I was bored one day and decided to nab LiveJournal's 1sentence community.
Yes, ANOTHER SYTYCDAus related fic.

I'm sorry.

WARNING: Rated T to be safe; because there is slash (boy/boy) and implied sexual...hints.

Title: Truly Madly Deeply
Fandom: So You Think You Can Dance Australia
Pairing: Rhys Bobridge/Jack Chambers
Theme set: Gamma
Disclaimer: Everything here, totally fictional. If any of the following actually happens in real life, consider it a freaky coincidence.


#01 - Ring

Jack Chambers loved rings, he really did -- especially the silver ring with his name engraved in red that Rhys gave to him on his 20th birthday.

#02 - Hero

When Jack danced to Mission Impossible during Top 10 night, Rhys imagined himself as a damsel in distress; and Jack as the hero of the story.

#03 - Memory

Whenever Jack felt tired or homesick while he was in New York, he would look at that picture of him and Rhys and thank God for the memories.

#04 - Box

Rhys always loved watching Jack jump around the place; because he knew this little Jack in the box would be his -- and his only.

#05 - Run

No matter how fast Rhys runs, spins or leaps; his dance skills can never catch up to Jack's -- but that's okay, because he'll get his revenge soon.

#06 - Hurricane

"You know why your pirouettes are like hurricanes?" Rhys asked while patting Jack's head, "it's because they're so cool, I get sucked into them!"

#07 - Wings

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night," Jack sang and held Rhys' hand, "take these broken wings…learn to flyyy…"

#08 - Cold

Sometimes, Rhys' exuberant and unusually feminine nature would leave some men cold -- not Jack though; he was in love with it.

#09 - Red

"There's no way you're going to go out without wearing, at least, something that matches your hair!" Rhys yelled as he rustled his hand through the younger dancer's red highlights.

#10 - Drink

Every elimination night, Rhys would cry and choke on his salty tears; only to then have Jack wrap his small arms around him.

#11 - Midnight

"I can't sleep…" Jack moaned as he threw his hand on the clock, staring at the blinking 12:00AM sign -- not realising that Rhys was doing the exact same thing next to him.

#12 - Temptation

Jack stood there as hundreds of fangirls rushed towards Rhys -- trying to hide the urge to murder them all and run off with the 26 year old dancer.

#13 - View

From Jack's point of view, he felt that Rhys was more childish in general than he was -- but when it came to love, Rhys was definitely the more mature one.

#14 - Music

Rhys smirked when he went on Jack's Music Myspace; knowing -- from experience; that the 19 year old's singing wasn't nearly as arousing as his moaning.

#15 - Silk

"You try rhyming something with milk Rhys!" Jack pouted, which made Rhys laugh and shove his silk scarf into Jack's face.

#16 - Cover

Both Rhys and Jack agreed that joining Australian Idol and producing a song cover would be totally "high school" -- there was no way they would perform to the public the songs they'd sing to each other each night.

#17 - Promise

With one embrace, Jack promised he'd never forget Demi, Kate, Vanessa and the rest while in America -- and with one kiss, he promised he would never forget Rhys.

#18 - Dream

Jack yelled at Rhys, "God…you know, when you wear that outfit, you seriously look like that chick from I Dream of Genie," hiding the tint of red appearing on his cheeks.

#19 - Candle

Rhys laughed as he read out a fan letter, "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick!" -- Before getting thrashed by a certain redhead.

#20 - Talent

There was no mistake that Rhys was talented in dance -- and to Jack; there was no mistake that Rhys was a grade-A kisser.

#21 - Silence

At certain times, Jack was the type to be occasionally silent and never let his words get the best of him -- so he never could say those simple three words to Rhys.

#22 - Journey

"Yeah, this whole competition has been a journey. It's like, the show's word or something," Jack joked, "I mean; I've learned so much, I've won the competition…and," holding the photo of him and Rhys, "I've found true love."

#23 - Fire

Jack agreed with what Rhys said; Rhys was fire and he would burn everyone's screen.

#24 - Strength

Despite all the physical pain, Rhys managed to find the strength he needed to make his and Jack's Broadway dance the best dance ever.

#25 - Mask

As Jack placed the soft Elf mask over his face, he instantly had an urge to just suddenly, from out of the blue; call Rhys.

#26 - Ice

The 26 year old groaned in agony at his Melbourne apartment, yearning to have Jack there by his side; for he was his drug and Rhys was addicted to it.

#27 - Fall

Jack looked at the orange and brown leaves hanging off the soon to be dead trees -- knowing that, back home in Australia; Rhys would be staring at the pink blossoms that reminded him of Jack's small lips.

#28 - Forgotten

Rhys sat nervously as he continued eyeing his cellphone, hoping that; perhaps today was the day Jack hadn't forgotten him.

#29 - Dance

That final dance performed by Jack and Rhys meant the world to their fans, and to themselves especially -- because this was exactly what they wanted.

#30 - Body

If Rhys' fans went gaga over his hot and buff body, it never got to Jack; because he knew he would be the only one to see it and more.

#31 - Sacred

There was never a time when Jack wasn't wearing his sacred dog tag while in America; because it was the last memory he had of Rhys.

#32 - Farewells

As Jack carried his luggage and said goodbye to Rhys, he wondered if a long-distance relationship could be possible between the two of them and whether or not it would be easy to say goodbye for the second time.

#33 - World

"Not everything revolves around you," Jack muttered as Rhys was in his self-indulgent mood again, "I mean…you may be my world, but you're not yours."

#34 - Formal

Rhys suited up for the winner announcement with a glittery black suit and tie; while Jack wore a slightly unbuttoned blouse with black pants -- making him that much more kissable.

#35 - Fever

The Adelaide-born dancer loved it whenever Jack was ill, because he -- and only he; could have the role of being Jack's nurse.

#36 - Laugh

When Rhys laughs; Jack laughs along with him -- and when Rhys cries, Jack might cry along with him; but the flamboyant dancer knew the teen never cried in public, so it was okay.

#37 - Lies

Jack Chambers was in love with himself; that was a lie -- But Jack Chambers was in love with Rhys Bobridge; and that was no lie.

#38 - Forever

Grabbing his hairbrush, Rhys bopped around singing "Come on baby we ain't gonna live 4everrrr! Let me show you all the things that we could do~"; not noticing Jack smiling behind him and mouthing along.

#39 - Overwhelmed

'It's a little scary going on your first date…particularly with another guy,' Jack thought to himself and nervously held Rhys' left hand -- trying to hide the sudden redness that overcame his face.

#40 - Whisper

Rhys loves whispering mildly dirty compliments in Jack's ear at night; because he knows Jack likes it -- even if Jack says he doesn't.

#41 - Wait

Rhys waited for months and months at the Brisbane airport, knowing Jack would be back real soon -- maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow; but soon.

#42 - Talk

"Kate," Rhys grumbled at the 29 year old Jazz dancer, "Jack and I need to talk. Alone, now!" grabbing Jack and locking the door behind her.

#43 - Search

As Rhys opened up Google Search, he snickered when he found all these forum threads and fansites of Jack -- laughing, "Too bad these fans will never know that Jack is no longer single."

#44 - Hope

Jack wished Rhys would stop lengthening his words and emphasising them with much glee -- "I hooooope not!" the 26 year old retorted.

#45 - Eclipse

The 19-year old knew that fame would never totally overshadow him, because if it did; it wouldn't be Jack Chambers that Rhys Bobridge was in love with -- it would be some random famous guy.

#46 - Gravity

The closer Rhys and Jack were with each other; the stronger their chemistry became -- as well as that; the space between them grew closer, and closer, and closer.

#47 - Highway

The road to Broadway seemed easy to Jack at first, until he realised he needed Rhys to tag along the ride.

#48 - Unknown

Vanessa? Demi? Or even Kate? No one ever figured out who Jack's mystery girl was -- It was a shame she was actually a he.

#49 - Lock

The sounds of the New York nightlife echoed vividly outside as Rhys locked his chapstick'd lips with Jack's pink cherry ones.

#50 - Breathe

Jack felt Rhys' warm breath hit his neck as the Brisbane dancer gripped tightly on the 26 year old's shirt; knowing that Rhys would be the only one who could touch him.