A mad scientist who's trying to take over the world. I guess you wouldn't have heard of him. Though…If you ever meet him, don't trust a word he says."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"I did get a bit of training back when I was on the ground…Sonic was training me…" Amy closed her mouth instantly, feeling her eyes well up.


"…He…he's the…hero of Mobius…fastest thing alive…" The tears began to fall silently and first she didn't think Knuckles had noticed.

"…You said earlier you had been rejected…was it by this Sonic guy?" he asked quietly.

"Y-Yes…" she said through her sobs.

Knuckles didn't know what to do in this situation. He'd never had any experience with this…

"…Maybe…maybe if you get stronger…he'll…I don't know…" he ended awkwardly.

"He must hate me! All I do is get saved by him and follow him everywhere! But I…I still love him…"

The echidna thought for a moment, then crawled over and sat next to Amy. She cried into his shoulder as she no longer cared that she barely knew him. Knuckles watched her silently.


"Tails, where do you think she could be?!" Sonic asked, yelling over the wind so his friend could hear him.

"I really don't know! There's a lot of land to cover…she could be anywhere!" the fox replied. "I think she was headed in this direction, but the storm could have blown her off course!"

"It's all my fault…" Sonic said.

"Did you say something?!"

"No! Nothing!"

Tails concentrating on flying once more, though he couldn't help but feel guilty. He shouldn't have let Amy fly when the forecast had said a large storm was headed their way. She'd just seemed so upset…

Sonic sat quietly, thinking how horrible he had been to have said something like that to Amy…it's not like he didn't like her…just…not like that. Or…did he? Why was he so worried it was driving him mad?

'Amy…please be safe!' Sonic thought desperately.

Tails looked at the fuel gauge and noticed it was low.

"Looks like we're gonna have to stop searching for today!"

"Alright! We'll try again tomorrow!"


Knuckles didn't move. Amy had fallen asleep crying on his shoulder. She must have been so exhausted…

He thought back to when he'd seen the plane crash from afar.

A loud 'Boom!' echoed through the forest. Knuckles looked up and saw a large smoke cloud visible even through the pouring rain. Something had crashed…something big. He made his way towards it with as much speed as he could muster, somehow managing to not slip on the muddy ground. What he found surprised him.

'Is she alive?' he wondered, reaching out and poking her. She groaned and moved her head to the side but didn't wake up. He turned to see the plane wreckage not too far away and put two and two together. She must have crashed here.

Silently he picked her up as gently as he could, not wanting to wake her up. What would she do if she found him carrying her around? He would attack if he were her, but that was probably just him…

"Sonic…" she murmured brokenly. He looked down curiously. Sonic? A name maybe?

Well, now he knew who Sonic was. What kind of guy made a girl cry like that…? Knuckles looked down to see the bruises on her arms and he bit his lip. Somehow he had a feeling…

"Sonic…" she mumbled, just like she had when he'd carried her away from the plane. She grabbed onto the echidna's arm and sniffled. "…Don't leave me Sonic…"

Knuckles stared at her uncomfortably. This was…awkward. Was she dreaming about this…Sonic?

'She must really love him…' he thought absently.

No one had ever loved him. Then again, there had been no one to love him. Just a lone echidna guarding something that everyone else thought was just a legend…

He shook his head. There was no need for anyone to care, let alone love him.

Knuckles somehow knew he was destined to always be alone. He didn't really understand why that had to be though…

Didn't everyone need a friend?

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