Protecting His Bookworm

Chapter Thirty-Four

A New Beginning

Graduation was in three weeks and the tests were through. The seventh year students had time on their hands. They mainly spent their time outside in the sunny summer days. Hermione and Harry planned on wedding in a wizarding ceremony soon after graduation. They wanted it official due to the fact that the marriage law over turned months ago. Arthur was going to perform the ceremony.


Remus and Jane had announced their engagement and were planning on marrying in the up coming year. Sirius was seeing one of Jane's co-workers from the hospital. Draco was seeing surprising to all Neville Longbottom for the past month.


The quidditch pitch was filled with chairs and the bleachers packed with happy families and friends of the graduating class. The headmaster stepped up to the podium the crowd become silent. He looked out among the students with a twinkle in his blue eyes.

"Welcome, friends and family to this wonderful day. These group of young witches and wizards have defiantly made their mark here at Hogwarts." He smiled, "From quidditch games, points given and taken away. To detentions and getting caught snogging in the halls." He looked at Draco and Neville. Draco blushed. "They are ready to take their places in the world. When I call your names please come forward and except your scrolls." Minerva stood next to the headmaster. He called each student by the name and stopped to hugged their professors. "Now the final three. They never did see eye to eye. They fought and even caused a few broken bones and even I must say ended up side by side in the hospital wing." he took the scroll from Minerva. "Draco Malfoy." He walked up and took his scroll. He kissed the female professors on cheek and shook the male professors hands. "Mrs. Hermione Granger-Potter." Hermione made her way up to the stage and received her scroll receiving a kiss on the cheek from each professor. (Even Snape!!) "Lastly, Mr. Harry Potter." Harry walked up and received his scroll and shook his professors hands. "Congratulations Class of 1998!"

The students sent sparks up in the air. They were finally through with their Hogwarts education. It was now time for a new adventure.


The church in Godic Hollow was full of family and friends. Harry and Hermione stood in front of the Minister of Magic, Arthur Weasely. He smiled at the young couple. "We are here to join this witch and wizard in a holly union of marriage. The rings please." He said holding out his left and right hand. Sirius hand him Harry's ring. Jane handed him Hermione's ring. "We ask for these rings to blessed by the element of wind." The rings floated and began it spin in the air. "We ask for these to be blessed by the element of fire." The rings stopped spinning and turned red. "We asked for these rings to be bless by the element of water." The rings turned blue. "We ask for these to be blessed by the element of earth." The rings landed on the podium. Arthur handed Hermione's Harry ring. She slid the ring onto his left hand. Arthur handed Harry Hermione's ring. He slid it onto her left hand. "The bond of magic have blessed this union. You may kiss the bride."

Harry smiled and captured Hermione's lips with his own. Draco and Sirius whistled. The couple pulled back laughed.

"I'm please to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Harry James Potter."


Hermione was wheeled into St. Mugo's with Harry at her side. The months of waiting he would finally have his child. A healer helped Hermione into the bed and Harry sat down next to bed holding her hand.

She quickly gripped his hand when a contraction hit. He smiled and rubbed her stomach. Hermione sat up and saw "Severus! What are you doing here."

He smirked. "Good question."

"Shut up and tell me!" She yelled and turned to Harry. "You're dead."

"I know dear."

"I'm here to deliver Lily of course." Severus said, and smiled at the couple. "I wouldn't trust anyone with you Mrs. Potter."

She nodded and gasped in pain.


Remus paced the waiting room which was packed with family and friends that were like second family to the Potters. He ran his fingers through his hair. He looked up at the clock.

"It's been three hours." Remus said and his pacing become quicker. Jane stood up and took her mate into her arms. He breathed in her scent. "Thank you love."


"Hermione get ready to push." Severus told her. She nodded. "Push," and she gripped his hand and pushed. "Good. Relax. Again push."

Hermione screamed and yanked her husband near her and yelled, "You're dead Potter!"

Harry's eyes shined behind his glasses. "It's alright."

"Shut up!"

"Hermione one more push and Lily will be here." Severus told her. She nodded. "Push, sweetie." Hermione leaned forward and with the little bit of strength she pushed. "That's it. Push." Hermione heard the cries of her little girl. She laid back breathing heavily. "You have a beautiful baby girl." Severus cleaned her off and wrapped her in a pink blanket. "Hermione say hello to Lily Rose." Severus gently placed her daughter into her arms.

Hermione smiled at her daughter. Lily had black curly hair and bright green eyes. "She beautiful."

Harry kissed Hermione on the forehead. "Hello Lily. Happy birthday princess." he looked up, "Thank you Severus."

"You're welcome Harry. I'll just go inform the others that everything is fine."


Remus stopped his pacing when the door opened and Severus smiled at the family. "They're both just fine. Lily Rose is beautiful. She looks like her father. She weight 6 pounds and 8 ounces. You may go see her now."

They went to see the family in small groups. Severus got the shock of his life when Harry and Hermione named him and Draco both godfathers to Lily. Minerva her godmother.


A year later Remus and Jane were married in a small ceremony and were expecting twin boys. Faith was thrilled she wasn't going to be the only baby. She had already told Mommy and Daddy that the boys were her babies. They only smiled and kissed her cheek.


Harry, Harold and Arthur set new laws for the wizarding world and if there was a new dark wizard to come into power they'd be ready.

Hogwarts was nearly single handly changed by Hermione's hard work and the students test scores were through roof. She had even added on two more years for interns and form the third corridor into a fifth tower for those students.

The wizarding world had never been full of such hopes for the future. They had three good people insuring it's safety and it's education. It was truly a new beginning for the wizarding world.


The End!