Sabaku no Gaara walked the halls of his Kazekage's mansion. He was looking for the Hidden Leaf village's ambassador, Uchiha Sasuke.

The Uchiha had been the ambassador for three months now and was improving greatly, with Gaara's help. At first, Sasuke had been, what the Sand Village's council deemed, rude. He would point out tactical flaws, jutsu weaknesses and anything else he saw that didn't meet his standards. Gaara had kept him aside after every meeting and given him 'pointers' on how to conduct himself when before the council and the Kazekage. It had been a long three months, but Gaara knew he'd been of some help to the boy. Even if Sasuke was reluctant to admit it.

"Uchiha-san." Gaara knocked on the ambassador's office door.

"Enter." A deep voice answered from beyond the oak doors. Gaara went in, not looking forward to what Sasuke had to say. He had received a message saying that something urgent had come up and he needed to go to Sasuke's rooms immediately.

"What's the problem, Uchiha? You know you're the one who is supposed to come to me, don't you?" Gaara wasn't happy. He was in the middle of his stack of paperwork that Temari felt he needed to get through straight away.

"I know. I just thought you could use a break from the paperwork." Sasuke smirked before adding, "And I thought you could use the exercise." Gaara frowned.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He was weight conscious now that Shukaku had been extracted. It was harder for him to keep the weight off now that all his energy wasn't being used up to keep the demon inside. He glared at the evil twinkling in Sasuke's eyes.

"You're getting unfit. You're the Kazekage. You should be a role model for your shinobi. Don't you think?" Sasuke could barely hide his amusement. He knew Gaara was self-conscious about his weight, and took great joy in teasing his new friend.

The two had become closer over the three months he'd been working there. Tsunade hadn't known what to do with him so she gave him over to the Sand Village. He didn't get along with Naruto and Sakura anymore. Sakura and Naruto were now an item and Naruto was a jealous boyfriend; especially when it took him so long to get Sakura to go out with him... and since he knew how much his girlfriend used to like Sasuke, before he deserted the village. Sasuke just liked to tease them both. He knew Naruto was jealous and protective, and that Sakura still had a small crush on him, so he'd smirk sexily whenever he thought the situation called for it. It drove them both crazy in their own ways. No one really knew this about Sasuke, but he loved to tease his friends mercilessly. He found it hilarious to make Naruto green with envy whenever Sakura giggled at one of his sarcastic remarks about the blonde. And now that Tsunade was sick of their bickering, and had sent him away, he found Gaara was just as fun to tease when they were alone.

Gaara glared at Sasuke as he sat in the chair in front of the desk. Gaara knew how Sasuke was. He saw right through his teasing, but was still a little paranoid.

"Do you actually have anything for me to see, or did you just feel like teasing me?" He folded his arms over his chest, still glaring kunai at his, now, best friend.

"Both." Sasuke gave Gaara a rare grin as he handed him a scroll. "The Village Hidden in the Mist wants some of your best to escort their genin to the chuunin exams. I still don't know why you want them to be held here, this time. Konoha has better facilities, you know." Sasuke knew Gaara thought highly of the new training grounds he'd had built especially for the chuunin exams, and so took great pleasure in insulting them in oh-so-subtle ways.

Gaara raised a brow. Now Sasuke was getting a bit too close to crossing the line. He could handle slights about himself being 'unfit'... but he was getting a bit sick of his new training grounds being criticised by the Uchiha. He'd worked hard on those designs. He'd brought in the best architect to help him create them.

"Uchiha, you're about to cross the line, you know." He signed the request from the Mist and handed it back to his annoying subordinate. Sasuke actually laughed.

"You know I like to tease you. You're such a tight arse." He gave an evil grin at this.

"No, you just don't know when to stop. I have work to do. I'm not in the mood for your crap." Sasuke chuckled. He'd done it now. Gaara was getting angry. He loved getting Gaara angry. And this particular time, he was counting on it. He had a mission he'd given himself when he woke up that morning.

"Ah, Gaara..." Sasuke stood up and was suddenly at Gaara's side. "I love it when you get angry." He leant down and licked the shell of Gaara's ear. "You're so... hot." He nibbled the Kazekage's lobe, making the red-head shudder.

"What are you doing, Uchiha?" He had to work to keep the tremble from his voice.

"Hmmm... what do you think I'm doing? Gaara?" He whispered the last word, every letter suddenly dripping with lust. Gaara had no idea Sasuke felt like this about him. He didn't think anyone could feel that way about him.

"S-Sasuke... what are you doing? Stop it. I don't like this..." He cringed away as Sasuke straddled him on the chair, licking him just under the lobe he'd nibbled moments before.

"You will, Gaara-kun." Sasuke ran his fingers of both hands through Gaara's hair, loving the softness, looking him right in the eye, before kissing him gently. He loved to sooth the anger from this man. He couldn't explain why, but he loved to comfort him. He moved his lips slightly, giving a soft, chaste kiss, before deepening it, licking the soft lips under his. Gaara didn't know what to do. No one had ever kissed him before.

"Sasuke... what do I – umph..." Sasuke cut him off by shoving his tongue in his mouth. Oh, he thought, loving the feel of Sasuke's tongue against his. Sasuke pulled away.

"You have to move your tongue, you know? Haven't you done this before?" He held Gaara's cheeks with his palms, tracing circles in the hair above his ears with his index fingers.

"No..." Gaara's face turned pink.

"Follow me. Do what I do." Sasuke leant back in, showing Gaara what to do.

After a few seconds, the Kazekage finally responded, as hesitant as it was. He made a sound that asked 'is this right?' to which Sasuke moaned a 'oh, yeah, that's right!'

Sasuke broke the kiss, letting his arms hang loosely around Gaara's neck, his forehead resting against the crook of the other's neck.

"What now?" Gaara decided that he didn't want that to be all. It couldn't be. He didn't know what else there could be, but he knew he wanted more.

Sasuke chuckled. "Well..." he gripped his thighs around Gaara's on the chair and signed a transportation jutsu, taking them to his private rooms in the Kazekage mansion. "What else do you want me to do?" he asked when they'd appeared on his bed, with him laying on top of Gaara.

"I... don't know. Just... more." Sasuke smirked as he traced kissed up and down Gaara's throat when he heard this. Perfect.