Dashi Yet Again

Clay had been thinking very carefully about the whole situation and the things that had been stated that day. When Dojo landed, Clay hung back next to the Dragon and asked a few questions. "Partner… you stated earlier that you didn't remember who Ching was… yet Kimiko called Chase by that name, did she not?"

"She did, though I don't know how she knew that… that was something that everyone called Chase when he was young. I can't remember who started it, but I bet she read it is a book somewhere," Dojo commented, a smile on his face.

"You stated in your journal that Lian-Li and Ching would be a great couple," Clay commented, becoming a bit pale, having the idea that Kimiko hadn't read the nickname up in a book.

"Ahh… yes… now that I remember, Lian-Li was Chase's first crush. It was real cute… which is saying something as there is defiantly nothing about Chase that is cute anymore… but still, real cute couple," Dojo then scurried off. Clay's eye twitched and he leaned over to the side and vomited from the shock of everything.


Kimiko went into the dojo with the other two boys, but Master Fung stopped them. "I have tasks for the boys as they happen to have decided not to tell me that Kimiko disappeared for awhile and not come and get my help. I don't know what problems that one has caused, but Kimiko… you have a guest in the tea room. There will be no spying on this exchange. And don't even use this as temptation to go"

All three sighed, though Kimiko was glad that she wasn't stuck doing any of the tasks that the other boys were doing, as it meant that she would be busy all day. When she got to the room, she was surprised to see whom she saw there. "Master Dashi?"

Kimiko quickly bowed, only to hear a chuckle from the Master Dragon. "I need to speak to you… how did you come back?"

"You used the Silver Lion claws before you threw them into the volcano," Kimiko sighed.

"I thought they weren't working?" Dashi asked.

"Two mischievous monks used the reversing mirror on the Shen Gong Wu," Kimiko stated. "Also… it is likely they are somewhere in the future now as they used the device, I haven't a clue where."

"Child… something is bothering you?" Dashi smiled at her.

"It's Chase… what makes him who he is, is his honor, no?" Kimiko commented

"Yes… it has always been that way," Dashi answer promptly.

"Then how can he say he had no soul?"

"That is a very good question. Keep in mind… the soup is equivalent to losing ones soul. Equivalent doesn't mean that it is entirely the same, but that they are very similar. In other words, it is considered as if one loses ones soul because it feels like it… and for some people, drinking the soup does mean they lost their soul, but not for everyone. It is way too like a drug… and one becomes a demon because of it… or course… some of the demonosity remains,"

"Thank you Master Dashi," Kimiko stated.

"Now… I would like the details of how you got back… I might think about paying a visit to Chase… and before you ask… he won't touch me as he is not dumb and wouldn't wish to ruin the past,"


Meanwhile, back at Chase Young's lair, things were being broken. Chase had returned to his normal form, though some people would consider the beast form to be his normal form. He was not happy with the words of either Dashi or Lian-Li, as they hit to close to home for comfort. So did becoming the slave of the Xiaolin Monks one might say, but could he have really done anything about that. Not without breaking his honor, he could have.

Author's note – Finished! Now to plan out the sequel to the way I want it to be! This was a lot of work, but tons of fun! And thank you everyone for the great reviews. Rather disappointed that I still haven't found another Kimiko/Chase fanfic that slowly builds up the romance, but… oh well… nothing I can do about that. Hope you guys enjoyed.