Tale of A Miko Kunoichi

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Prologue: Little Sister

The Yellow Flash of Konoha, Namikaze Minato cursed silently as he arrived at his destination in a flash of yellow. His sharp ice blue eyes shone with sorrow and his fists clenched tightly at the scene before him. The Higurashi Shrine now lay in ruins. There were dead bodies strewn everywhere and the place reeked strongly of death. Small fires were burning all around and there appeared to be no survivors of this attack.

Despite being nicknamed the Yellow Flash and being known for his speed at the young age of 14, Minato had still managed to arrive late, and his tardiness cost the entire Higurashi clan their lives. Minato let out a bitter laugh as he stared at the ground. Because of him; the entire clan lost their lives. Maybe if he had arrived earlier, he could have saved a few people.

He had failed everyone, especially his…father.

The man had written him a letter, asking him for help. In that letter, he had informed Minato it was rumored that the Higurashi Clan was going to be attacked by a Tailed Beast anytime now. And it was no wonder; the Higurashi were was well known for their roles as priests and priestesses gifted with amazing purification abilities able to kill demons. So naturally they had made many enemies with the demons that they had killed.

Anyway, Minato had never heard from his father ever since he was a young boy of 4.

It was mainly because the man had abandoned him and his mother to marry another woman; the High Priestess of the Higurashi Clan. When his father had left Minato was angry at the man, because his mother had cried for many days after his departure. And her life had eventually withered away in depression. Needless to say, Minato wasn't on particularly good terms with his father.

But the man was his father and he was always going to be his father; no facts could change that. So with an uncertain heart Minato had decided to help him.

His decision to help them also had to do with the fact that it involved the Tailed Beasts. A Tailed Beast, also known as Bijuu, always had something to do with Konoha since the Shodaime Hokage could control all of the nine Bijuu.

And as a Ninja of Konoha, Minato felt that it was his responsibility to try and help.

But Konoha was in the middle of the Third Great Ninja War with the hidden villages in the Earth Country and the Lightning Country; mainly Iwagakure and Kumogakure. So he had to wait a while before the Sandaime Hokage had considered his request and allowed him to leave Konoha for a while. The main reason why the Sandaime Hokage let him leave was because Minato had deliberately brought up the rumour that a Bijuu was possibly going to attack the shrine.

'But in the end, the time wait still made me too late,' he thought bitterly.

Because of him, innocent lives were lost. Minato looked up again and he had a determined look on his face. He had to at least try and search for survivors. But the possibility of him finding survivors were very slim; everything was in ruins.

Minato could detect the residue of chakra left behind by the attack. The chakra felt sinister, and evil.

It was tainted and unlike anything he had ever come across before. Now Minato was certain that it was indeed a Bijuu that had attacked. He had to narrow down the suspects and find out which one was the one that attacked the Shrine.

The Ichibi no Shukaku was still sealed in Sunagakure no Sato. The Niibi no Neko was within a Jinchuuriki in Kumogakure no Sato. The Sanbi no Kyodaigame was within a Jinchuuriki in Kirigakure no Sato. The Yonbi no Saru was within a Jinchuuriki that belonged to Iwagakure no Sato. The Gobi no Irukauma was in another Jinchuuriki that also belonged to Iwagakure no Sato. The Rokubi no Namekuji was imbued within a Ninja from Kirigakure.

The Shichibi no Kabutomushi was imbued with a Jinchuuriki from Takigakure no Sato. And lastly the Hachibi no Kyogyuu was imbued within a Ninja that belonged to Kumogakure no Sato. The only Bijuu that was free without a Jinchuuriki was the Kyuubi no Youko, and it was the strongest out of all the Bijuu. Minato looked up and cursed. That was a problem.

The Shrine had been attacked by the Kyuubi no Youko.

There was now an almost zero possibility that there were any survivors. Even though most of the people from the Higurashi Shrine were spiritually gifted, Minato doubted that they could stand the demonic chakra of the Kyuubi no Youko and live to tell the tale. The chakra was sinister and very overpowering. Normal civilians that were not trained in the ways of the Ninja wouldn't be able to stand it.

Nevertheless, Minato would never know if there were indeed no survivors until he tried.

He took out some of his specially marked three pointed Kunai and threw it near some bodies. Then using his Hiraishin no Jutsu, he appeared by each and every person, checking for a pulse, something that would determine that they were alive.

But so far, he found nothing.

As he appeared in front of one particular person, pain flashed in his ice blue eyes as he recognized the man who had left him and his mother 10 years ago, the man whom was his father. The woman clad in a priestess outfit beside his father was dead. But hope flashed through Minato's eyes when he realized that the man was still alive.

He could still save someone.

When he was gathering his chakra for his Hiraishin to return back to Konoha, something gripped his vest. Minato lost his concentration for a moment and he looked at his father, who was the one that grabbed him. Minato was the spitting image of his father; he had even inherited his father's blond hair and blue eyes. But now, he could see that his father's blue eyes were dull, and he looked like he was dying.

"M-Minato…you came…" the man choked out softly. Minato nodded and he replied "I'm sorry but I came too late."

The man smiled weakly as he started to cough out more blood. Minato tried to focus his chakra again for his Hiraishin but his father told him "You're wasting y-your time Minato. It's over…for me. Don't…bother…helping me."

Minato shook his head and he tried to focus his chakra again, but the man gripped the vest even harder and pulled him down to eye level with him.

"Minato…listen to me please. I-I'm sorry f-for leaving you and your mother. I know it m-must have hurt her a lot. I-I loved her… I really did. B-but before I m-met her, I al-already had a marriage agreement to th-this clan that I couldn't break. I-I know that I h-have no right to ask you b-but can you forgive m-me?"

The man started to cough more blood and Minato could sense that his life was fading fast.

"I need to get you to a hospital," Minato hesitated for a moment "Father…" The man smiled peacefully, knowing that his son had forgiven him, even only it was just a little bit. "Minato, I need t-to ask a favor of you," he told his son in a rushed tone. "Somewhere out there, at the bottom of a dried up well, is my daughter. Your half-sister, Kagome. Please f-find her, and if she is a-alive, t-take care o-of her. P-please, I'm begging you…"

Minato nodded; accepting this dying request was the least he could do to make his father go without worries.

His father smiled and let out deep sigh of relief "Thank you…my son…" His hand went limp and he breathed his last. Minato closed his eyes, offered a small prayer and for a small moment as he felt a sad pang in his heart.

After a few more minutes of silence, he stood up and looked around.

He had to find that well, where at the bottom, lay his half-sister, who might possibly still be alive. Minato started to hastily scour around the ruins. And he even used some of his chakra to make a few Kage Bunshin to quicken the search.

He continued his search and an image flashed in his head when one of his Kage Bunshin was dispelled.

Now he knew the location of the well. Minato used his Shunshin no Jutsu to get to the well faster. And when he bent over to check, like his father had said, there was someone at the bottom of the well.

Minato jumped in without hesitation and landed next to the person who was supposedly his half-sister. She was emitting a pinkish glow and there was a small barrier surrounding her, which surprised Minato. She must have been gifted with high purification abilities to be able to make a barrier at her age. Her barrier must have saved her life in the attack. And since she was still powering the barrier, it must have been that she was alive.

Just to be sure, Minato tried to reach out for her, but he was repelled by the barrier. His hand sizzled slightly at the contact and he hissed softly in pain. It looks like he couldn't touch her. Maybe he could get her to wake up and lift the barrier.

So he called out softly "Kagome-chan. Can you hear me? Kagome-chan?"

His half-sister, Kagome, she looked to be about 5 years old. She had black hair and currently Minato couldn't see what eye color she had. Minato continued to call out softly to her, trying to get her to wake up. Minato didn't know if she was asleep or unconscious, but he could only hope that she would wake up soon.

"Kagome-chan?" Minato called again.

He was starting to think that she really was unconscious, that is…until she gave a small moan and opened her eyes. She had the same shade of blue eyes that Minato and his father did, the yellow haired Ninja mused to himself. Kagome's eyes were unfocused for a moment, before they landed on Minato and she became alert.

"W-who are you?" she asked him timidly. Minato flashed her an encouraging smile and told her kindly "My name is Minato. I'm here to help you. Are you all right? Are you injured?"

"No, not that I can tell. I only have a few scrapes. Nothing serious," she responded. And Minato was surprised. She didn't appear to talk like a 5 year old. The words she used and the way she used them were advanced for a child her age.

"Okay then. Can you undo the barrier for me please?"

Kagome shook her head and she replied "No I can't. Sorry Minato-san. Okaa-san said I'm not supposed to let down the barrier, no matter what happens. Where is Okaa-san anyway? Why did Okaa-san put me down here? And where is Otou-san? Have you seen him?"

As Minato watched her innocence, he somehow didn't have the heart to tell her that both her parents were dead.

He looked grim for a moment, and was silent. Kagome looked at Minato's pained expression and understanding flashed through her eyes. "Oh, I see, they're both dead…aren't they?" she asked him quietly. Minato nodded numbly and Kagome allowed several tears to spill down her cheeks.

Minato allowed her some time to mourn for the loss of her parents before he asked again "I'm not going to harm you Kagome-chan, I promise. I want to help you. I just need you to lower your barrier so I can help you. I can't help you when I can't touch you can I?" he added with a small smile. Kagome shook her head and she looked at him. She saw him trying to be as gentle as possible in dealing with her, and she saw the good intentions in his blue eyes.

'He has the same shade of blue as my eyes,' she thought.

So she cautiously lowered her barriers. Minato knelt down and smiled slightly at her. He held out his hand for her and Kagome hesitantly took it. Her small fingers intertwined with his long and slender fingers and a small smile graced her lips.

"Ne, Minato-san," she began, but he cut her off.

"Call me Minato-nii-san," he told her.

"Why?" she asked him in a confused tone.

Minato honestly didn't know how to explain it to her in simpler terms. So he tried, although it probably didn't work out too well. In short, his explanation sounded pathetic. "You see, your Otou-san was also my Otou-san. We both have the same Otou-san. But our Okaa-sans are two different people. You understand?"

Kagome sighed before she asked him "So in other words, you're my half-brother right?"

Minato made a gurgled choke of shock. He was surprised that she knew what a half-sibling was. It seems that his half-sister was more mature in thinking than normal kids her age. In a way, she was similar to the genius son of the White Fang who became a Genin at 5 and a Chunin at 6.

"So, Minato-nii then, where are we going?" she asked him again curiously, even emphasizing on what he asked her to call him.

Minato smiled slightly as he scooped her up in his arms. "We're going back to my home in Konohagakure no Sato. You're living with me now kid, whether you want to or not. I promised your Otou-san that I would look after you," and he grinned. "Let's get you out of this well first."

Kagome nodded and they both disappeared in a flash of yellow. They reappeared at the top of the well, and Minato whispered "It's best you don't look around."

She shook her head "No, I want to see them. I want to say goodbye to everyone one last time before we go." Minato put her down and he told her "I'm going to bury everyone, all right? So you stay here and wait for me, okay? Don't wander off and don't worry, I won't leave you."

Kagome smiled softly "I know you won't…Minato-nii."

End Prologue

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