GOOD NEWS, do to chaos theory, I no longer have semester projects. Lightning struck my school as the administrators were working on the school network, completely crashing it! Haha! It wiped all work and grading scales, so no high grade projects for a while! This is my second story I'm working on. Don't why I'm doing it… I just feel like it. I will be working on both this and The Fox and the Cards. Yes this is a Naruto X Digimon S1 crossover, as to why, it's what my random brain came up with… This pairing is Naruto X HiKari (WILL NOT CHANGE and you'll see). And again, Naruto is not a moron in this story either. I'm also using the Japanese names and attacks, since I found subbed episodes.

For those who have forgotten, here are the digidestined: Taichi (Tai) and his partner Agumon, Hikari (Kari) and her partner Tailmon, (note: Tailmon is adult (or champion) level) Yamato (Matt) and his partner Gabumon, Sora and her partner Piyomon, Koushiro (Izzy) and his partner Tentomon, Takeru (Tk) and his partner Patamon, Jou (Joe) and his partner Gomamon, Mimi and her partner Palmon. (Note: all partners are in rookie stage, except Tailmon.)

Well enjoy

I don't own Naruto or Digimon

Naruto was currently walking away from Kohona, a bag slung over his shoulder and a scratch marked on his hitai-ate as the sound of celebration was heard by the villagers, followed by the sound of many things being broken, burned, and smashed. Naruto smiled sadly at the ending noise, knowing Obaa-chan, Ero-sennin, and the rest of the Kohona twelve (now eleven, yes Sasuke was stopped from leaving.) were raising hell over his banishment. As Naruto walked, he heard Kyuubi in his head, "Kit, you're better off not being that rat hole anyway." Naruto chuckled, remembering when he and Kyuubi started getting along, on the day of his banishment.


Naruto was heading to the council chamber after being just released from the hospital, muttering as he walked, "What does that damn council want now." He turned to the chamber door, kicking it open shouting, "What do you want now!?"

Many civilian members scowled just at the sight of Naruto, which quickly turned to a smirk. The small amount of remaining civilians and shinobi clan heads held their heads down, as if ashamed. Naruto turned to the mummy in his opinion, Danzou, at the end of the table, who held no emotions on his face, "Naruto Uzumaki, you have been summoned to appear in front of the council, do you know of what grounds?" Naruto shook his head, having a feeling this was going to end the way he thought it would when he took the mission to bring Sasuke back. Danzou seemed to smirk as he continued, "You have been summoned on charges of using excessive force in the return of Sasuke Uchiha, the last of his clan. For a crime of this magnitude, execution is normally inevitable. But for your service to Kohona in recent events, the council has decided to be lenient. Naruto Uzumaki, you are here by banished from Kohona for life, should you return, you will be killed on the spot. You have one week to gather all your possessions and say your good-byes."

The civil council let out a cheer at the end of the sentence, taking what they could get while the small amount of civil council and clan heads hung their heads in shame. Naruto looked at Danzou with a piercing stare before saying, "I thought the civil council had no say in shinobi matters."

The clan heads looked up, thinking Naruto had found a loop hole until Danzou responded, "Normally yes, but they do have a say in the social affairs and members of Kohona, and the clans are members."

Naruto watched as civil council members started cheering again, then let out a light chuckle, shocking everyone in the chamber as Naruto spoke, "That's pretty good, hold a council meeting while Obaa-chan is working at the hospital, banish me without her approval, and using me as a scapegoat for retrieving Sasuke-teme." The majority of the civil council that had voted for Naruto's banishment was shocked Naruto had known about their plan, and still went through with the mission as the remaining civil council and clan heads looked at Naruto with respect.

Danzou stood as Naruto finished, "Be that as it may, even with Tsunade, the council would still hold the majority vote. And for your arrogance, your time to leave has been shortened to three days."

Naruto sighed, knowing this was coming for a long time. Without a word he stepped out of the council office, just as Tsunade was walking back to her office as well, "Well gaiki, this is a surprise."

Naruto gave a sad smile, causing Tsunade concern as he spoke, "Not as surprising as what everyone will hear tomorrow."

Naruto then walked away, causing Tsunade even more concern. She then over heard cheering from the council room, "The demon is gone!"

Tsunade was about to go in when she heard, "The demon scum is banished!"

What ever rational thought Tsunade had, was quickly erased as she shattered the door, scaring every person in the room. Danzou and the civil council looked ready to shit themselves as Tsunade shouted, "What was that!? Naruto was banished!!!" Hiashi Hyuuga stood up, walking over to Tsunade and whispering into her ear, he then motioned to the clan heads and certain civil members to follow him as Tsunade turned blood red, anger written all over her face.

Naruto landed in front of his door, smiling as her Tsunade start raising hell in the hokage building. He entered his apartment, falling onto his bed and drifting off to a depressing sleep.


Naruto opened his eyes to see the giant cage in his mind. Naruto looked up as he heard Kyuubi laughing behinds its cage, "Ha-ha, you should have listened to me from the start kit and killed all those so-called 'precious people'."

Naruto simply shook his head at giant fox, "No, and I'm glad I didn't, or I'd be exactly what the villagers called me, a demon, just like you."

Kyuubi quiet laughing, giving off a low growl, "You insolent little whelp! You should be honored to even be near me!"

Naruto simply shrugged, "I don't have too, now let me sleep." Naruto then walked to the hallway, stopping and turning just before he left, "You know Kyuubi, we're not so different. We're both hate for reasons we couldn't control, feared for the power we wield, and whenever something goes right for us, it soon goes wrong." And with that, Naruto left, leaving Kyuubi speechless, also to leaving it consider Naruto's words.

End of flashback:

Naruto left that night, not surprised to see Obaa-chan, Ero-sennin, Ikura-sensei, and the Kohona twelve with their senseis as well. After many hard felt good-byes, attempts to make Naruto stay, and threats to the village, Naruto left, hoping the villagers wouldn't notice. They did, which brings us to current times.

As Naruto walked, lost in his memories, a shuriken flew by his cheek, embedding itself into the ground. Naruto turned around to see what looked like ANBU standing on a tree behind him, "So you're Danzou's ROOT anbu huh?" If the ROOTs were surprised, they didn't show it, pulling out the swords and pointing them at Naruto. Naruto simply smiled, "You'll have to catch me first." Naruto then blurred out of existence, leaving a trail of dust down the road with the ROOTs right behind him.

After being chased for an hour, Naruto heard Kyuubi in his mind, "Kit, try this jutsu."

Naruto then received the jutsu's information, following the hand signs and shouting, "Konton: Uchigawa Jigentabi no Jutsu! (Chaos Release: Interdimensional Travel Technique)" In a blinding flash, Naruto was pulled into a dimension gate, being tossed into the dimensional border. As he was pulled in, the force of the border tore at Naruto, causing blood to spew across the road. The ROOTs stopped after the flash disappeared, seeing the large amount of blood on the ground. One of the ROOTs moved his hand to an ear piece, "mission complete, Danzou-sama." After nodding, the ROOT motioned for everyone to leave, disappearing from sight.

Then a man that looked like a black and white venus fly trap appeared out of the ground, "This is not good, we must report to leader-sama." The plant man then disappeared back into the ground.

Elsewhere, unknown location:

Naruto sat up, rubbing his head in pain as he looked around, seeing a very strange looking forest. He stood up and tried to walk forward, only to fall over, "What the hell…" Naruto stood up again, noticing he was a younger than when he used the jutsu. Naruto instantly thought of Kyuubi, "Kyuubi… why do I look like I'm nine…"

Kyuubi seemed to nervous as it chuckled with a sweat drop, "Well, the Interdimensional travel jutsu tossed you into the dimensional border, but since you didn't specify a place or time… we seemed to have whined up in another world at a few years before you used the jutsu. So technically you ARE nine…"

Kyuubi backed up holding it's ears, expecting a loud yell from Naruto. When it didn't come, Kyuubi looked at Naruto who seemed to be thinking before he spoke, "Well, could be worse…"

Kyuubi sweat dropped again, "I guess this is a good time to tell you about your other changes."

Naruto ran over to a small pond he noticed to look at himself when he noticed this. He saw that he had a tail as long as he was tall that went down to his knees before bending up, staying up on its own, fox ears, his eyes were still blue, but now had a slit pupil, his whisker marks were more defined, he had claw like nails, and canines, which one stuck out of his mouth. All in all he had a feral like appearance, even when calm. Naruto sighed before turning away from the pond, "K-Kyuubi… am I?"

"No kit, you aren't a hanyou, this is just an after effect of me pushing too much chakra to into the cloak before you warped." Kyuubi then added, "Hold still for a second kit." Naruto nodded, Kyuubi's chakra wrapping around Naruto's now big jump suit and changing it. Naruto now wore a black long sleeve with Kyuubi on the back, wrapping its tails all around the shirt, dark blue baggy pants with kunai and shuriken holsters on both legs, black sneakers, dark leather gloves, and a cloak that went all around his body, the top covering his mouth and nose. Then the chakra concentrated next to his pants, forming a sword in a sheath and a loop from the pants to hold the sheath.

Kyuubi's chakra then focused on Naruto's hitai-ate, only to be stopped by Naruto, "Don't, leave it the way it is, so I remember everything that happened."

Kyuubi seemed to let out a sigh before explaining the katana, "That is a katana forged from one of my fangs, it will never break and can manipulate the elements as easily as I can, I will train you how to use it when you sleep, but for now, I need a nap." Naruto laughed when Kyuubi said that, hearing a "Might as well look around kit" from Kyuubi before it went to sleep. Naruto nodded to himself, picking a random direction and walking in said direction.

Else where:

Piemon (evil clown with swords on back.) was looking at the radar, having just spied on the chosen children, a frown on his face as he pondered. He then turned to the others, Metalseadramon (giant metal snake with cannon on nose), Mugendramon (Basically a greymon tank with cannons on his back), and Pinocchimon (puppet with hammer). "It seems we have another performer in the act. A rather powerful one. We can't let the children meet this performer." He then turned to Metalseadramon, "Metalseadramon, go and finish the children quickly, our act will become much harder to perform if they and the other performer meet. Don't worry about traps, just end it quickly."

"Gladly." Metalseadramon then dove out of the room through its water entrance, off to fight the children.

On beach:

The digidestined and their partners were walking down the beach after seeing they were at a spot they had been to at the beginning of the first adventure. As they walked, Metalseadramon jumped out of the ocean, surprising the entire group, "I have you Children!" He swung his tail down at the group, causing them to dive out of the way. Everyone dove left except for Hikari and Tailmon, who dove right. Metalseadramon noticed this, laying his tail around them so they couldn't escape as he shouted, "Anomanokarimon! Keep the other children busy!" The group turned when a giant lobster crab with a scorpion tail popped out of the sand in front of the group, blocking their way to Hikari and Tailmon. Metalseadramon turned back to the two had trapped, Tailmon in front of Hikari in a protective matter, to tired to be able to evolve. Metalseadramon shout "You're finished!" as he began charging his ultimate stream attack, letting out an evil laugh.

With Naruto:

Naruto was walking along the edge of the forest remembering Kyuubi telling him about his hanyou side, "Kit, the other after effects are enhanced senses, greater speed and strength, and higher elemental control. I will have to train you on the last one, for you need to know how before you can use it". Then a giant serpent appeared from what seemed to be the ocean, snapping Naruto out of his memory. Curious, Naruto ran into the woods, then down the beach line, jumping into a tree and watching. When it got to the point where Hikari was trapped, Naruto was barely holding himself back from jumping into the fight, mainly because of Kyuubi, "Don't kit! You don't know which side their on!" That was the only thing holding Naruto back, until he heard the evil laugh.

Naruto knew what he needed to do then, jumping down from the tree and dashing toward the girl and monster just it was charging its attack, "Ultimate str…"

"HEY UGLY!" Metalseadramon stopped his attack, turning only to be slammed by a blur, throwing him back into the ocean.

The blur then vanished as Hikari and Tailmon ran back toward the group, only to be stopped by Anomanokarimon, "Not so fast, Suna…"

Anomanokarimon was stopped by the same blur from earlier as it slammed down onto Anomanokarimon's head, knocking it out and cracking its shell. Hikari managed to see through the giant sand cloud caused by the impact, looking as she shielded her eyes. Hikari's eyes widen when she saw it was a kid no older than she was standing on Anomanokarimon, only catching a look as his eyes before he vanished back into the cloud. Metalseadramon then shot out of the water, aiming at Hikari, "Ultimate stream!"

Hikari and Tailmon turned to see the beam right in front of their faces, then the two vanished by Naruto (aka blur), who grabbed the two as he ran by before the beam hit. Naruto was carrying Hikari bridal style and his tail holding Tailmon as he ran, stopping and jumping back as another beam hit in front of him. The entire group good only watched as they held Taichi and Agumon back, not knowing what was happening. The group let go of Taichi, who dropped to his knees, and Agumon as the cloud cleared and Metalseadramon's evil laughter filled the sky. The group then heard a voice behind them, "That was close."

The group turned around to see a kid setting Hikari on her feet, who seemed a little shaken by the whole thing, also setting down Tailmon. The group surrounded the three, Taichi hugging his sister when he got there, then grabbing her by the shoulders lightly, "Hikari, are you ok!?"

Hikari nodded, although shaking a little, "I'm fine." She then turned to Naruto, "He saved me." Everyone turned to Naruto, who was looking at the digimon then Metalseadramon.

Metalseadramon looked over to the group when he noticed it moving, shocked to see Hikari and Tailmon perfectly fine. He then noticed Naruto, "Who is that gaiki… Could he be…?" Metalseadramon then headed right for the group.

Naruto looked over to Taichi as he approached, "Hey, thanks for saving my sister."

Naruto resumed looking at Metalseadramon, "Don't thank me yet, I got one more thing to take care of." Naruto then jumped over the group, turning back to the group, "Get out of here while I keep the snake-teme busy." He then shocked the group as he started running on the water to Metalseadramon, turning into a blur again.

Metalseadramon was barely able to see Naruto, only seeing the wake he caused by the speed. "Ultimate stream!" Metalseadramon started firing small rapid fire shots at Naruto, who dodged easily as he formed a rasengan in his hand. Naruto jumped as Metalseadramon fired another beam, the two colliding, attacks holding at a stand still. Metalseadramon seemed shocked something could hold back his attack, "How can he stop my attack so easily!?"

Naruto noticed Metalseadramon's distraction, cocking his fist back as he shoved his rasengan to the right, diverting the beam. Metalseadramon looked shocked when Naruto diverted the beam, which was quickly turned into a look of pain as Naruto gave Metalseadramon a left hook, knocking it him back into the water. Naruto landed on the water, looking around as he thought, "Something's wrong. He should have surfaced by now…" Naruto then turned when something green caught his eye, seeing the kids from earlier riding on what looked like a turtle with three spikes on the shell and a horn. Naruto swore, knowing where Metalseadramon was heading.

The group watched the battle with interest, wondering who won when Metalseadramon fell into the sea. Taichi turned to Agumon, "Do you think that kid won?"

Agumon shrugged as Hikari walked to the edge of the shell, Tailmon running up to her, "Hikari, what's wrong?"

"I never got to thank him…"

Taichi walked up to Hikari, drawing her into a hug, "It's all right, I'm sure he knows."

Jou then pointed to the sea, "Look, there he is, he's coming towards us!"

The entire group looked as Naruto sped towards them. Jou then turned to Zudomon (Gomamon's perfect (ultimate) level) "Zudomon, stop so he can catch up."

Zudomon slowed to a stop, turning to see Naruto as well. Taichi pulled out his mini telescope, zooming in on Naruto to see his mouth moving, "I wonder what he's trying to tell us…" Everyone wondered as well, having heard Taichi.

Tailmon twitched her ears for a second before turning to the group with an alarmed expression, "Everyone, grab on…" Tailmon was interrupted as Metalseadramon rammed Zudomon from the side, catching Zudomon off guard and knocking everyone off.

Naruto watched Zudomon ram Metalseadramon in retaliation only to be blasted by his "Ultimate stream" attack, forcing Zudomon back to his rookie stage, Gomamon. Naruto swore again as he approached, jumping at Metalseadramon just as what seemed to be a whale sprung out of the water, ramming into him. Naruto used this to his advantage, powering up another rasengan and slamming it into the side of Metalseadramon's head. Naruto kicked off said digimon as it exploded, landing near the group. The group was then drawn into the whale's mouth, Naruto along with them. "Whamon", as Taichi called it, closed its mouth and dove under water, taking the group to safety as Metalseadramon rose from the water, it's left eye closed from where the rasengan hit, "You escaped because of Whamon and the new gaiki, but you will not escape me again next time!"

The group was now riding on Whamon's back, enjoying the air and distance they had put some distance between them and Metalseadramon. Taichi was talking to Whamon as Naruto was lying on his side, facing away from the group, "Thanks for saving us, Whamon! Really! I thought we were done for!"

Naruto scoffed quietly, "Sure, don't thank me for my help…"

Naruto didn't move from his spot though as he listened to Whamon, "I'm glad that all of you are safe."

Yamato turned his attention away from Naruto, as he was watching him the entire trip, to Whamon, "Hey, Whamon. What do you think we should do to beat the Dark Masters?"

Sora seemed to know what Yamato was thinking, as she finished for him, "Why did they do this to the Digimon world?"

"Digimon World? So this is another world from there own world." Naruto thought to himself as he laid there listening to the entire conversation.

Whamon spouted water out of his blow hole before he answered, "Unfortunately, I am not familiar on the details. All I felt was the sudden tremble of the earth, and the situation you see here formed before I could even step in to stop it. That was when Metalseadramon took control of the oceans."

Whamon gave off another spout as Taichi punched Whamon's thick skin in frustration, "Damn the Metalseadramon!"

Hikari made her way to her brother with a sad face, grabbing his arm, "Onii-chan… Cheer up!"

Taichi looked at Hikari, pulling her into a sibling hug "Yeah… You're right." He then addressed the whole group, "Chin up, everyone!"

After getting a "Yeah" from everyone but Naruto, who remained quiet the entire time.

Whamon responded with another spout, followed by, "Speaking of everyone, who is the kid that hit Metalseadramon after me?"

Everyone looked at each other, then Hikari who shrugged saying, "He never told me his name."

The group then looked at Naruto, who turned and sat up, "Finally, I was wondering if you forgot about me." Everyone sweat dropped at Naruto response as he introduced himself, "I'm Naruto Uzumaki Namikazi."

Everyone looked at one another again as Koushiro spoke, "Naruto? You mean you're not a digimon?"

Naruto simply raised an eyebrow, "Digiwhat?"

Everyone face faulted, Agumon recovering first and explaining, "A digimon, digital monster..." Naruto simply crossed his arms looking up before shaking his head no, causing Agumon to explain. (… I really don't feel like explaining digimon, so just fine the subbed episodes on YouTube.)

After Agumon finished explaining, Naruto gave a nod, "So I'm in the digital world, where digital monsters like you" he points at Agumon, "live and others like that snake-teme live." Agumon nodded before Naruto continued, "And now you're trying to save this world for a second time after some power crazy digimon tried to take it over." Agumon nodded again, making Naruto look back at the sky.

Yamato took Naruto's silence as a sign he was finished, deciding to ask his own questions, "What about you, where are you from?"

Naruto face seemed to down cast as he answered, "Somewhere I can't return too…" Everyone wondered what he meant as he pointed his thumb to his hitai-ate, "This scratch is a sign of banishment, meaning if I go back, I'll be killed on the spot." Everyone couldn't help but frown as Naruto continued, "I was always different from everyone else when I was born. This…" He points to his fox features, "Is the reason I was banished. They feared how strong I became and use me as a scapegoat for a mission, making it either way I would take the blame. Now, I have no home."

Everyone held their head down, upset that they reminded Naruto of his past. Everyone was surprised when Agumon asked, "I don't get it. If you're so strong, why did they banish you?"

Naruto sighed again as the entire group covered Agumon's mouth, looking at Naruto as he began to answer, "You saw what I did to that snake-teme right?" Everyone nodded. "Now think about it, considering our size difference…"

Naruto left off as Koushiro caught on, "There should be no possible way you were able to topple over Metalseadramon so easily!"

Naruto nodded as he continued, laying back with his arms behind his head, "Exactly, if I could do that to something that big, picture what I could do to someone the same size as me. And after treating me like a monster for most of my life, I guess they thought I would want revenge…"

Naruto let out another sigh as Kyuubi entered the conversation, "I'm sorry kit. Everything that has happened up to this point is my fault."

"No it isn't, it's that Uchiha's who brain washed you fault, not yours. He started this mess…"

Kyuubi suddenly felt more respect for Naruto, seeing as the kid whose life was ruined by one decision held strong to accept his past. After a few minutes, Naruto sat up, "Now that I think about it, I don't know your names."

Everyone sweat dropped in embarrassment then proceeded to introduce themselves. After the introductions finished, Naruto laid back down as everyone went along with their own business, not sure what to say. Hikari walked over to Naruto, taking a seat next to him, "Hey, are you ok Naruto-kun?"

Naruto peaked one eye open to look at her, "I'm fine, why?"

Hikari looked away, drawing her knees up to her chin, "It's just that…"

Naruto instantly knew what she meant, propping himself up with his arms, "It's ok, probably for the best too."

Hikari turned to Naruto in confusion as he continued, "Living in a village where almost every person hates you… it's one of the worst things a person can go through. Constantly being glared at, thrown out of shops that refuse to sell to you and the ones that do charge triple the normal cost, and having to avoid the angry mobs every week. It really bothers you…"

Hikari nodded sadly, not knowing what Naruto truly went through, but wishing she had an idea just so he wouldn't have to bare the pain alone. As Naruto lied back down and closed his eyes, Hikari stood up and walked over to Taichi, who was watching as Whamon continued to swim. Taichi looked over to his sister, who simply sat down drawing her knees up again, "What's wrong, Hikari."

Hikari didn't move when she answered, even as Tailmon walked up behind her, "Its Naruto-kun, I'm worried about him."

Taichi only nodded before asking, "What about him?"

"Onii-chan, he doesn't have a home anymore, and from what he told me, his first home didn't sound like a very good one…"

Taichi nodded again, looking back out to sea, "Well what can we do about it?"

Hikari drew her knees closer at that, "I don't know…" The two sat in that place for a while before an idea popped into Hikari's head, "Onii-chan…"

Taichi looked over as Hikari leaned over and started whispering into his ear, smiling when she finished, "Eh, you think he'll go for it?"

Hikari shrugged slightly, "I don't know, but we have to try!"

Taichi looked back out to the ocean, "The problem is our parents, I don't want to get his hopes up just to have them crushed…" Hikari nodded in understanding, but still wished to go through with her plan. Taichi seemed to be thinking and after a while, he turned back to Hikari, "We'll do it. I sure Otou-san and Okaa-san won't mind after we explain everything."

Hikari smiled, quickly hugging her brother, "Thank you Onii-chan!" Taichi nodded, turning to Naruto only to see he wasn't there. Taichi started looking around, spotting Naruto on the front of Whamon's head with Koushiro next to him, typing on his laptop. Taichi, Hikari, Agumon, and Tailmon walked over, each taking a seat near Naruto and Koushiro, listening to the conversation.

"So what will you do now?" Koushiro asked, not even looking up from his computer.

Naruto closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before answering, "I don't know. I didn't exactly have time to think about it. I came here trying to escape being killed without having to kill…" Naruto turned to the sky, looking at the continents floating up them, "I guess I'll stick around until this whole thing is resolved, then worry about it then…"

Koushiro turned from his laptop, "So does that mean you'll assist us?"

Naruto smirked, although no one could see because of his cloak, "If I wasn't going to help, you think I'd still be here?"

Everyone couldn't help but smile at Naruto's sarcasm as Koushiro responded, "Great! With you around, our problem will be a lot easier."

"Well I don't know about that." This time the entire group turned, curious about what Naruto meant, "I may have been able to topple Metalseadramon over, but that's it. I didn't do any damage besides my rasengan." Naruto then started nursing his knuckles, "What ever metal armor he has, it sure was strong. I didn't even dent it. The only thing that seemed to do anything was my rasengan, but even then it didn't seem to do much…" The group seemed to lose some hope as Naruto crossed his arms, thinking to himself. He then started thinking out loud, "hmm… if I did that, then it might…"

Koushiro was working on his laptop again, but still talked to Naruto, "You have an idea?"

"Maybe, but I'll have to try it to make sure…" Naruto then went back to thinking, the entire group going about their own business for the rest of the trip. Then something tripped the senses in Naruto's head, causing him to stand up and look around.

Hikari noticed this, walking up next to him with Tailmon right behind her, "Something wrong, Naruto-kun?"

"I don't think so, but…" Naruto then caught sight of an island shaped like a crescent moon. He looked down at Whamon, "Hey Whamon, what's that island over there?"

Whamon gave off a spout, then answered, "I do not know, I have never seen it before."

Naruto looked back at the island, feeling like something was trying to call to him. He turned back to Whamon, "Can you take us over there?"

"Yes, it seems like a safe place as well." Whamon changed directions, heading toward the island.

No one disagreed, seeing as Whamon had a point. After Whamon pulled into the bay of the island and the group disembarked, a rainbow colored barrier arose out of nowhere, covering the entire island. Whamon quickly turned around, "What is this!?"

Everyone turned to Naruto, who shrugged and walked over to the barrier and punched it hard, but caused no damage. Naruto drew his fist back, then calmly place his palm on the barrier, feeling a gentle warmth radiate from the barrier. He jumped back over to the group, landing gently in front of them, "I don't think the dark masters did this, or else the barrier would have repelled me.

Before the group could respond, everyone heard "You are correct."

Everyone started looking around as Naruto shouted, "Who said that!"

"All will become clear shortly. Follow the light, then you shall find me." The voice said, then faded away.

Then Jou said, "Follow the light? What did it mean by that?"

Jou was answered as Hikari's crest started glowing, floating out of her shirt and pointing to the center of the island as it launched a beam of light. Yamato put his hands in his pockets, "Guess that answers Jou's question."

Naruto started to walk forward, Hikari and Tailmon walking next to him as the rest of the group followed behind them. After a few minutes, the group came to a clearing, seeing the beam stop in a field full of grass. Taichi looked around before asking, "So what now?"

Just as Taichi asked that, Naruto was surrounded by Kyuubi's chakra for a second, causing a great flash to appear before the group. As the group lowered their arms to see, the flash died down revealing a temple with Kyuubi's picture on the front wall above the door. Naruto seemed to tense up at the sight of the wall just as Koushiro started, "A nine-tailed fox… interesting. But even more interesting is this temple."

"Come inside, quickly." The voice appeared again, making the group look at each other with hesitation. Naruto didn't hesitate, walking up the stair case as soon the voice said to, soon followed by the reluctant group. (que cool dramatic temple music!)

As the group entered, a glowing orb floated down from the ceiling, stopping in front of Naruto, "You have finally arrived."

Naruto looked confuse, as did everyone, before he responded, "What do you mean…?"

The orb flew around, as if examining the group before stopping in front of Naruto again, "I will explain on the way, now follow me." The group obeyed, following the floating orb down the main corridor as it explained, "I am a guardian spirit, my job is to ensure the watch over and protect the powers of the Kyuubi no Kitsune's power. Here, in the temple is a back up, I guess you can say, for if the Kyuubi should lose his power while ensuring order in the dimensions. Kyuubi is a holy being, demon though it may be. His job was to travel the dimensions, making sure nothing upsets the balance of the worlds. When he arrived in your home world, Naruto, he was caught off guard by an Uchiha, who used his accursed eye to control Kyuubi, leading up to the current events in your world." The orb then turned down a hallway full of murals depicting other guardians. "We guardian spirits can not mettle in the affairs of humans, for they create enough chaos as it is. Our job is to maintain the balance by eliminating the ones who would upset the balance. Kyuubi was on his way to destroy Orichimaru, the one who seeks immortality." The orb then let out a chuckle, "As it turns out, you finished Kyuubi's job, Naruto-san."

Naruto only blinked in confusion, "…how?"

The orb chuckled again, "Instead of explaining it, why don't I show you. This way." The orb made a turn down another hallway, leading into a circular room with a jagged crystal in the middle. "Here is what happened." The orb then flew through the crystal, causing it to change color, then displayed an image of Naruto leaving his dimension on the wall. "You see, one of Orichimaru's minions saw you use the Konton: Uchigawa Jigentabi no Jutsu, then reported back to Orichimaru, who was still furious at your success of stopping Sasuke. After learning the technique, Orichimaru tried to use it, and it didn't end well, for you see, the beings of creation designed that technique so no mortal could use it and survive. For those with weak stomachs, you may wish to look away."

The video then start playing with sound, "Now let us get my revenge against the Kyuubi brat, Kabuto, Kukuku."

"Yes lord Orichimaru." At Kabuto's signal, five of Orichimaru's henchmen began going through the hand signs, finishing at the same time shouting, "Konton: Uchigawa Jigentabi no Jutsu!"

The same gate that appeared before Naruto appeared in front of Orichimaru and Kabuto, who shouted, "Take us to Naruto Uzumaki!" The gate burst open, sucking in Orichimaru, Kabuto, and the five henchmen, then spiting out gushes of blood and organs along with screams of anguish before closing, leaving the same mess at it did with Naruto. Everybody except Naruto closed their eyes and plugged their ears, not being able to take it.

The video faded, the orb continued, "Akatsuki tried to use the technique as well, ending in similar results."

Just as the orb was about to start the other image, Naruto stopped it with his hand, "Please, they don't need to see it."

The orb seemed to turn, looking at the group, seeing everyone was looking sick, "My apologizes, I didn't mean too…"

Taichi stopped him, raising his hand, "It's alright, but please, don't show another."

The orb seemed to float nod (… not sure how to explain nodding with out a body) "Very well, if everyone is feeling well enough, let us continue to the chamber." The group followed the orb back to the main hallway, most of them holding their stomach. After another ten minutes, the arrived at a twenty foot tall door. "Here is where Kyuubi's reserve is held, along with the Will of Fire."

"Will of Fire… but isn't that just…" Naruto started, remembering the third hokage's words.

The orb let out another chuckle, "No Naruto, although your home seems to know of the Will of Fire, they do not understand its concept. The Will of Fire is an energy so powerful, that anyone who could control it, could very well wipe out all life in existence. It judges who may use it, but has judge no one worthy yet, for if it judges wrong…" The orb didn't need to continue, knowing everyone got the message. The orb then floated into front of Naruto, "Now Naruto-san, claim the power that is rightfully yours!"

As the orb finished, the door behind it started to open, filling the hallway with a bright light. Surprising, everyone could look into the light and not have to shield their eyes. As the light cleared, they saw a vortex of spiraling red energy in the middle of the room, spinning slowly in a rotation. The orb floated next to Naruto for a second, "I warn you Naruto-san, absorbing all the energy will hurt, and may even leave you unconscious for some time. Do you still wish to proceed?"

Naruto nodded, walking toward the vortex. He passed through it effortlessly, as if the vortex aloud him through. As he stood in the middle, the vortex picked up speed, causing a whirlwind before entering into Naruto's body by the seal, lifting him into the air. Naruto grunted loudly from the excruciating pain, holding for minutes before screaming loudly in pain at the end. Everyone turned away at the scream, turning back as a flash appeared and Naruto slowly floated to the ground. Naruto stumbled when he landed, falling backwards to be caught by Taichi and Hikari, who helped Naruto into a sitting position as he panted tiredly. As Naruto panted, he looked at the back wall, at the Will of Fire. It was a symbol of a fire craved into the wall, a diamond the size of Taichi's fist in the middle, swirling around with all kinds of energy, which was clearly visible to everyone in the room. After Naruto clammed down, Hikari and Takeru swung one of Naruto's arms over their shoulders, helping Naruto walk seeing as he was still tired. Just as they started to leave, a loud voice boomed, "Halt you who holds the Kyuubi no Kitsune!"

The orb, who was waiting at the door the entire time, flew forward with great haste, "The Will of Fire! It speaks!"

"Silence Spirit!" the Will boomed, causing the orb to shrink in fear giving a quick "My apologizes" before floating back to the door. A light glowed from the Will, launching a beam at Naruto's forehead. The group looked it shock as the beam hit, letting out a held breath as the beam retracted and showed no injury. The Will started to speak again, "You, Naruto Uzumaki Namikazi, have suffered greatly. Yet, you hold no desire to hurt the ones that hurt you, why is that…?"

Naruto smiled weakly as he replied, "Because I only fight to protect my precious people."

The Will glowed again in a pattern, as if pondering. It then spoke again, "Naruto Uzumaki Namikazi, I have seen your past, I have judged your actions, and I have peered into your heart. I declare you worthy to wield my power." And before anyone could say anything, the Will glow a bright white, giving of a flash as it change. Floating in front of Naruto appeared a tag with a crest inside, the crest being the Will of Fire with the Kohona symbol surrounding the diamond. The crest floated around Naruto's neck, causing both his and Kyuubi's chakra to concentrate in front of him, mixing in a spiral and forming a red and blue spiral looking digivice. (Same shape, just red and blue in a spiral pattern.) Naruto grabbed the device with his free hand, resting it in his palm. The orb floated back over to the group, appearing ecstatic as it spoke, "It is a miracle! The Will has accepted another! Naruto-sama, you truly are a special being!"

The group didn't seem to listen, still looking at the digivice. Koushiro then looked opened his laptop and taking a picture of the digivice. He then sat down, typing as he seemed to scan the device, "Impossible!" Everyone turned to Koushiro, wondering what he meant. Koushiro started typing frantically as he spoke to the group, "Naruto's digivice is outputting at least five times more power than ours!"

Everyone let out a loud, "Ehhh!" crowding around Koushiro as he turned his laptop around to the group, displaying a graph, "This line is our digivices, the beginning is when it's not active, next is for the evolving…" Koushiro moved his finger up the line as he continued, "super-evolving, and then warp-evolving from Taichi's and Yamato's." Then Koushiro turned his laptop back to himself, typing for a second then turning it back to the group, "And this is Naruto's digivice." The group looked in shock, seeing Naruto's digivice output was higher then warp-evolving on non-active.

The orb seemed to not be surprised, "Understandable, seeing as Naruto-sama holds both Kyuubi and the Will of Fire."

Everyone looked at each other, seeming to agree silently. Hikari then turned to the orb, "Wait, does that mean Naruto-kun is getting a partner?"

The orb seemed to think before answering, "I do not think so, the Will takes the shape of energy similar to energy in the dimension to avoid detection from those who know and would track it for their own gain."

Koushiro seemed to think of something, closing his laptop while looking at the orb, standing back up, "Wait, how could to an energy on such a large scale, be kept hidden from the dark masters, or any other of the digimon we've fought till now."

The orb chuckled again before explaining, "Simple, this temple exist outside of your dimension. The barrier I set up pulled the island outside of the dimension so the temple could appear."

Koushiro nodded, reopening his laptop with a "Fascinating". As Koushiro typed, the group stayed silent.

Naruto turned to the orb, "I think we're done here."

The orb nodded, "Then I shall teleport you all back to Whamon, and drop the barrier after. Feel free to rest on the island as long as you need."

In a flash of light, the group found themselves back on the beach on the bay with a startled Whamon, "Children, where did you come from?"

Koushiro didn't look up from his laptop as he and everyone else climbed back onto Whamon, Naruto simply jumping, "It's an interesting story."

The group took the time to rest as the barrier degenerated, completely vanishing in a matter of seconds. Yamato started playing his harmonica as Koushiro was working with his laptop, filling in Whamon on what happened. The rest of the group was trying to catch fish in different ways. Taichi and Jou were using rods, Tailmon waited for fish to fly over her before jumping, cutting two fish into piece and catching them with a plate. (I don't know where they got it either.) Palmon then tried, using her vine fingers to pull a fish as big as Agumon out of the water, accidently causing to land on her self. Naruto looked at the fish, then his stomach gave off a growl, "Ok, that won't be enough."

Everyone looked at Naruto like he was crazy before Naruto dived into the water. Everyone watched were Naruto dived, the was surprised when a fish as big as Taichi came flying out of the water, followed by Naruto, who gave a well placed kick to its neck, killing it instantly and sending onto Whamon. Naruto landed next to the fish, getting on all fours and shaking like a wet dog, getting water on everyone close by. Naruto then got an ear full from Mimi, "Why did you have to get us wet too!?"

Naruto turned to Mimi, seeing little water drop lets all over her clothes, along with Hikari, Sora, Takeru, Piyomon, Patamon, and Agumon. Naruto scratched the back of his head in embarrassment, "Gomen, but I had to dry off fast somehow…" No one except Mimi seemed to care, and she didn't say anything, simply scoffing and walking away with her arms crossed. Naruto then turned to his catch pulling out his katana, then removed the fishes head and bone. Naruto sheathed his katana, calling Agumon over to help cook the fish when Yamato stopped playing.

Taichi looked up from his rod, "What's wrong, Yamato?"

"Oh… I was wondering if we could really beat the Dark Masters." Taichi sighed as Yamato continued, "They're different from the Digimon we fought before. Would we be able to win with our usual battling style?"

Taichi didn't say anything, having a small down cast face as Koushiro walked by, sitting in front of him, "There is a possibility… with Wargreymon." Taichi and Yamato turned to Koushiro opened his laptop, "We can use his Dramon Killer."

"Dramon Killer?" Yamato asked, followed by Taichi

"What's that?"

Koushiro started typing as he explained, "It's the weapon that is on Wargreymon's arms. According to the digimon analyzer, this weapon is highly effective against dramon type digimon. Dramon Killer… if he uses this, we have a chance." Koushiro finished, looking at Taichi.

Taichi looked happy at the news, "Great idea, Koushiro! The Dramon Killer, huh?" Taichi then turned to where Agumon was sitting, "Hey, Agumon! It's your turn to shine!" He then watched along with everyone else as Agumon ate the fish Palmon had caught, still alive, swallowing the entire fish whole, causing his stomach to budge out as the rest of the tail fin stuck out of his mouth. Everyone sweat dropped when Agumon then turned to Taichi blinking.

Taichi had his mouth hanging along with Koushiro and Yamato, "Y-You can do it…"

Naruto looked at Agumon, who couldn't move, then turned to Gabumon, "Hey Gabumon, can you help me since Agumon can't move anymore." Gabumon nodded, walking over to Naruto and giving a small blue flame as Naruto used a stick to hold the fish, rotating it as it cooked.

While that was happening, Jou felt a tug on his line before being pulled into the water, causing everyone stopped what they were doing, looking to where Jou fell in. Then Gomamon shouted to everyone, "Guys, we have a problem!"

Jou, who looked slightly upset at being pulled into the water, lifted his rod to show it was Gomamon who pulled him in, "What's the matter, Gomamon."

Gomamon seemed to blink in confusion as to why he was on the rod before regaining his composer, shouting, "The enemy is coming!"

Jou and Mimi seemed to panic a little as Sora looked around. Naruto simply started twitching his ears, listening for the slightest disturbance as Whamon explained, "The fishes say they have spotted Metalseadramon's minions about 200 miles behind us." Naruto stopped twitching his ears as the group looked at one another before Whamon continued, "They'll be arriving here soon. Everyone, get inside. I will shake them off by widening the distance between us." As everyone went inside Whamon, Naruto grabbed the fish he and Gabumon were cooking earlier, causing everyone to look at Naruto when he got inside.

Naruto simply shrugged, "No point in wasting it."

Whamon then dove into the water as the group crowded around Koushiro, who was sitting in front of three wire like lines attached to the top of Whamon. Naruto cut the fish into pieces, passing it around saying, "No point in trying to fight on an empty stomach." Koushiro simply put his piece aside as he continued to type while the others ate their food. After the food was finished, rather quickly, the group waited for Koushiro to finish. Hikari was currently letting Tailmon nap in her lap as she watched Naruto start doing one-hand stand push ups, the rest of the group waiting around Koushiro.

Tailmon looked up from her spot over to Koushiro, seeing as the loud typing was disturbing her nap, "Koushiro, what are you doing?"

Koushiro didn't move, but still answered, "Just a minute."

Taichi moved his hands from his lap to behind his head in a light frustration, "C'mon, stop putting on a show and just tell us."

"Well, you'll see in a second." A loud beep was heard from Koushiro's laptop, signaling it finished its task, "All right, it's connected." Everyone crowded around Koushiro when he said that, all curious on what he was working on. Everyone gasped in wonder as they saw the ocean floor on the screen.

Jou then asked, "Koushiro-han, what is this?"

Koushiro looked up with a happy and proud face, "I've linked my laptop to Whamon's sensory information so that it can be transmitted to the screen."

Patamon popped out of the crowd with a confused look, "Transmitted?"

Koushiro turned back to the screen as he explained, "In other words, what you're seeing here is exactly what Whamon is seeing right now."

As everyone looked impressed, Mimi grabbing Palmon and spinning her around. Hikari then held her ears in pain, getting Tailmon's attention, "Hikari, are you ok?"

Taichi rushed over at hearing Tailmon, "What's wrong, Hikari?"

Hikari gave an apologetic smile, looking at Taichi, "I'm okay. It's just my ears…"

Everyone said "Mimi." Causing Mimi to let go of Palmon while spinning, holding her ears as well.

"Now that you mention it, my ears hurt a little too." Everyone but Naruto started holding their ears in pain.

Naruto looked at everyone before saying, "I don't feel it…" Everyone except Palmon, who was dizzy from the spinning, looked at Naruto, seeing he was standing there like nothing was wrong.

Whamon then laughed, causing Naruto to look at the top of Whamon as he spoke, "I'm sorry. I must have dived too deeply in my haste. I'll adjust the atmospheric pressure right now." As Whamon did that, Naruto laughed as Palmon wondered around dizzily, falling over after five steps.

As everyone spoke in relief, Naruto's ears twitched, causing him to raise his arm, getting the groups attention, "Everyone quiet, listen…" As the group got quite, the sound of an engine was heard.

Everyone stayed quiet as the sound seemed to come closer, then slowly fade away. Jou and Gomamon sighed in relief as Gomamon whispered, "Sounds like they've passed us."

Naruto twitched his ears listening, whispering loud enough, "Not yet…" Naruto tensed when he heard bubbles from Whamon. No one seemed to notice until the engine noise came back quickly, alerting everyone. "Damn, Whamon, get us out of here!"

With a shout of "Strike Fishing!" from the Hangyomon. (Fish men with scuba gear and harpoons)

Whamon moved, "The Hangyomon are attacking! Hang on, everyone!" Whamon then let a large amount of bubble loose, using them as cover to get away.

As Whamon made his escape, Patamon looked at Takeru, "What should we do, Takeru?"

Takeru then looked at Yamato, "We'll be killed at this rate!"

Yamato looked up to the group, "I hate to say it, but as long as we're stuck inside Whamon…"

Taichi punched his fist into his palm in frustration, "Can't we do anything!?"

Koushiro didn't help as he continued to work with his laptop, "There are three more pursuers behind us!"

As Taichi then tried to convince Whamon to surface so they could fight, Naruto was sitting silently with his eyes closed, perfectly calm considering the situation. Jou noticed Naruto's calm disposition, "How can you be so calm at a time like this!?"

Everyone turned to Naruto, who simply opened one eye saying, "I've been through worse, and I trust Whamon."

Whamon suddenly spoke, "I have an idea. If it works, we should be able to lose the enemy."

"I-If it works…?" asked a still dizzy Palmon (man Mimi sure knows how to spin)

No one answered as Whamon picked up speed, diving into a deep abyss in the ocean floor. The Hangyomon followed in hot pursuit, sticking their harpoons into Whamon's thick skin, hitching a ride as Whamon continued to dive. Then one of the Hangyomon's tanks crumbled under the water pressure, causing the one to fly backwards as the others let go in surprise. Naruto smiled saying, "I told you." as the rest of the group cheered.

Taichi went back over to Hikari and Tailmon, "That was close."

Tailmon then addressed Whamon, "What a tricky card you had up your sleeve!"

Hikari turned to Taichi with a sad face displayed, "But Onii-chan… What do we do now?"

Koushiro started to speak at the group, who stayed huddled together as Naruto resumed his push-ups, mainly out of boredom, "We can't stay in the bottom of the ocean forever…" Koushiro then seemed to come up with an idea, standing up, "I've got it! Hikari-san, can you come over here?"

Koushiro started whispering in Hikari's ear, getting a "Yes" in response.

Hikari then walked in front of the group, causing Naruto to sit down in curiosity. Hikari gave a polite bow before grabbing her whistle saying, "Here I go."

Naruto tensed at the whistle, knowing it would hurt if blown do to his fox hearing. After Koushiro gave a "Whenever you're ready."

Naruto seemed really nervous, although no one but Kyuubi noticed who was also nervous. Naruto had a quick chat with Kyuubi at that moment, "She isn't…" After Hikari took a dead breath, Naruto fears were confirmed, "She is!!!"

"Kit! Cover your ears!" Naruto quickly moved his hands just as Hikari started to blow hear whistle. Naruto slammed to the ground in pain, causing everyone to look at him except Hikari, whose eyes were closed as she blew, and Koushiro, who was too focused on his laptop. Naruto and Kyuubi were shaking in pain as the whistle sound like a nail and chalk board with a megaphone next to their heads as Hikari stopped blowing. Hikari then noticed Naruto lying down in pain after she caught her breath.

Naruto sat up rubbing his ears as Hikari ran up, "Naruto-kun! Are you ok?"

Naruto watched as Hikari spoke, not able to hear as a loud ringing was still rebounding through his ears. He looked at Hikari as he stuck his pinky in his ear, saying a rather loud "What!?"

Everyone looked at each other, the Koushiro as he shouted, "It worked! Thank you, Hikari-san." Koushiro then looked up when he didn't receive a response. He looked at everyone huddled around Naruto, who was still nursing his ears, "What happen?"

Hikari looked from Naruto to Koushiro, "I think I made Naruto deaf with my whistle!"

Koushiro looked from Hikari to Naruto, or more specifically, Naruto's ears. Koushiro then realized his mistake, "Gomen Naruto-san! I forgot about your sensitive hearing…"

Naruto was slowly starting to get his hearing back, thanks to Kyuubi pumping chakra into his system to stop the pain. He barely heard Koushiro's apology though, "Its ok, just give me a warning next time you use that thing…" Everyone chuckled when Naruto glared at Hikari's whistle. Naruto then turned to Koushiro, "Besides killing my hearing, what was that for?"

The group chuckled again as Koushiro explained, "I used the reverberations of the sound to find a tunnel up ahead. We may be able to escape through it."

Everyone except Koushiro, Naruto, and Hikari gasped. Naruto was still nursing his ears, even though the pain was slowly receding and Hikari making sure Naruto was ok. "Naruto-kun, I'm sorry."

Naruto stopped rubbing his ears, shaking his head to rid himself of the remaining ringing noise before turning to Hikari, "Its ok. Just please don't do it again…"

Hikari giggled at Naruto's whine then moved her hand behind his ears. Naruto tensed at feeling her hand on his head, but quickly replaced it with a relaxed posture as Hikari started rubbing behind his ears. Hikari noticed Naruto tense up, but smiled when he relaxed as she rubbed his ears, "Does that help Naruto-kun?"

Naruto only nodded as his tail moved happily behind him as Hikari continued. Hikari smiled brightly at seeing Naruto happy and relaxed. Tailmon, who was sitting next to Hikari, smiling a knowing smile as she watched the two interact.

When Whamon spotted the tunnel Koushiro had located earlier, Palmon stood up, "We're saved!"

Mimi followed suit, "All right!" Palmon instantly became nervous, nervously sweating as she whirled around to Mimi. Mimi held her arms open smiling, causing Palmon to back away. Then Whamon was shaken by a powerful shove. Hikari was caught of guard, falling over only to be caught by Naruto. He pulled her back up and held her close along with Tailmon as Whamon continued to shake, picking up speed.

Taichi stood up quickly despite the shaking, "Are they here again?!"

Tailmon looked up as she held Hikari, both being held by Naruto, "We weren't able to shake them off?"

Whamon then spoke after picking up more speed, "Hold on tight, everyone! It's Metalseadramon!"

Whamon then turned into the tunnel, Metalseadramon in hot pursuit. Whamon hit a tight spot in the cave, pushing the rocks as he continued to propel forward. Metalseadramon followed, getting lost in a dark patch of the tunnel as Whamon swam to the surface. When Whamon surfaced, everyone climbed out, enjoying the fresh air.

Taichi adjusted his goggles so the glint from the sun would stop shining in everyone eyes, "It's so bright!"

Mimi brushed her hair behind her ears as the breeze picked up, "The air is so fresh!"

Yamato was sitting next to Takeru looking at the sky, "Who'd have ever thought the sun could make you feel so good?"

Everyone laughed at Yamato's remark, but then stopped as a familiar voice was heard, "What's so funny?" Everyone looked out to the ocean to see Metalseadramon shoot out of the ocean in front of them.

Naruto scoffed at the sea snake, "You don't quit do you?!"

Metalseadramon ignored Naruto, clearly angry at the group and Whamon, "This is as far as you go, Chosen Children!"

"Everyone, hold on!" Whamon said as he started swimming around a circle, gaining speed as he shouted, "Tidal wave!"

The waves caused by Whamon washed away the Hangyomon as Agumon turn to Taichi, "Taichi!"

Taichi gave a nodded, "I'll leave it to you!" Taichi turned to everyone else, "Let's move to shore and take battle positions while Agumon is distracting them!"

Naruto walked up next to Agumon, "I got your back Agumon!"

Agumon nodded as Jou shouted, "Then Gomamon and I will cover you!"

Sora turned to the side as Jou finished, "The waves are subsiding!"

Taichi turned back to Agumon, pulling out his digivice, "Agumon!"

"Here I go!" Taichi's crest and digivice then glowed, "Agumon warp-evolve! Wargreymon!" After Wargreymon finished evolving, Naruto jumped onto Wargreymon's shoulder as he launched himself at Metalseadramon. Naruto jumped in the air as Wargreymon hit Metalseadramon's head. Naruto then came down with a hard kick, landing on the water as Metalseadramon composed himself.

Metalseadramon seemed to shake the dual attack off like it was nothing, "I'm made of Chrome Digizoid just like you Wargreymon! You can't hurt me that easily!" Naruto swore out loud when he noticed Metalseadramon had one eye closed. Naruto smirked, jumping to Wargreymon as he made his way back around.

Naruto landed on Wargreymon's back, applying chakra to his feet. He made his way next to Wargreymon's head, "Wargreymon! We need to attack his insides! That's where he's vulnerable!" Wargreymon nodded, then the two spilt up again, trying to attack Metalseadramon's insides while keeping his attention.

As Wargreymon and Naruto occupied Metalseadramon, the group made their way to shore. Taichi shouted at Whamon as the battle went on, "Thanks, Whamon! Leave the rest to us!"


Yamato finished for Taichi, "You'll just end up being target practice with your size! Hurry up and get out of here!"

"I understand." Whamon then dived back into the water, only to be attacked by the Hangyomon.

Ikkakumon retaliated with his own attack, "Harpoon Vulcan!" He launched one missile into the air, which turned into a barrage of missiles fling into the water. This didn't stop the Hangyomon, who started throwing many harpoons at Jou on Ikkakumon.

After the harpoons stopped, Jou turned to Ikkakumon's face, "Ikkakumon, keep it up!"

"You got it!" Jou's crest and digivice glowed as Ikkakumon said this, "Ikkakumon, super-evolve! Zudomon!"

The Hangyomon became afraid when Zudomon's shadow was seen. Zudomon didn't give them the chance to recover, "Hammer Spark!" Zudomon slammed his hammer into the water where the Hangyomon, causing a small static field before a large eruption of water.

The eruption drew Metalseadramon's attention from Wargreymon and Naruto, seeing a chance to attack, "Ultimate Stream!"

Metalseadramon attack hit the water, he then moved up the coastline. Wargreymon flew down to block the attack, "Brave Shield!"

Metalseadramon used this chance to grab Wargreymon, dragging him underwater. Naruto quickly grabbed Metalseadramon's tails, forming a hand sign he did, "Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" When the smoke cleared, it showed one Naruto clone holding the original's feet, forming a chain in the air. The tower started too moved, falling to the water. The clone on the end landed on the water, pulling the others up as they pulled as well. (Like he did to Sasuke at the Valley.) The original was pulled into the air, hoisting Metalseadramon out of the water with Wargreymon still in his mouth. Both the group and Metalseadramon were speechless at the fact of Naruto cloning himself. The original then threw Metalseadramon into the air as the clones started tossing each other up, dispelling as they did. When the last clone threw Naruto up, he unsheathed his katana, stabbing through Metalseadramon's armor.

Metalseadramon howled in pain, but held Wargreymon tight in his jaw. Metalseadramon wrapped his tails around Naruto, pulling him and his katana out of his torso. Metalseadramon started to squeeze the life out of Naruto, moving him in front of his face next to Wargreymon, gloating as he did, "What a foul you two are! You're finished!"

Metalseadramon was then slammed by Whamon, who launched a surprise attack from under the water, forcing Metalseadramon to let go of both Wargreymon and Naruto. Metalseadramon turned to Whamon who was still in the air from his attack, "You can't be serious!" He then launched his "Ultimate Stream" attack, punching a hole right through Whamon.

Everyone watched in horror as Wargreymon took back to the air. Naruto started channeling Kyuubi's chakra, forming a rasengan as tears started to form, "You teme!!!"

Naruto jumped at Metalseadramon just as Wargreymon started his "Brave Tornado" attack. Metalseadramon turned to the two as they flew toward him, "Ultimate Stream!" Naruto slammed into the attack, clearing away for Wargreymon as he flew into Metalseadramon, destroying him from the inside.

As Metalseadramon fell into the ocean, Wargreymon flew down, catching Naruto and bring him to shore before reverting to Koromon, completely exhausted.

Everyone regrouped, standing on the shore as they listened to Whamon's final words, "Chosen Children… Please… Save this world…" Whamon the faded into data particles, floating away in the sky. The watched, turning when the same thing started happening to Metalseadramon.

The particles started flying away, going to somewhere on the mountain. Takeru asked then, "Where is it heading?"

Tentomon floated up a little above the group, "To the top of Spiral Mountain!"

Suddenly the entire group started shaking, causing the group to think it was an earthquake until Taichi pointed to the top of Spiral Mountain, "No! There's the reason why the ground is shaking!" Everyone looked in the direction Taichi pointed to see the ocean of Spiral Mountain disappearing.

Wow that was long… well I did do one and a half episodes along with my own added bonuses.


1.) Naruto is NOT a hanyou in this one, he only has fox traits do to Kyuubi overdoing the chakra output when Naruto used the Interdimensional transport jutsu. That means he still can't fully control Kyuubi's chakra, won't live hundreds of years, and doesn't have extreme healing ability, just what Kyuubi's chakra normally gives him.

2.) Hikari uses –kun- for Naruto since he saved her life and hit it off on friendship. No romance yet. Or is there? (Moves eyes back and forth suspiciously)

3.) Like in my Cardcaptor X Naruto crossover story, Naruto can use one handed rasengan.

4.) Naruto cannot control the Will or his digivice yet.

5.) I have thought ahead, and I have both a way to give Hikari fox features or make Naruto normal, you decide. (WARNING: If Naruto returns to normal, it will mean losing Kyuubi, I don't mean to spoil, but I am saying that now!)

A.) Hikari gains fox features
B.) Naruto returns to norma
C.) Hikari doesn't gain fox features and Naruto doesn't return to normal. (Another note: this will affect future kids. I'm realistic.)

6.) Akatsuki and Orichimaru are taken care of, that's that.

7.) I am working on the Fox and the Cards next chapter as you read, and will be updated hopefully by the end of the week.

8.) I formally apologize to anyone who doesn't like Naruto being banished, but it was one of the only ways, and i don't like using the same methods over unless i have no choice.

9.) Like Fox and Cards, please point out any mistakes made if you notice. And if you wish to critize me, please be specific on the subject, since just saying my grammer sucks doesn't help at all.