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Protecting His Bookworm

Chapter One

Protecting Hermione

Harry Potter ran down the corridors with a copy of the Daily Prophet in his hands. He knew his best friend Hermione Granger hadn't seen the morning edition of the Daily Prophet, because she was in the library working on homework. He stopped at the top step to ease the hitch in his side. If he was honest with himself, it was an excuse to watch the woman before him.

Hermione had changed over the course of the summer. Her once unruly hair was now in slick smooth curls that stopped just an inch below her shoulders. She had tan skin, her brown eyes shined brighter with the small amount of brown eyeliner, full pink lips, and a slim toned womanly figure that would make an hundred an sixty year old man take a double look.

Harry quietly walked over to Hermione who was sitting at a table surrounded by a mountain of books. He took a seat across from his best friend and his green eyes sparkled brightly behind his round glasses. She always went out of her way to make every sentence flowed with perfection.

Hermione sighed and smiled at her finished work. She closed her potions book and stacked up the six page essay and put it neatly into her bag. The witch looked up and smiled at her best friend. "Are you here for help on your potions essay? I hope you've started it because it's due Monday."

"Not yet. It's only Saturday anyway. I promise to do it later."

She nodded in agreement. "Now what's with the Daily Prophet?" she motioned to the newspaper on the table.

Harry quietly handed the paper to the witch. She took it from the wizard and her eyes widened at the front page headline.

Muggle Marriage Law

Attention all muggle-born witches and wizards:

Due to the certainty of your heritage, you have no magical ties to the wizarding world. We the Ministry find it mandatory for you to marry a pure blood or half blood and produce a magical child.

The Muggle Marriage Law will go into effect on October 14. Those that do not marry by the deadline will have their magic stripped and their memory erased.

We wish every couple the best of luck.

"Harry they can't do this! It's ridiculous. The Ministry has gone to the dogs. I hope Dumbledore makes them see how stupid this law is."

"He's tried Hermione. Nothing has worked. I want to help you," Harry said, sliding a small black box across the table.

The witch looked at the black box, up at her best friend, back to the box. She picked it up and slowly lifted the lid. Hermione's eyes widened, inside was a single solitaire square shape diamond with four smaller square diamonds on the left and right side resting on a white gold band.

"No, Harry I won't let you throw your life away because of me. You deserve someone better than me."

"Please Hermione."

She sighed and pulled the ring out of the box. She slowly slid the ring onto her left hand. Harry smiled and squeezed her hand. They stood up and he grabbed her bag. The couple quietly left the library. The Daily Prophet stayed on the table. The pages flipped to page six.

The marriage must be consummated two weeks after they are wed and have one child within one year.

Harry gave the fat lady the newest password, 'stag,' walking into the room, into the room. The crowded common room went quiet. Harry placed his hand on the small of her back and led her to the couch. She sat down next to Ginny. Harry sat in the arm chair near the fireplace next to Ron. The two red heads looked at Hermione in worry.

"Guys stop staring. I won't have my magic stripped or have my memory erased."

"Then who are you going to marry?" asked Ginny as her eye caught the diamond ring on Hermione's left hand. "You've already found someone!"

Hermione only nodded.

Ron's widened, "Please tell me it isn't Malfoy."

Harry and Hermione rolled their eyes. The bounding ferret wasn't even 18. The witch was so grateful she didn't have to marry the prince of Slytherin. She shivered at the thought.

"Oh gods Ron, that's disgusting!" said Ginny and made a gagging noise.

"Tell us already!" The red heads nearly yelled and the people in the common room turned their attention to the group.

"She's marrying me," said Harry and smiled slightly at Hermione.

Ginny and Ron only stared at the couple like they were crazy.

"I can't believe you Harry!" yelled Ginny, "You promised me we'd get back together after the war! You asked Mione to marry you!" She jumped from the couch running from the common room.

"I was going to give us another chance Hermione, but I see you turned to Harry and didn't even discuss this with me. Harry how dare you hurt Ginny!" storming up the stairs to the boys dorms.

Hermione looked down at her hands and let the tears roll down her face. She thought they would be more understanding about her marrying Harry. He was doing this to protect her and because she was his best friend.

Harry sat down next to the witch and took her into his arms and ran his fingers through her hair. "They'll come around. They're just upset. Ron and Ginny don't truly understand the seriousness of this law yet."

Hermione knew Harry was right. They didn't understand how this was affecting her or Harry. It hurt Harry to see his best friends fight. He just hoped they would come around for Hermione's sake.

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