Sasuke took his hand away from Gaara's pulsing length, earning himself a whimper of protest. He smirked down at the writhing Kazekage before descending to his prize.

Sasuke linked his fingers with Gaara's, giving a gentle squeeze, letting him know it was OK. He kissed his way from the delightfully twitching belly to the tip of the deliciously throbbing head. His mouth watered just thinking about tasting it. He licked the tip, catching the pre on his tongue, savouring the salty flavour. He pressed a kiss to the tip before enveloping the head with his mouth, giving no warning as to his intentions.

"Ah! Sasuke!" Gaara had no idea what to expect from the Uchiha. He certainly didn't think the man would put his penis in his mouth! Isn't that unsanitary? He shrugged the thought off, relishing the feel of the lips and tongue worshiping his rigid flesh. He squeezed Sasuke's hand in his ecstasy, the sheets crumpling in his other, his back arching slightly, his hips bucking into the wonderful heat of Sasuke's mouth. With his free hand, Sasuke held Gaara back from bucking too hard, trying not to choke on the large appendage.

Sasuke bobbed his head down, tightening his lips, dragging his teeth back up the length, slowly, almost painfully. Gaara was breathing heavily, his sac tightening under Sasuke's chin, alerting the ambassador to his imminent climax. The red-head's hips tried to buck again, trying to deepen the pleasure, wanting more of that beautiful mouth and tongue. He'd never felt anything like this before! To compensate holding down the hips, Sasuke swallowed as much of the hard length as he could, clenching his throat muscles around the head, fighting down his gag reflex.

Finally, Gaara came, screaming some form of Sasuke's name, incoherent in his nirvana, a broken sob of pleasure unable to be repressed. His first orgasm tore through his body, flooding Sasuke's mouth, flowing down his throat, to his stomach, sating his hunger for the love juices for the time being. Now it was time to show Gaara how he really felt.

Sasuke heard the sob. It was a sound conveying love, gratitude, lust and absolute trust. His face lit up in a smile, loving the sounds he was able to wrench from the Kazekage, a man normally as quiet and impassive as himself. He was the one to break through to this man, this angel.

Gently, Sasuke cradled Gaara in his arms, kissing his face gently, waiting for his breathing to even out. He kissed away the beads of sweat, loving the taste against his lips. Anything Gaara had to offer, he would take; gladly.

"That was... amazing. Thank you."

"I haven't even started, love." Sasuke smirked at the look of wonder on Gaara's beautiful face. He went in for another kiss, a lot rougher than usual. He nipped at the succulent bottom lip, drawing the tiniest amount of blood, drawing a moan from both him and Gaara. He moaned again, at the knowledge that Gaara liked a bit of rough treatment; a bit of kinkiness.

He manoeuvred them so he was laying atop the dazed red-head, his hand sneaking down to re-arouse his lover once more. Smirking into the kiss, he rubbed his own neglected length against Gaara's leg, letting the boy feel what was eventually to come... so to speak.

"Nngh... Sasuke..." Gaara gasped as he felt the heat of Sasuke's arousal sliding against his thigh, slick with its own juices.

Sasuke had no trouble re-awakening Gaara's own arousal, a few harsh pumps and he was hard again. Distracting his lover with a rather harsh nip to his earlobe, Sasuke released some chakra from his hand, sealing it in a firm bond around the base of Gaara's penis. The distraction didn't work very well... as enjoyable as it was for either party. Gaara moaned at the firm hold the chakra had on his penis, keeping any more orgasms at bay. He could feel the tingle of raw energy surrounding it, even as Sasuke removed his hand.


"You'll see." Sasuke slid off of his love-prisoner, hooking his arms around the pale legs, bringing them up to rest on his shoulders, determined to find any and every erogenous zone on his lover, starting with his feet, working his way up.

Smirking, he kissed the right ankle next to his face, delighting in the shudder of appreciation. He traced a pattern with his tongue, never breaking eye contact with Gaara.

"Sa-ah-suke!" He gasped as Sasuke nibbled the ball of his right foot, just below his little toe. "Ah! Ssassuke!" He hissed the name, not knowing how else to express his pleasure, hoping that it was enough, that there was enough emotion in that one word.

Sasuke slipped the pinky toe in his mouth, tickling with his tongue, nipping with his teeth, kissing with his lips. He moved on to the next toe, repeating the same routine. Each toe brought a different reaction, none of them bad. He moved to the next foot, loving each toe individually, trailing his tongue up the arch of each foot, nibbling his way from ankles to calves, to knees, kissing and nipping alternately, thriving on each and every pleasure-filled moan and mewl he wrenched from the boneless man-turned-putty beneath him.

Nibbling behind Gaara's knees gave him a delightful reaction. The Kazekage tightened his grip around Sasuke's shoulders with his legs, trying to keep him as close as possible. He chuckled, quickly nibbling again, before moving onto the creamy thighs. He licked and kissed his way up, suckling the delicious flesh, leaving love-bites in his wake. He ignored the throbbing penis, opting to take the swollen testicles in his mouth instead.

He could practically feel them throbbing against his tongue, feel the blood pumping through, begging him for release with every pulse. He would grant their wish, but not now. He was nowhere near finished giving the love of his life pleasure. Not when he had waited so long.

He released them, loving the needy moans escaping the lips so far above him. He longed to be reunited with those lips, but he would wait. He was determined to see this plan through, His S-ranked mission. His Sexy-ranked mission. He snorted at the lame joke, earning a confused look from Gaara's sex-glazed eyes. He shook his head, signalling the dismissal of something unimportant, as he skipped the delectable member, moving his kisses to the stomach. He remembered the twitching muscles from before, when he laved attention on them before; seemingly a lifetime ago.

He breathed in deeply, trying to memorise the scent of Gaara's heated flesh, the tang of sweat, the sweetness of his natural odour. He slid the tip of his tongue from just above the heated arousal, to the belly-button just begging to be teased to within an inch of Gaara's life.

He plunged his tongue into the sweet little hole, sucking the surrounding flesh into his mouth, biting down with his teeth, making a large love-bite, surrounding the little hole. He smirked against the twitching muscles, kissing and licking away the sting of the bite, wanting to hear even more of those wonderfully arousing moans of lust coming from above.

"S-Sasuke... it... it hurts! Please!" Gaara felt as though he was about to explode. His groin felt so swollen. It hurt so much, but it was the best pain he'd ever experienced in his life. He wanted more, but he wanted it to end, but he wanted it to last forever. He didn't know what he wanted.

Yes he did. He wanted Sasuke!

"Patience, Kazekage-sama," Sasuke chuckled, turning his Sharingan on, wanting to memorise the flushed, aroused state of his lover in his first-ever sexual experience, forever.

"Don't call me that... not here. Not now." Gaara whispered, keeping his moans at bay just long enough. He hated having his boring job associated with this wonderful experience. He wanted Sasuke's love, not the obligatory duty of his ambassador.

"Koi... have patience. I promise, I will let you release. Not yet, but soon," he whispered, squeezing the thighs that were still by his head, demonstrating just how flexible Gaara really was.

He slid up, further, bringing the flexible limbs with him. He marvelled at the flexibility of this shinobi. He didn't think even he could do this without straining something.

"You'll tell me if I hurt you?"

"You're not hurting me."

"Good." He kissed the middle of the chest below him, watching the muscles flinch under his lips, taking note of how sensitive Gaara's body was to his touch. He moved over to the left pec, lightly nipping at the flesh, not touching the nipple until it was hardened and pebbled by itself, without him touching it. Only then did he take it into his mouth, sucking harshly, biting it like he knew Gaara liked. The gasp and hands fisting his hair told him he was doing a good job. Licking the nub, soothing it, he moved on to the next one, this time, taking it into his mouth without any foreplay. He had to admit; he was getting impatient. He wanted to fuck Gaara into his giant, soft king mattress until his arse bled and Sasuke's penis ran away screaming in protest of too much pleasure. He smirked at the image of his detached penis with little legs, running away.

Turning his attention back to Gaara, who hadn't noticed the brief lapse, he worshiped the flesh of his neck, up to his jaw, biting and kissing, leaving more love marks, claiming Gaara's flesh as his own. He prolonged their sweet agony for a while longer as he brought Gaara's left hand to his lips, sitting up a little, giving his neck and Gaara's legs a break.

He sucked the fingers, tickling them with his tongue, kissed the palms and moved to the wrists, nipping the protruding vein, tasting the blood that was easily spilled from the too-thin layer of skin. He made a mental note to make the man eat more. And no more teasing about his weight. He made his way to the elbows, to the shoulders, to the collar bone and finally, back to that tasty jaw, trailing his kisses to that arousing mouth. Gaara had no idea what he did to Sasuke. He had no idea how damn sexy he was. Sasuke was determined to change that.

Sasuke captured that sweet mouth with his once again, lapping at the closed-off cut from his earlier nip. He could still taste the tang of Gaara's blood. He moaned into the kiss, feeling Gaara's tongue dance with his own, tasting his own blood and bitter-sweetness of every bit of flesh Sasuke had graced with his tantalising mouth.

Sasuke couldn't hold back much more, he needed to taste Gaara in an even more intimate way. He wanted to taste all of him. He sat back up, pulling the slender legs up further, before leaning forward, pushing them so they were just above Gaara's face, the red-head's anus taunting his mouth, just a sweet breath away.

Sasuke released some more chakra, holding Gaara's legs in that position, above his head, penis dangling in front of his face, almost close enough for him to give himself head.

Sasuke leant forward, licking his lips in anticipation, not daring to believe that he finally had the man of his dreams, about to lick said man's arse, make him scream with dirty, perverted pleasure. He tentatively licked along the crack of his lover, tasting the most intimate place on his body. He shuddered at the deliciousness of the arse before him. He never expected someone's anus to taste so good. He supposed it was because it was Gaara.

He traced gentle circles around the winking hole, trying to relax it enough for penetration.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity to both; one from impatience, one from tortured pleasure, Sasuke thrust his tongue in, as far as it would go, swirling it around the inner passage of Gaara's anus, tasting the walls, feeling them contract with pleasure around his wet muscle, giving him a taste, so to speak, of what was in store for his penis. He shuddered again, lapping at the hole, shooting electric shocks of pleasure up and down his lover's spine.

"Sasuke! Please... it hurts... so much... make it stop!" Gaara couldn't take it anymore. His groin was throbbing heavily, his testicles were swollen impossibly large, a small amount of pre-ejaculate had managed to escape the confines of the chakra binding his penis. Gaara was so close to another soul-searing orgasm, but so far. The damn chakra seal prevented him from coming!

Sasuke sympathised with his friend. He firmly grasped the engorged member, and ran his hand along the shaft with a wonderful pressure, once. It was enough to bring Gaara over the edge... or, would have been, had he been able to orgasm.

"Gyah! Sasssuke! Please! I need it! It hu-urts!" He sobbed, covering his eyes with one hand. Sasuke smirked, loving knowing that he could do this to this man. But he felt a little bad... but surely one more denied orgasm wouldn't hurt... too much.

Sasuke thrust his tongue in and out of the saliva-slicked hole a few more times, reluctant to part from the taste and intimacy of his love. Alas, he had more important things to do. He wanted to see Gaara come a fountain.

Pulling back, Sasuke sucked his own fingers, removing his hand from Gaara's firm grip, making sure to coat them generously with his saliva. He gave no warning as to what he was about to do, before thrusting in his first finger, as deep as it could go, into Gaara's tight little passage. As much as he'd tried to prepare it for this, with his tongue, it was still unbelievably tight. It clenched around his finger, sucking it in, urging it to pleasure the man.

Sasuke wriggled his finger, crooking it and straightening it, sending jolts of bliss through all of Gaara's verves, compensating him for the pain of the initial intrusion. As he thrust his finger in and out, moving it in wider and wider circles, Sasuke gently nibbled the pale cheeks before him, still holding Gaara's right hand, with his left.

"Sa-ah-suke! I can't last any longer! Please... please! It's too much!" Gaara was sure he was about to explode. He was in so much pain. But still, the pain was bliss. The line was so thin, so blurry, he couldn't tell what was hurting and what felt good. Sasuke had him so desperate, so wanton. He loved every moment of it!

Sasuke decided it was time to add another finger. His saliva had dried on his other fingers, somewhat, so he leant down and licked his fingers, his first still embedded within the heated flesh, wriggling around, sending sparks up and down Gaara's spine, pleasure added as he felt Sasuke re-lubricate his other fingers against his arse, the wet muscle tickling his sensitive skin. He couldn't help but continuously moan and gasp, every time that finger moved, every time he felt that tongue... he was so close, again! He needed release, but Sasuke was denying him. Why was he being so delightfully cruel?

Losing himself within Gaara's moans and pleas, Sasuke gently as possible added his second finger, happy to not hear a shout or grunt of pain. He'd done well in his preparations. Not waiting for an invitation, Sasuke scissored his fingers, wriggling them at intervals, as he'd done with just the one finger moments before. He searched for that one place he knew was in there somewhere. Finally, he found a spot of different texture. He thrust his fingers into it, knowing he would be causing immense pleasure to the squirming man before him.

When Sasuke hit that spot, that wonderful little spot within him, Gaara forgave him his delays. He screamed at the top of his lungs, almost coming... if it weren't for that damn wall of chakra!

He'd been denied two orgasms! Two! His groin was going to explode painfully, right in his face. He became scared. He didn't know what would happen! Was Sasuke doing this to hurt him? No... he loves me! Why is he torturing me? Gaara moaned as Sasuke relentlessly abused that apot within him. He writhed as much as his painful position would allow.

"Sasuke... please hurry! My back is hurting! And... and my... is going to explode! Please?" He was hoarse from screaming and pleading. He couldn't take anymore! He just couldn't!

"Soon, love, soon... I promise." He added another finger, almost coming at the sight of the hole stretching to give way, swallowing it with the other two already in there. He made himself ignore the heartbreaking scream of pain, squeezing the hand in his, apologetically. He waited a while before continuing.

He thrust his three fingers in and out several times, hitting Gaara's prostate dead on each time, before he started scissoring them as best he could, trying not to tear the mouth-watering flesh of Gaara's anal passage.

Gaara didn't know what was going on. As much pain as he was in, he was about ready to tear his hair out with the pleasure. He felt so full! And even though he was sure he was going to die from a penis explosion, he was also sure he would die a happy man right there, in bed, with Sasuke.

Suddenly, the fingers filling him so wondrously were gone. He felt empty and satisfyingly stretched. The ache in his back was nothing to the incredible emptiness he felt at the loss of those fingers. He wondered what had happened until Sasuke was leaning over him, his chest to Gaara's thighs, releasing his chakra bonds from his legs, allowing his back muscles to relax somewhat.

"Brace yourself," he whispered hoarsely. His voice was gravelly with lust, his eyes glazed over as he kissed Gaara, finally plunging into him, his whole throbbing length entering the damnably wonderful heat of the Kazekage's arse. He groaned, the sound almost a growl, not quite covering the agonised scream of pain, as the walls stretched around him, even further, before contracting again and squeezing him, seemingly pulling him in further. He almost lost it, right then! He couldn't believe the feeling of being inside this small man! He was sure he'd died and gone to Heaven. He felt almost complete!

"G-Gaara! Ohh, Gaara! You're so... ah!" He couldn't even finish his statement, as Gaara's insides squeezed him again, his hand in Gaara's squeezed back. Gaara was sobbing, but was so happy. He thought he'd felt full, before, with the three fingers! How wrong he was! Sasuke's length pulsing inside him was the most wondrous thing he'd ever felt in his life!

"Sasuke! Now! Please, let me release!"

"Not... yet..." he wanted to see Gaara's orgasm knock the man out with its intensity. He wanted to see a river of come flow from that delicious cock. Right onto Gaara's face. Into his mouth. He wanted the Kazekage to swallow mouthfuls of his own come.

Finally adjusting to Sasuke's size, Gaara pushed against the Uchiha's hips, not knowing exactly what to expect, but knew that some sort of movement was involved.

Sasuke obliged. He pulled out, halfway, then slammed in with all his strength. Gaara howled like an animal at the sensation. His prostate was rammed, head-on, sending shocks and tingles all throughout his nervous system. He wrapped his legs around Sasuke's waist, groaning at the relaxing of his muscles, reaching both hands up to wrap around Sasuke's chest, holding him as close as possible.

"No. I want... your legs up! Please?" Sasuke repositioned the legs to where they were, making Gaara face his own penis once more. Sasuke groaned at the sight. He wondered if Gaara could suck himself off... He'd ask some other time. He needed to come – now!

"Sasuke... now? Please, now..." Gaara was close to his fourth orgasm. Well, his second, if Sasuke removed his binding chakra.

"Not yet! Please... wait just one more time?" Sasuke felt awful for torturing Gaara like this, but knew it would be worth it for the both of them if he made him hold on for just a little longer...

Gaara felt the orgasm die before it was given a chance at life. He growled in frustration, tears rolling down his face.

"Why! Let me release!"

Sasuke had no answer. He simply kissed Gaara once more, before pulling back, manoeuvring them into his favoured position before ramming himself inside the indescribable heat once more, releasing the chakra bonds, finally allowing Gaara to come.

The man screamed as his second-ever orgasm tore through him in an unexpectedly powerful wave of absolute ecstasy, filling his mouth with his own semen. He swallowed mouthful after mouthful as Sasuke relentlessly pounded his arse into the mattress, determined to find his own release. He had no time to scream his lover's name, his mouth was too full of his own juices for him to do anything but swallow reflexively. He felt some leaking from the corner of his mouth, but was too tired, too sated to care, as he felt Sasuke finally come within him. He felt Sasuke's own flood filling him, marking him. Not as powerful as his own orgasm, but just as satisfying.

Sasuke had seen Gaara swallowing the mouthfuls of semen, his face scrunched up in his bliss, as the most powerful orgasm he would probably ever experience washed over him. Sasuke, at that point, could no longer hold back.

He tiredly rode his climax out, lazily thrusting in and out, leaning forward to lick the excess dribbling down the corner of Gaara's mouth. He chastely kissed the bruised lips, letting those beautiful legs finally flop down, tiredly, as he collapsed on top of his lover, too tired to pull out.

"That was..." Gaara struggled to find an adjective powerful enough.

"I know..."

"I love you."

"I love you." Sasuke snuggled his face into Gaara's neck, feeling a kiss placed on his temple before dozing off, listening to the other's breathing even out, both content and complete.

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