New mission: Into the woods of Demon World

By: Panther

Summary: The team is sent into the woods of Demon World by Koenma to hunt down a demon that has stolen a rare diamond that has the power to strengthen it's owner's power 3x its normal level, but as the team arrives there, they find themselves in a major snow storm and two of the members gets seperated.

Pairing: K&B

a/n: don't own characters.

Spirit World, Koenma's office.

" Alright Koenma, just what the hell is the problem this time?! " An angry young black-haired man by the name of Yusuke shouted out to his boss as he stood in front of his desk.

" I'll let you know when Botan gets here with Kurama. 'til then, sit down and shut up! " Koenma shouted back at the Spirit Detective.

As this was happening, Hiei and Kuwabara were sitting down and watching the scene, with a smirk on Hiei's face and an amused look in Kuwabara's eyes. Both not fighting with the other, they were too busy watching their friends fight.

Outside of the office,

Botan was walking down the hall with Kurama beside her, both looking ahead and heard the sounds from the office as they got closer to the two doors that led inside to it.

" Sounds like Yusuke got frustrated about the new mission, eh Kurama? " Botan asked her friend with a light giggle.

" Indeed. Shall we go in and face the noise or shall we wait it out? " Kurama asked as he chuckled.

" I think we should go in, otherwise the shouting won't stop. You know that Kurama. " Botan said as she continued to laugh and reach for the door handle and opened the door to the office.

As the door opened, all the shouting stopped and everyone turned to the two doors as one of them opened.

" About time you two showed up. What were you doing? Flirting with each other? " Yusuke asked, still angry with his boss.

Botan blushed when Yusuke said that, but quickly got rid of it before Yusuke saw it and made another embarassing comment.

Kurama had just the slighests of blushes on his face, but he too got rid of it for he too feared what else Yusuke might say.

" Well since everyone's here, I'll tell you about your mission. " Koenma started as he pushed a button on his desk and the tv screen came down and on it, there was a picture of a clear diamond.

" This is a crystal diamond. It was stolen from here a week ago and we need you guys to bring back, a wolf demon broke in and took it from our vault, we first thought it was just a regular diamond until my dad came back and found out about it being stolen. I asked him what it did and he said that this diamond has the power to increase the power level of it's owner by 3x it's normal level, but I told him a wolf demon had taken it. That only made more angry, because the wolf demon that had stolen it had a power level of A-class. "

" Did you say A-class? " Kuwabara asked with his voice shaking a little as he remembered Tougro.

" Yes. But he shouldn't be a problem for you boys like Tougro was. " Koenma stated.

" With all due respect Koenma. But have you ever dealt with a wolf demon before? " Kurama asked.

" We've dealt with them a few time's over the hundreds of years. Ask Botan, she's dated a wolf demon before right? " Koenma asked his best ferry girl.

" That wasn't me. That was my mother you idiot! " Botan shouted and everyone saw her eyes flash a very dark purple before she calmed down again.

' Now that was weird. ' The boys thought at the same time.

" Well anyway, you boys and girl go to the portal that'll take you to the last place the Spirit Defence Force spotted the wolf demon. And if you get seperated, keep your communiction mirriors on, we've had them improved last year, they have tracking devices in them. " Koenma said his last orders to the team and pushed the same button as before and the tv disappeared again.

The team then put on their serious faces and walked towards the office doors and out into the hallway, were Botan led them down another hallway that had two portals and above each one there was a name, the first one said Human the other had Demon, which is the one Botan went to.

" Wait a minute, if you guys have a portal to demon world then couldn't any demon get through? " Yusuke asked.

" We close it down and put strong seals on it so no demon, even S-class can get in, the same goes for the human world portal, but the wolf demon got in another way and we still haven't figured out how unless it was an inside job, eveyones being questioned, even the ferry girls. " Botan answered as they all got behind each other and walked through the portal.

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