Disclaimer - I don't own Xiaolin Showdown. I couldn't find any slowly developing romance for Kimiko/Chase pairing. I also like one sided Jack/Kimiko pairing with him crushing on her. So, here is my shot at a slow developing relationship… something I never thought I'd do, but… well, can't really resist.

Boys are Annoying

Kimiko was sending messaging her girlfriends as she had a break from her studies and no Shen Gong Wu had even begun to surface. She found this to be a whole reprieve from the boys as she was in truth the only girl in the entirety of the whole dojo. Even Dojo was a male and couldn't be talked to about girl things; even though she had to admit that he could defiantly scream like one… but then could Jack Spicer.

"Lilly501: Hey, Kimmy… how's your studying at that all exclusive school.… Maggie642: I can't believe that your daddy decided to send you to an even more exclusive school then what we are going to know. Are you sure that we can't get into it?… FireGrrlSparrow: Believe me, especially after I've told you so many times… this school is very exclusive. Let's just say, my dad couldn't use his influence to get me out of it."

Kimiko smiled as she remembered that her dad had at first freaked out about her going to the school because she had a special gift. Then again, Kimiko had always had an interest in fire and had 'accidently' started some fires at school, before she knew what her powers were. She was quite happy to be able to go somewhere that understood her.

Lilly501: Shi Na says that you were actually sent to a school that is for juvenile delinquents because of all those fires that were started before you left and ended after you went away.… Maggie: Laina! We weren't supposed to be telling her that.… FireGrrlSparrow: I am not a juvenile delinquent… the school is defiantly not for juvenile delinquents."

Kimiko paused for a second, trying not to lose her temper and explode her system with her powers. Shi Na had always looked down on her because she had chosen not to hang out with her since they first started school. Kimiko had her reasons, mainly which she didn't want to be dominated by the other girl. If Kimiko was considered snobby at times, Shi Na was a lot worse.

"Lilly501: Shi Na says that you actually changed your user name because you are admitting that you're a pyro. … Maggie: And anyways, you've commented on all those boys. … FireGrrlSparrow: They aren't bad."

Kimiko frowned as the boys weren't really that bad. It was then that she heard a smash out in the hall way and Raimundo yelling he didn't do it. It was then that Omi commented about the magazine he was trying to hide and Clay accused him of hiding a kind he wasn't supposed to be looking at, then apologized when it wasn't. "I like girls, but I don't demean them like that!" was what she heard Raimundo say.

"Lilly501: I mean, you said that Raimundo is always gawking at girls. … Maggie: I would call that being a pervert.… FireGrrlSparrow: I only said he has a thing for girls… what guy doesn't, well, except for Omi, and that's because he's clueless. Rai was also selected as… you could call it our group leader."

Kimiko nodded her head at this comment backing up what was going on. There was no way that Raimundo would have become leader if he was a real pervert. In fact, he wouldn't have been allowed in the dojo if he had been. She sighed, using her keypad to scroll through the things said. "Lilly501: About that Omi kid… how naïve he is… seems like he was abused as a child. … Maggie: That or his parents deprived him of good old fashioned love."

Kimiko felt a vein popping in her head, but stopped short. To assume that Omi was an abused child… well, perhaps he'd taken a few to many hits to the head, but it wasn't child abuse. The dojo was also away from the rest of the world, so it could be no surprise that he didn't know certain things.

"FireGrrlSparrow: Omi is just… Omi… he wasn't abused… it's just, he was raised away from society. … Lilly501: Great… he's a Quaker. … Maggie: I don't think that's the word for it… and what about that cowboy dude. I heard that Texans do not have any respect for females. … FireGrrlSparrow: Clay would never hit a girl… believe me." Kimiko realized that she had kept too much from her friends, which wasn't a good thing and they had been getting a wrong impression of the whole dojo.

"Lilly501: And what about Dojo… what kind of name is that?… Maggie: From the fact he got upset that your teacher had replaced him, one has to wonder if he's… well, gay. … FireGrrlSparrow: He's not… he's just really into doing his duties… big time." It was then that the boys got into yet another argument right outside the door. For some reason they were upset about something, but she couldn't figure out what it was.

"Lilly501: That Jack guy sounds like a major juvenile delinquent… … Maggie: Not to mention a loser. … FireGrrlSparrow: He doesn't even go to our school." Kimiko wasn't happy with the situation and wondered why the boys were suddenly laughing outside the door, giggling in small chuckles. "Lilly501: That Chase guy sounds like a major bad boy.… Maggie: He must like you if he made a comment about your perfume… … FireGrrlSparrow: You're taking it out of context of what was going on at the time, though I haven't really told you everything about it. Believe me… it was more of a comment about something else."

It was then that Kimiko suddenly heard laughing outside the door. She heard Clay and Omi muttering something about the fact that Chase liked Kimiko and they thought it very funny. Obviously Clay also had to explain something else to Omi, because he suddenly burst out laughing. "FireGrrlSparrow: I have to go… those boys found a way to spy on me…"

With that she signed off and slammed the door open to her cubicle. Rai was leaning against the wall in a foul mood while Clay and Omi were both laughing vociferously. Clay tipped his hat to her. "Hello missy… serves Rai right for deciding to spy on you like that."

"What do you mean spy on me!" Kimiko snapped. "I'm the only girl here and when I go to have girl chat, you guys set on me like this!"

She shoved passed them, not to happy about the fact that things were going the way they were going. Rai stormed off in the other direction, glaring at the other two boys. Omi glared after Kimiko. "Why would she need girl chat? Can't she have boy chat too?"

"Omi… you just don't get some things…" Clay said, shaking his head.