New mission: Into the woods of Demon World

By: Panther

Summary: The team is sent into the woods of Demon World by Koenma to hunt down a demon that has stolen a rare diamond that has the power to strengthen it's owner's power 3x its normal level, but as the team arrives there, they find themselves in a major snow storm and two of the members gets seperated.

Pairing: K&B

a/n: don't own characters.

" That's the first time you've said my name. You usually call me by my human name. " He answered as he looked into her purple eyes for what felt the hundredth time and also lost himself in her eyes once more.


" Kurama? " She asked him as she stared into his golden eyes.

" Don't. " he said as he heard her use his human name once more.

Her showed that she understood and asked again, " Yoko? "

When she had said his demon name, he didn't what happened to him then as he closed the distance between them again, and this time, he didn't stop there and neither did she.


Morning, the gang,

" Get up detective, the snow finally stopped. " Hiei said as he hit the teen with his sword's handle.

" Yeah Yeah. " Yusuke said as he woke up and stretched out, yawning as he did.

Kuwabara and Griffvin woke up at the sounds the other two was making and mimicked the detectives moves.

" So did Kurama and Botan show up last night? " Kuwabara asked his friends.

" Do you see them here? " Hiei asked sarcasticly.

" Uh..No " Kuwabara replied.

" Then they didn't show up. " Hiei said in the same tone.

" Well..Looks like we got some searching to do. " Yusuke said as he got up from his spot and walked over to the cave entrance.

" Hey do you mind if I come along? " Griffvin asked.

" No we don't mind. " Yusuke said as he climbed over the snow wall that had, thankfully left just enough space at the top of the cave entrance for the four occupints to get out of.

" Wow. I don't even reconize this place anymore. " Kuwabara commented as he saw what the snow had covered, which was just about..everything!

" I guess we start back tracking. " Yusuke said as he and his friends started walking.

" I have a better idea Yusuke. " Hiei said as his jagon eye started to glow once more.

With the love-birds,

Kurama was just starting to wake up when he felt a light weight on his chest, ' what could that be? ' He asked himself as he opened one green eye and saw Botan resting with her head in the crook of his neck and noticed that the light weight that he felt was her arm and that her hand was resting on top of his shoulder.

He smiled when he saw how peaceful she looked when she slept and saw that her hair had fallen in front of her face, he moved it out of her face, she stirred but didn't wake, she did however moved closer to him and he wrapped his arm around her waist.

' Looks like you found the onna Fox. ' A voice said to him and it wasn't his demon side.

' Hiei. I hope you and the others are alright. ' Kurama replied back, with a blush on his face.

' Yes. and that wolf demon that Koenma sent us out to find, found us and gave us the diamond without any trouble. '

' Wow. that's a first. Where are you at now? ' Kurama asked his friend.

' Do you really want to know? '

' Yes. I'm your friend after all. '

' Well you and the onna better hurry up and get dressed, because we're right outside of your home. '

' WHAT! '

And with that, Kurama shot out of the bed, not even waking Botan up in the process, and began to hunt for his clothes that were..* mis-placed * last night.

As he was getting his jeans on, he heard Botan waking up and turned to see her looking at him, " The others are here. " He told her when he saw the look she gave him and was glad to see it disappear when he told her about their friends.

She then got up and got her clothes, that were still by the fire plants Kurama had used.

And just as they got their shirts on, they heard, " Hey Fox boy! Botan! You two alright?! "

" Yes Yusuke! We're fine. " They replied as they walked out of the room and began walking towards the entrance of the lair and saw their friends and a wolf demon standing there.

" I see that you failed to mention that the wolf demon had come along. " Kurama said as he looked at the wolf demon and noticed that he was staring a little too long at Botan and moved closer to her side, growling low so that only the wolf could hear and raised his energy up, all of this was a warning to the wolf to stay away and that Botan was his and not the wolf's.

Griffvin heard the growl and felt the energy from the fox beside the girl he was looking at and knew that he had better back down from him, he didn't know what this fox demon was capable of doing and knew it was wise to listen to his warning. Bowing his head slightly and taking a step back, he showed that he understood and wouldn't look at her again.

When Kurama saw what Griffvin did, he stopped his growl and lowered his energy level back to normal again, knowing that he wouldn't look at his girl again.

" Well now that everyone's here. Let's get out of here. I've got to go teach a brat something about sending us out in a damn blizzard and nearly getting one of killed because he failed to mention the weather we would be in! " Yusuke said/shouted as he finished his sentence and getting angrier by the minute.

The others nodded in a agreement and began to walk back to the portal, Griffvin leaving them after another mile or two from walking, saying he had to go get another present for his baby sister.

" Kurama, you know I can walk on my own right? " Botan asked as she was being carried by her lover.

" Yes I know. But I don't want you to get sick. You are wearing shorts after all and holding you like this will keep you warm. "

" I know that! But do you have to carry me over your shoulder?! "

Kurama only chuckled and moved her from his shoulder and carried her bridle-style the rest of the way back to the portal were they entered and watched as Yusuke left to go and ' talk ' to Koenma and Hiei go back into the demon world portal, saying he had to go check on something, but they knew he was just going to Mukuro. Kuwabara then walked over to the human world portal and said he was going home. Kurama looked at Botan and asked if she would like to go to his place after she changed, she of course said no, but she quickly said that she would go just as she was when she saw the hurt look in Kurama's green eyes.

And that's where they stayed for the day until Koenma called saying Botan had to get back to work, she summoned her oar, saying that she would come by later after she was done ferrying the souls she had to escort. And Kurama couldn't wait until she came.

the end.

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