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He can't help but smile as he rubs his icy fingers in tiny circles on her protruding stomach. His other hand plays gently with her hair that is strewn across his lap. Looking at her, asleep and round with his baby girl, he can't help but believe that maybe he isn't damned. Maybe, just maybe, this higher power has actually blessed him, because at this moment nothing can be more perfect. She stirs softly, looks up at him sleepily, and smiles.

"What?" She asks in that scratchy, early morning voice that he loves so dearly.

"Nothing, I just...I love you Bella. I don't think I've ever loved you more, if that's even possible."

She giggles nervously at him and shakes her head. She was never good with profound words. So she keeps it simple."I love you, Edward."

How can he not smile at this woman who holds his heart? How can the sight of her not make him lose his non-existing breath? Has anyone in the world every felt this way? It's Impossible. It must be, because this is something that they can so easily be lost in. They can so easily be swept away just in one another's eyes. When Rosalie walked in the room it broke the lovers trance and they both turn their heads to look at her.

"Well Lovebirds, you may be able to forget about the fact that the Volturri are after us but the rest of us actually want to survive this thing."

Edward is stunned and frightened that he so easily let this important fact slip. It seems as if Bella forgot as well because as soon as the words left Rosalie's lips Bella tensed and Edward tightened his grasp on her as if to protect her from her own thoughts. When she speaks her voice is laced with fear and it breaks his heart because he can only blame himself.

"But why? There has to be a reason. I just don't understand. What do we do?"

"I don't know but I just hope this isn't going to be the end of us all."

Her insensitive remark teases Edwards temper and he has to remind himself that he has put everyone in a horrible position. She has a right to be upset and scared. They all seems that everyone has heard their conversation because one by one each member of the Cullen family makes their way into the room and finds a place. Carlisle comes in last and is the first to break the silence.

"So, as you all know by now, Alice has had a vision. Alice would you like to share the details of your vision with everyone?"

Alice nods her head and solemnly begins her tale. "The vision was not too detailed, but it was clear that there will be a confrontation. I saw the Volturri and they were preparing for a quarrel. It was apparent that they were after us. I can't say for sure but I believe they know about Bella's pregnancy. I do know that Laurent was there with them. He must have told them something."

They were all trying to comprehend the fact that the largest and most dangerous group of vampires has made themselves their enemy. Emmett was the first to speak. "Damn it. What could this mean? Why would this mean so much to them?"

Carlisle was the only one that could answer. "It could be a number of things. For one Bella is human and if they found out that she is with Edward then they may believe she knows too much. More obviously it could be this child. Never in all my years have I ever heard of a human pregnant by a vampire. Maybe this is just as much a mystery to them."

"What about the Denali coven? Irena, she may be able to speak with Laurent and find out what this is all about."

"I don't know, Edward. Laurent is clearly against us. He may not tell Irena what he knows even if he is still speaking with them, and Irena may not be willing to give up her lover so easily."

"We can only try. It is our only hope." Carlisle looks deeply into Esme's eyes as she says this and they are both scared though they will not show it but through their eyes and only in this one glance. They look back out at the others and Emmett steps forward.

"Me and Rose, we can go. We'll go find Irena and ask for her help." He turns and looks towards Rosalie as he says this. Although she looks unhappy she nods in agreement.

"Then go…and be careful my children."

They both nod towards Carlisle and the rest of the family and in the next instance they are gone. Edward takes this moment to look down at Bella who seems in shock. "Bella, are you alright?"

Her eyes shoot towards him and she nods slowly. She is so pale that it frightens him and the bags under her eyes only increase his worry. "I just…this is all happening so fast." She closes her eyes tightly and when she opens them, the look on her face burns Edward right down to his core.

"Edward, I'm scared."

He can't help but pull her deeper into his arms and rock her gently back and forth. The eyes of his family are upon them. Fear is apparent in everyone's gaze. He kisses the back of her head and closes his eyes against his own fear. He must be strong for her. He must be strong for his sweet little girl. He must be strong for them all.

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