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Chapter 21.

Christmas day part two.

Sorry folks this is the last Chapter of this tale, more stories to be posted very soon.

Charlie stood in the kitchen doorway wondering why everyone had stopped. Gently pushing them all forward and out into the snow, he saw what could only be described as a huge igloo standing in the Weasley field. Arthur and Molly had worked through most of the night clearing away the snow and putting up magical shields to protect the field from more snow, even they had not expected what now stood in front of them; the snow had piled up on top of the shields forming a huge white dome that glistened and sparkled all over.

Harry, holding Hermione by the hand led the way to the only visible entrance to the huge structure. He pushed away the snow that had begun to cover the area where the two Weasley parents had stood to perform the charms that were now covered in the glistening white crystals. Harry gasped as he took in the sight that greeted him, the grass of the field had been cut as smooth as a Quidditch pitch but the most awesome sight was the dome of snow as it sparkled with multiple colours. Halfway across the field stood a stage in the centre of which stood a white alter. A carpet laid out between two long rows of chairs finished the effect of the place being like a huge cathedral.

Bill along with Fleur entered on Hermione's heels, they too gasped at the sight that greeted them. They were quickly surrounded by the rest of the family, all except Nicky who had gone to get dressed and Arthur and Molly who were busy in the house, Caddie once again looked upward, a look of concentration on her face, seconds later she was joined by several fairies once again she spoke to them in that musical tinkling language. They all stood and watched as the fairies darted around the higher parts of the dome placing gleaming fairy lights that increased the sparkling effect of the snow so that the entire thing seemed to glisten and glow with ethereal light.

Harry watched as Hermione and Luna walked around conjuring flower beds each with an abundant assortment of fresh flowers, Bill and Fleur covered the alter with bouquets of roses and white lilies, while Ron and Charlie placed rows of floating candles down each side of the rows of chairs, Caddie and the twins conjured some huge globe like lights that floated around twenty feet in the air. The overall effect was amazing.

"This would make anyone's wedding day perfect," Hermione said to Harry as they all stood back to admire the work done.

Ron slipped away as they debated if more need to be done, he returned a few minutes later with his mother and father, Molly looked around at all they had done, the pride in her family bringing a lump to her throat, 'they have made the place fit for the coronation of a king' she thought as Arthur placed his arm comfortingly around her waist.

"It looks wonderful don't you think Molly dear?" he said as a small tear appeared in his eye, "this is going to be a wonderful weekend."

Molly called her family together and suggested that some one should fetch Nicky "She might like to see where she is going to become a Weasley."

Hermione having volunteered entered the dome with Nicky, Nicky was wearing a blindfold as she was led through the door. "Ok you can look now," Hermione said quietly as they were joined by all the others.

Nicky lifted the makeshift blindfold and blinked, had they whisked her to some wondrous ice cathedral. She was totally awed at the sight and just stood there her mouth open unable to think of anything to say, by eleven o clock there were hundreds of people gathered, it was the biggest gathering for a wedding ever recorded in the wizarding history, even if most had come to see that their hero's really had returned. Nicky's mum and family along with Gemma were astonished at their surroundings; they had never seen anything like it before and would never see the same sort of thing again.

Hermione and Gemma were dressed in plain very pale pink strapless dresses that trailed several feet behind them. Nicky wore a dress that had a plain pale pink almost white strapless bodice with a skirt that flared out from just below the waist, intricate interwoven designs of white roses cascaded down from the waist band the entire length of the skirt right to the end of the train that stretched out around twenty feet behind her as she walked.

Harry sat and watched as Nicky followed by Gemma and his wife walked slowly past him, once again he thought how beautiful Hermione was, again he felt the proudest man alive, to him it did not matter how good any woman looked, he knew he had the world's most beautiful woman as his wife. The old wizard who was conducting the ceremony was the same one that had performed both Harry and Hermione's and Ron and Luna's weddings. Ron sat holding Luna's hand as his elder brother said his vows, he lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it and said I do as Charlie said the same words to Nicky.

Hermione looked lovingly at the man she had loved for so long, watching as he leaned over to kiss her cheek and said I do too, leaning toward him she gave him a kiss on his cheek "I love you Harry James Potter," she whispered.

The wedding was a huge success as both Muggle's and Wizarding folk alike stared around at the beautiful surroundings. Charlie stuttered for the first time in his life, the courageous and daring dragon master was nervous for the first time in his life but Nicky was sure and steady she knew they were made for each other. A huge roar went up as the wizard pronounced them married, congratulations came from all sides as Charlie and Nicky joined the rest of the family, the chairs were changed around and dozens of cosy round tables were dotted around the field to form a large circle the centre of which was used as a dance floor.

The party began as soon as the conversion was completed. A bar appeared near to the entrance where magically made mead and wine were freely available. Musicians gathered from the crowds and it was only a short time before the dance floor was full of dancing couples. Charlie and Nicky began the dancing with a waltz, they were soon joined by Harry and Hermione then Ron and Luna, George led Caddie onto the dance area followed by Nicky's mum and an elderly wizard.

Ron held Luna gently in his arms as they danced, he remembered how much he had dreamt about her during the two years without his memory, even then he had loved this woman his best friend, lover, wife and soon to be mother of his child. He was as happy as he could ever be. Luna was also remembering things, as she looked around she thought about how poor and how lonely she had been for those two years, she leaned forward resting her head on her husbands chest and wondered how strange fate was in bringing them back together, she knew that she and this wonderful red haired man were meant to be together for all time.

Harry was as happy as he could ever remember being, he was going to be a father, he was to have his own family at last, after years as a lonely orphan he would never be lonely again. Looking at Hermione he thought how wonderful she was, this woman who had loved him enough to want to marry him and have his children, he pulled her a little closer placing his hands around her waist "I love you Hermione Jane Potter," he whispered as they rocked to the music. Hermione smiled up at Harry, he was an amazing man she thought, after all the things he has gone through he is still able to love and it's me he loves, "I feel like I have loved you all my life Harry, and I will always love you," Hermione said as she kissed him.

George and Caddie began the dancing leaving a space between them, by the third dance they were dancing to a slow tune and could not have got any closer together. As each dance ended Caddie was surrounded by men all asking for the next dance but she looked at George and with a little apology she turned them all away telling them George already asked, it was not long before people saw them kissing.

Charlie and Nicky danced forgetting that others were dancing as well, as far as they were concerned there were no other people in the world. They all danced well into the night, stopping only to go to the loo or to get a quick drink.

Harry took Hermione home around two in the morning, insisting she get some rest. Ron followed Harry's lead and took Luna home telling her that in her condition she needed the rest.

Arthur and Molly left the party a little later and went to bed, the week end was going to be a very long but happy one, all was well with their world and they were happy once more.

The End.