Deeper Insight

Notes: I took the line "Suffering is the doorway to deeper insight" from an episode of "Veritas: The Quest".

"Suffering is the doorway to deeper insight," Matt mumbled to himself thoughtfully. He was sitting at his desk with a stack of untouched paperwork in front of him that was to be completed by the next morning.

Outside, the sky was charcoal black with the tiniest glimmer of light shining down from the moon to create a haunting, almost ghostly atmosphere. He really should have arrived sooner – before the sun had disappeared beyond the horizon – to ensure that he'd actually get his work done. He'd been distracted though, by a certain FBI negotiator…

"What was that Matt?" The woman holding his thoughts interrupted them just as easily. She slid into the seat next to him and handed him a folder that he immediately wished she hadn't. It had to have at least an hour or two's worth of extra work enclosed. At this rate, he'd be stuck in the office until the next morning when the papers were due.

He swivelled his chair around to face her. "What was what?" he asked with a steady yet uncertain look.

Emily smiled softly. "You said something as I came in. I think the word 'doorway' came up. And something about 'deeper insight'."

Blinking a few times, Matt offered her a slow nod. "Yes, I did," he agreed. "Uh…suffering is the doorway to deeper insight." He shrugged self-consciously as her eyes searched his.

"In what way?"

Matt gestured around them. "This, now. We're here at the office, late, because we got distracted earlier and we're suffering for it. That leads us to the 'deeper insight' part, which is that had we not come in late to do this, we wouldn't be suffering. And that tells us that in order to gain deeper insight, you have to – "

"You have to suffer," Emily finished with a nod. "That makes sense. Although it is a vicious cycle, isn't it?"

"Right you are," he agreed.

"Well," Emily went on. "Let's be grateful that we learnt that for next time, huh?"

He managed a small smile as he turned back to the paperwork. "Let's."