Well, I had realised that everything I had written lately was slash/femslash, so finally I decided to break that trend and write some hetero stuff. It's been wayy too long since I have. Heehee.

I apologise in advance for any mistakes.

Title: Sautée
So You Think You Can Dance Australia
Jack Chambers/Vanessa Sew Hoy (JANESSA)
Summary: An innocent game of leapfrog turns for the worst…right?


The Brisbane boy's ears twitched. A sweet, quiet and high pitched voice calling his name -- that could be only one person in particular. He smiled as the graceful Vanessa ran towards him, giving him a hug -- a simple hug. The 23 year old Sydney girl held her friend's hand, gesturing him to lean in closer.

"Hey Jack."

"Yeah Vanessa?" He replied sweetly, swinging his and Vanessa's arms.

"Let's play leapfrog! I mean, we've been practicing the group chorey for so long…we should play a game once in a while," whispered the ballet dancer. Jack laughed a little, thinking how adorable Vanessa could be at times. He nodded and pulled her to an empty space. He crouched down and waited a little nervously as Vanessa paced back slightly. As the thumping of Vanessa's feet grew louder, Jack prepared himself…

…Maybe a little too early.


Jack groaned heavily, rubbing his head in pain. Gosh, I need to rest my head, he thought to himself and rolled himself onto his back. Slowly rising his blue-gray eyes, a soft and feminine groan was heard. Then it hit him; looking up until he hit his forehead -- with Vanessa's.

"V-Vanessa…" He murmured and brushed his hand across her forehead, "I'm sorry I hit you."

"I-…I'm sorry I fell on you," she stuttered. A small tint of pink appeared on her cheeks as she gripped on Jack's black jacket; still sitting on top of the younger dancer. Little did she know; Jack was also blushing but didn't make a single movement.

"Oh no," He shyly answered, "I lost balance. So it's my fault!"

A silent blanket covered the room; making both Vanessa and Jack even more uncomfortable. Only one thought was going in their heads, I really should get up; like now. Vanessa decided to break the silence, "Umm…remember our dance?"

"The…contemporary one?"

"Yeah," Smiling, the Sydney dancer replied, "It's one of my favourites you know." Jack attempted to nod back in response, but failed miserably.

"It was one of my favourites too," He laughed, "I got to do some lifts; which was fun."

Vanessa's smile slowly drooped, "Is that all? Because I mean…it was fun dancing with you too…"

It finally clicked to Jack. "Oh! No no, I loved dancing with you Vanessa!"


Jack smiled from the floor, "Of course! You're a beautiful and amazing dancer." The 23 year old laughed in shyness, giggling as Jack stroked his hand against her cheek. She blushed again, gripping even tighter by the second.

"Hey, is your heart beating really fast?"

Vanessa looked confused, "Yeah…?"

"Mine too," Jack whispered before letting out a little laugh. Five minutes had probably passed since -- both dancers chatting; reminiscing about their favourite and timeless moments. Jack thought to himself how fun this had been and how amazing Vanessa truly was; with her long black hair, her small eyes and serene grace. He could tell the ballet dancer was thinking almost exactly the same thing.

"Um," Vanessa shyly stuttered in her trademark voice, "I think we should get up now."

To be honest, he had actually forgotten he was on the ground, and that Vanessa was sitting right on top of him -- it didn't bother him; not at all. Jack looked at his older friend with a soft smile planted on his face, his eyes catching the light.

Vanessa was so beautiful, so majestic.

So Gorgeous, full stop; and he didn't want that go away.

"Nah," He whispered, "I want us to stay like this…just for a little while longer."

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