Going Through The Motions

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"Ne, Haruhi!" The twins called to the brunette as she turned in their opposing direction, "Club meeting!" They reminded her in unison as they moved in front of her to block her path, arms around one another, faces glowing with vibrant smiles.

"Oh joy." She replied, her tones riddled with annoyance aimed at the idiotic monotony that awaited her beyond the doors of the said-to-be-abandoned music room.

"What's the matter Haruhi you're not yourself?" Karou asked cocking his head to the side.

"A drunken sailor can walk a straighter line." Hikaru added in concurrence.

Haruhi bowed her head in annoyance. Ugh those two will never change. She thought as she straightened up a bit, "Won't we be late." She pointed out in an attempt to change the subject. The twins looked to one another as if pondering the thought.

"Better get going." They lazily replied as they grabbed one of Haruhi's arms and marched off with her in the direction of the host club.

"Guys!" She rasped out at them edgily, her stomach lurching at the sudden movement. She felt her trembling legs threaten to give out from underneath her as they bounded up stairs with her. She shrugged off the flu symptom with a smile; these were the twins, what more could she expect but enthusiasm from them. After all modern day torture was their expertise and this was a whole new ball game. "Any time you wanna let go of me." She spoke at them as she shrugged off their arms.

"Now, now omocha-san!" They scolded as they threw open the doors to the host club, "That's no way to treat an escort." They mocked.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN ESCORT!" Tamaki burst out as the door shut behind the twins, "WHAT'VE THESE SHADY TWINS BEEN DOING TO MY LITTLE GIRL!" He exclaimed as he turned then to Haruhi in an attempt to fall all over her.

"Why me…" She mewed in defeat as she half listened to the blonde going on and on about the twins being perverts.

"What are you all doing?" Kyoya called out to them in low tones, the strumming of his fingers striking the keys of his laptop never ceased, "We have planning to do." He reminded them curtly.

"HAVEN'T YOU BEEN LISTENING AT ALL!" Tamaki exclaimed, and then, upon processing what he'd just been told, straightened up considerably and cleared his throat, "Mama." He said, obviously about to blow up, "HARUHI WAS JUST ASSAULTED! FORGET THE PLANS!" He shouted in a spasm as he went to sit in a corner of the room and mope about what bonding may have occurred between Haruhi and her fellow classmates.

"Will you chill out its too early for this kind of façade." Haruhi put in as she tried to fight away the heat rising in her cheeks from the fever she knew she must be running. "And I'm guessing this must be of extreme importance." She reminded him, "The twins even got here in time."

"That was just to make you miserable." The redheads chimed in together, smiles of contentment plastered genuinely across both of their faces.

"Gee…thanks." She replied, her tones riddled yet again with annoyance as she bravely attempted to move passed the perimeter of Tamaki to have a seat on the couch. To her amazement he was too busy moping at being told to focus to stop her in her tracks. She peered down to the velvet couch to see Hunny sprawled out, chest rising and falling with leisurely breaths. She smiled, that explained why he hadn't greeted her excitedly as he normally did when she walked in.

"Haruhi were you running to be punctual or are you coming down with something?" Kyoya's scheming eyes danced over her now upturned face, searching her eyes for signs of pain or fatigue.

"COME DOWN WITH SOMETHING!" Haruhi groaned at the sound of Tamaki's worried and overly emotional voice.

"He means all your yelling is giving me a head ache!" She snapped back as her hands moved to and began to massage her throbbing temples, whatever this was, all of the symptoms she was feeling at once were beginning to wear on her.

"Now you listen to daddy…" He instructed as he hurriedly crossed the room and embraced her from behind, "What you need is rest!" He continued to gush in a fashion that was authentically his own, 'SOMEONE CALL A DOCTOR, A SURGEON, A SHRINK!"

"Okay boss now you're goin' overboard." The twins informed him with a roll of their eyes.

Mori meanwhile was grunting in disapproval at all of the noise Tamaki was making that could potentially wake Mitsukuni.

"He's probably right, judging by her obvious dizziness she's probably dehydrated and could use some sort of medical attention." Kyoya pointed out as he pushed his glasses further up on his nose.

"What, you guys are overreacting! It's just a cold!" Haruhi put in for her own defense as she tried to shove Tamaki off of her, "And I'll have you know senpai, it's probably contagious!" These words didn't seem to phase the blonde, who had since moved to "mama" to discuss who would be caring for their little love child and where.

"Well we all have our own personal doctors." He noted, obviously in a manor that would allow him to boast about his superior medical staff.

"Well we wanna help no matter what." The twins put in, a mischievously evil look gracing their features, "But it can't be at our house, remember, we're renovating!" The reminded everyone with a cheeky wink.

"Don't I get a say in this?" Haruhi demanded of the men around her as she smoothed a hand through her kohl locks and sighed.

"NO!" Everyone called back to her in unison as they went back to scheming and Hunny roused himself awake.

"Takashi, what's going on?" He asked someone irritably as he sat up, "Haru-chan!" He then exclaimed, forgetting his fatigue at once. "Why are you blushing?" He then asked, cocking his head to the side in confusion.

"Who me?" She asked with a nervous laugh. "I'm not blushing I'm just-"

"Haruhi's not feeling well." Mori interrupted, words couldn't describe how bad his timing was.

"So it's settled!" Tamaki exclaimed, "Oh Haruhi!" He called to her, and as she turned around to be quickly grabbed and carried off somewhere against her will by the twins, she caught Kyoya's smirk out of the corner of her eye. The man was so dead.

"Don't you worry!" Tamaki exclaimed as the lot of them rounded up their drivers to make their way over to his house, "We'll take good care of you until you're feeling yourself again!"

"Yeah, I'm good at helping!" Hunny assured her with a smile as she fought with her emotions so as not to go off on him.

"I DON'T NEED THIS KIND OF HELP!" She exclaimed as she began to fall backwards. Catching her balance shakily as the twins hauled her towards a limo and the group of them climbed in she sighed, she had a lot of explaining to do. She looked at her cell phone with dread, what would her father do if she told him she was at Tamaki's, and sick no less. Such thoughts made her groan and clutch her head. "I hate you guys so much right now." She half-heartedly informed them.

"Now, now omocha-san-" She never knew until that moment how quickly that saying got old with her when coming from Hikaru.

"You're not annoyed with us." Kaoru put in.

"You're annoyed with the situation." They finished together.

"It's okay Haruhi, Tama-chan is good at helping to nurse people back to health, when I was sick and Takashi caught it from me, he even had special cake made for me!" He informed her.

"Sweets will only make her condition worse." Mori informed him as he leaned back against the seat of the limo.

"AGH DON'T SAY IT!" Tamaki then exclaimed, "HARUHI!" He exclaimed as he threw the others between them, or rather stuffed them, to the side, and grabbed her hands in his own, "I promise from this day forth, no matter what it means, I will nurse you back to perfect health so that my little girl-"

"If I were to say it took you all leaving me alone for the day would you?" She asked as she shrugged him off of her, "All of your yelling and clinging is making me warmer and irritable." She replied honestly.

"OoOoO! Cold!" The twins taunted as their laughter filled the car.

"Will you all just shut up!" Kyoya snapped in annoyance, "For one thing we're here and on a different note entirely none of you will be able to be present during Haruhi's examination because you'll just get in the way!"

"WHAT!" Tamaki exclaimed, "These are my doctors I'll be present during my daughter's examination if I want to, she'll need me there for every examination, isn't that right princess?" He asked as he cupped her face in his hand and gazed paternally into her eyes.

"If I say yes can I make some tea when we get out?" She inquired; realizing just how little freedom would be given to her in the current circumstances.

"Silly commoner!" The twins exclaimed as the doors on either side of the limo opened and everyone exited the cramped space of the car, "At our own estates WE don't make tea, the servants do." They reminded her.

Damn these rich people.

Haruhi sighed and quickly grabbed Mori's shoulder to support her, her legs felt weak and inadequate under her weight and all she really wanted now was to lie down. Kyoya once again adjusted his glasses before putting in, "it's worse than I thought."

As if on cue Mori lifted her up off the ground and the gang raced inside to an empty guestroom where they laid her under the covers of a full bed and gathered around her. "Oh you poor dear!" The twins cooed as they nuzzled their faces on either side of Haruhi's while Tamaki yelled at his self-deemed incompetent employees.


"While he's ranting I'll finalize the halt of the host club's activities, after all I can't run it by myself and all of you seem content here with Haruhi."

"For the love of all things sacred!" Haruhi muttered into the pillow she lifted and held over her face.

"Tamaki." Haruhi recognized that tone, that look, Kyoya was up to something evil and she didn't want the rest of that statement to leave his mouth.

"Wait- Kyoya senpai I'll give you any-"

"Your daughter is in so much agony that she's trying to end her life." He continued before she could even finish her plea.


This was going to be the longest sick day EVER.

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