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What if she was the one?

Chapter Three

After the night we had at the bar, we were all clearly tired. Murphy dropped down on his bed and Jade on mine. I planned to sleep on the floor to give her space, not that I wanted to but I was sure that I'd be getting an ear full tomorrow. She was up set and she had been drink, I just assumed that she wouldn't want my sleeping next to her. I had thought she was made about how I left.

As I went to grab some spare pillows and a blanket Jade took hold of my wrist pulling me to the bed. "You don't have to sleep on the floor of your own apartment."

I was hovering above her, making sure she was being serious. I wasn't really looking forward to sleeping on the floor. "Yeah? Just figured you'd be pissed at me still and that you'd want me to stay on the floor."

She smirked up at me, rolling her eyes, and moved over letting me get in next to her. "It's been three years, I didn't expect you to stay and let Murphy go on his own to another country."

"Would you two shut the fuck up? I'm trying to sleep." Murphy grumbled from his bed.

"Yeah, we going to sleep Murph, relax." I heard Murphy groan and Jade laughed quietly. "I guess we should get to sleep."

"Guess so, Murphy's not fun."

"Shut up!"

I woke up the next morning, early. Jade tapped my shoulder lightly to wake me. "Hey, I'm running out for breakfast and coffee. I'll be back in twenty minutes."

"Yeah okay. Hey you need money?"

She smiled at me, leaning down to give me a quick kiss. "No I have money. I'll be back." She walked to the door, kicking Murphy's bed as she went and yelled "Get up Murph!" before disappearing out the door.

Murphy sat up, still half asleep. "What a bitch. I forgot how chipper she is in the mornings." Murph stretched out his legs, sitting on the edge of his mattress facing me letting out a yawn while he pulled on his robe. "I should just go back to sleep."

I just shook my head. "Murph, you know if you do she'll jump on the mattress or something like that. And she'll be loud. Just stay awake, alright? She's gonna want to do something fun, she's lost her mom. I want to do what ever I can to keep her mind off that. And since the first thing I had in mind is out because your bed is right here, we'll have to tour the city with her."

Murphy rolled his eyes at me and I smiled back. "You are one sick bastard, you know that?"

"How? Hm? I didn't go into detail, just a general statement."

"Whatever Connor." Murphy got up and walked over to the toilet. "If Jade stay a while we should probably put a wall up over here, don't you think?" He turned his head to look over at me.

I nodded to him. "Yeah, probably. Give her her privacy."

Murphy went back to his bed. We sat for a while discussing where we should bring Jade, what's she should see, what she might want to see. As we're sitting talking about all the tourist things that'd be fun for Jade, our door flies open slamming against the wall. In walks the two Russia's from the bar the night before, the one who call himself Ivan held Jade by the back of her neck with a gun pointed at her head.

I shot up, Murph following suit. "Let her the fuck go!" I yelled pointing a finger at her and took another step forward.

His friend pulled out a gun when I made a move and aimed it at my head. "No! Connor don't!" Jade looked at me with panic in her eyes. "Just stay there. Please."

"Jade I'm not just going to stand here-"

"I'm think you will or I'll blow your pretty little girlfriends head off." Ivan smirked, letting out a sickening laugh. "Go cuff 'im." He nudged his head, directing his partner to cuff me. He walked up to me and grabbed the back of my robe, shoving me to the back of the room that was our open bathroom.

"Hey! Get you fucking hands off my brother!" Murphy stepped to get in between me and the Russia only to get a gun in his face.

"Murph." Was all I said, it was enough to get him to back off, barely but it worked.

Ivan let out a laugh as his friend shoved me down to the toilet, putting my arms on either side and cuffing them together in the back so I was hugging the porcelain fixture. "You know, my original thoughts were to come in here and kill you. But then I saw this pretty thing walking up the street." He brought his head to Jades neck, taking a deep breath.

I jerked back trying to get the cold metal holding me in place to give enough for me to go charging at him. I saw Murphy finch as well, but wasn't the only one because as soon as he did the mystery Russia grabbed the back of his neck, putting his gun to Murphy's back. "You fucking piece of shit! Let them go!"

"No." Ivan laughed again. "I'm think now, I'll let you live. Leaving you stuck in here while I take your woman and your brother outside and kill them in your place." With that he turned and walked back out the door, pushing Jade ahead of him.

"Connor!" She tried to turn, only able to move her head to look at me one more time.

I yanked hard on the cuffs. "JADE!" Connor was pushed out the door just after Jade was. "MURPHY!"

My brother and the woman I loved disappeared out the door for execution. I pulled and push on the toilet, pulling my hands back causing the metal restraints to cut into my wrist. I slammed my shoulder in to the dinghy bowl, rocking it back and forth until it finally came loose. Picking it up I walked up to the roof top of our building, careful ling getting on top of some barrels that were there. I looked down into the alley, hoping that this is where Ivan had lead Murphy and Jade. Sure enough, looking down I saw both Jade and Connor on there knees. I positioned myself just right and dropped the toilet down into the alley, aiming for Ivan. Then as the porcelain fell to the ground, leapt from the building falling down over Ivan's partner. I heard the porcelain hit Ivan and the ground just before I landed on the other Russian. I felt a sharp shooting through my legs. Then everything went black.


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