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S2 Supernatural and Post Graduation for Buffy, don't think the actual dates line up so the timeline is messed with, just move the Buffy forward seven years. Since the dates I have put Graduation in 1999 and S2 in about 2006.

Thanks to my new beta, Anne McSommers

Chapter 1

Xander frowned as he walked towards his uncle's house. There was an extra car parked out front so he probably had guests, but something had the hair at the back of his neck standing up. He shivered slightly and then let out a soft growl as he picked up the scent of sulphur in the air. Something was very wrong and if whatever it was had hurt his uncle then the remaining seconds of its existence would be very unpleasant. A small, feral grin slipped across his lips as his girl let out a cackle in the back of his head. She may never have met his uncle but that didn't matter, he was blood and therefore pack. Even the soldier memories agreed with that.

He moved silently forward until he reached a window and then peered over the sill. He could make out his uncle with a book in his hands standing just behind a younger male with another tied to a chair in the middle of the room. He could hear his uncle chanting in Latin and frowned as he mentally translated it into an exorcism. He winced in sympathy for the poor possessed guy as he was splashed with what was probably holy water, sure it would hurt the demon but it couldn't be all that pleasant for the person either. Since they seemed to have things under control he settled in to wait. He didn't want to risk the host's health and his knocking could make Bobby mess a word up due to being distracted. He winced in sympathy at learning the guy watching was the possessed guy's brother. That had to be hard for him to deal with. He growled as his uncle finished and nothing happened except for the demon beginning its own little chant making a wind blow inside the house. He was already moving for the door as he heard the ceiling crack and then bodies slamming into walls. He kicked the door open and lunged at the other dark haired male, taking them both to the floor just before the demon could reach the guys brother.

Dean groaned and the stared in shock as someone tackled his brother to floor, the two of them rolling around, fighting hard. It took a few seconds for his pained mind to pick up that the other guy wasn't actually trying to hurt Sam, just restrain him. Sam bucked and screamed as the guy grabbed the wrist with the link and Dean blinked in confusion as a feral smirk settled on the strangers face. Sam was taller but this guy had a bit more bulk to him and was managing to barely hold Sam down while trying to get at the link.

"Sorry about this." Dean managed to push himself upright, worried for Sam, even as the guy raked his nails down Sam's arm with enough force to draw blood and put three lines straight through the link. Sam's head went back and his back arched as he screamed, expelling a cloud of black smoke. The stranger held Sam down until it was all gone and then sat back on his heels, green fading from his eyes to reveal brown.

"Xander?" Dean looked over at Bobby in surprise as the older man got to his feet.

"Hey Uncle Bobby. So, been holding exorcisms for a long time?" The guy, Xander, looked over at Bobby and grinned before standing and offering a hand up to Sam.
"Sorry about your arm, didn't know how else to break the stupid thing while wrestling on the floor." Sam stared at him and then looked around the room.

"Did I miss something?" Dean almost smiled at his brother's confusion but didn't have the energy.

"You were possessed but it's gone now." Xander lowered his hand and stepped back, going over to Bobby.

"How did you know?" Bobby asked his nephew in surprise. Since when did Xander know about the Supernatural? He was sure the kid hadn't gotten into any of his books last time he'd been at the house.

"The school year after mum dumped me on you for the summer things got even weirder back home. Been fighting ever since." Xander shrugged and helped his uncle up.

"Bobby his eyes were glowing when he was fighting Sam." Dean warned, finally getting his voice to work. Bobby backed off warily and the kid shrugged though he kept his hands out and open.

"Left over from the hyena. Only way to have a chance of matching a demon's strength was to yank her right to the surface, something I will be paying for later." Xander kept his body language relaxed, not wanting to get into another fight when his body was screaming at him for rest and food after channelling the primals power. Tapping into her was not something he liked to do but he hadn't seen any other way to stop what was happening.
"By the way," Xander turned to the only person whose name he didn't know, "you're bleeding."

"Can I please know what's going on?" Sam asked, completely confused. The last thing he remembered clearly was being in Texas and going out for food and now they were at Bobby's where someone claiming Bobby as their uncle was saying he'd been possessed. Since he didn't remember anything clearly it was possible. He felt sick at the thought of what he could have been doing, especially since Dean was apparently bleeding.

"You were possessed, they tried to exorcise you but it didn't work due to the funny burn on your arm. The demon got loose, tossed them around, I came in and we fought then I scratched the burn and the demon left. Don't know anything about you before that. By the way, Xander Harris, nice to meet you." Xander grinned at him and Sam couldn't stop the small answering smile from forming on his own lips. There was something about him that made it easy to relax and Sam was too tired to fight it.

"Sam Winchester, thanks I guess."

"So since you three are walking wounded and I'm exhausted from the fight can we all sit down preferably before I fall down?" Xander asked and the other three noticed he was now looking a bit pale.

"Kitchen." Bobby answered gruffly, keeping a wary eye on his nephew. He knew Dean wouldn't have said anything unless he was sure about what he saw and Xander was different from the last time he'd seen him. Then again the boy had only been fifteen then.


Bobby put four glasses of holy water on the table and watched Xander and Sam closely as they drank. Other than giving him an amused look his nephew didn't react.

"So that excuse you gave me about your pipes being a bit funny was because you didn't want to tell me you serve holy water instead of the regular kind?"

"You can tell?" Dean asked, surprised but Xander just shrugged.

"Knew there was something weird about his water, didn't work it out till now. What did you do, get a priest to bless the pipes?" Xander shot his uncle an amused look.

"How did you find out Xander? And what was that about a hyena?" Bobby asked instead, still watching the boy closely. Xander sighed and closed his eyes.

"Long or short version? And you really need to check your wounds cause you're still bleeding. By the way, name?" Xander looked at Dean.

"Dean Winchester. How do you know I'm bleeding?" Dean was watching Xander warily and had put himself between the boy and Sam.

"I can smell it. You're losing too much to be healthy even if it is slowly." Sam gasped at Xander's answer and they all looked at him.

"I shot you." Sam whispered making Bobby blink in surprise and then get up to grab his first aid kit.

"The demon shot me Sam, not you." Dean retorted not willing to let Sam work himself up over something he didn't actually do.

"How long ago? Xander asked, sounding worried. Dean shrugged and then winced.

"Couple of hours." Not like he'd been keeping track while trying to beat the demon to Bobby's.

"Uncle Bobby first aid kit now!" Bobby hurried back in to see both Xander and Sam converging on Dean with looks of worry on their faces.
"Where were you shot?"

"Why should I tell you?" Dean pulled away from Xander and that put him closer to Sam who was pale and shaky.

"I don't know, maybe so we can make sure you don't bleed to death?" Bobby snorted at his nephew's rather sarcastic response. Some things hadn't changed about the boy.

"He's right." Bobby told Dean as he put the kit down. Dean opened his mouth to say something.

"His shoulder." Sam said quietly, looking stricken with guilt. Xander moved in and simply ripped Dean's over shirt off, ignoring his protests. Sam sat down hard at the sight of the bloody gauze and t-shirt. Dean tried to push Xander away but the teen just growled and held him down with one hand.

"The padding is stuck to the wound so this is going to hurt." Bobby just watched as his nephew went to work as if he saw wounds like that every day though he did grimace when he saw the hole in Dean's shoulder.
"Antiseptic please Uncle Bobby, looks like there might be a small infection setting in."

"How do you know?" Dean asked tersely.

"Bit over two years of patching up and being patched up. I can even stitch this for you unless someone else here knows how."

"Bobby could you?" Dean asked and Bobby nodded.
"No offence kid but I don't know you and there is no way you're normal with what you've done today." Xander shrugged and moved back, letting bobby in to tend Dean's shoulder. He looked at Sam and then gently pushed him back into his seat since the older man was still very pale and didn't seem able to look away from his brother's injury.

"I'm from Sunnydale; I don't think we do normal."

"Yeah and that means wha Shit Bobby!" Dean yelped and Bobby just shrugged, going back to work.

"Sunnydale, home of the Hellmouth. Also known as Boca del Infierno. Basically a mystical portal to hell or several dimensions of. It was also located under my school library. When I was sixteen we got a new student and a new librarian. She turned out to be the Slayer and he was her Watcher. I found out due to some accidental eavesdropping. Some things happened and a few of us ended up jumping into the fight. We've saved the world a few times since then. As for the hyena she is a primal hyena spirit. That same year we had a school trip to the zoo where a pack of hyenas had just been brought in. Turns out they weren't exactly normal. I followed a bunch of bullies in; there was a scuffle and the next thing you know we were possessed by the pack with me as alpha. Not a fun time considering we ate the school mascot, a pig. I tried to rape the Slayer which led to her hitting me with a desk and the rest of the pack ate the principal. Luckily I was locked in a cage at that point. The ritual was eventually reversed with no side effects to anyone except me. She's still in my head as are the memories of the soldier I dressed as the Halloween a chaos sorcerer turned everyone into their costumes. They come in handy and no way had been found to remove them." Bobby had stopped stitching Dean's wound and all three hunters were staring at Xander in a mixture of disbelief and shock, making his shift uncomfortable at the attention.
"What?" He shot at them in irritation.

"Hellmouth's are a myth." Bobby stated shakily.

"Sorry to burst your bubble Uncle Bobby but they are very much real. The Watcher's Council keeps track of them and tend to make sure the current Slayer ends up there."

"Slayer?" Sam asked as Bobby went back to tending Dean's wound.

"The Vampire Slayer. One girl chosen to fight the forces of evil, etc, etc. Except now there's two since she drowned and was dead long enough to call the next girl before I managed to perform CPR."

"Christo." Xander gave Dean a confused look and the older man shrugged. "Just checking you're not possessed. Guess that leaves crazy."

"Says the guy who was not half an hour ago trying to unpossess his brother? Ask most of the people out there and we're all crazy." Xander shot Dean an unamused look and went to get himself another glass of water. Bobby watched him, noting that while he wasn't looking like he was going to collapse he was still exhausted.

"You said you'd be paying for what you did to take that demon on?" He asked in concern and Xander shrugged.

"Human body is not meant to run at the levels a primal spirit can push it to. I could use a nice big steak and twelve hours sleep but other than that I'll be okay. Sam's probably in a similar situation except maybe the meat craving." Xander shrugged and gave Bobby a tired grin.
"I'll be fine Uncle Bobby, I know my limits."

"There's some steaks in the freezer, take them out to thaw and I'll cook them once I'm done here. For now go get some sleep. We'll talk more later." Xander nodded and left the kitchen.