In the Underworld, everything is legal. What good is bad, what bad is good. Be wicked and you will be looked up upon, defend justice and you will be killed. How can someone like Roxas cope in the Underworld? (Dark AkuRoku. YAOI. Lemon.)

So, I came up with something dark.

Warning: There will be lemon and torture and this is YAOI and dark. If you're uncomfortable with it, don't read, stay away. If it's not your thing, then also don't read, stay far away. I've warned you.

Edit: Some errors are corrected, thanks to Gamet Kauum Gekxoum for pointing them out.

Chapter One

Giving it all Up

The ruckus and the noises in the room and the shouts and the screams of females, pleading for the devils to let them go and the blood that stained the carpet and the walls crimson and the scratching and the whipping and the barking commands and the cries…it was common—too common to hear in the Underworld that no one even noticed those sounds anymore. Ghosts flew around, Grim Reapers carrying scythes, searching for preys, Devils carrying swords and spears, ready to pierce any intruders, and above all was their leader. The leader of the Underworld, the cruel, merciless King who would not hesitate to kill every living being, to destroy and incinerate anything that get in his way. He was the burning fire of hell itself, Axel.

No one that was ever seen talking to him came back out alive. He would burn everything, friends or foes and no one could ever survive his raging fire. There was no doubt, always exceptions in this world and of course, this also applied to the powerful king of the Underworld.

Demons with only skulls, skeletons, cloaks, flew and walked around the area. Axel merely looked. The party was held an hour ago; it was Halloween—perfect for the Underworld. Axel was forced to join and watch as the lowly servants and lesser demons tried to entertain him. Blood could be seen spilling and pooling everywhere. Part of it was because of the design in the Halloween party and part of it was real blood from demons and ghosts that Axel had injured. The Halloween Party in the Underworld would last for another three hours and more blood was expected to be spilled.

Strangely, even though Axel, the redheaded king was merciless, everyone bowed to and obeyed him. No one would dare betray him or even plot anything against him. There were past rebellions that took hold in the Underworld and the one that took place a thousand years ago was the most brutal ones. Axel was almost killed in the rebellious act but luckily, he survived through and lived until today. The traitors were executed, leaving not a single soul alive. Everything was fairly peaceful in the Underworld then. Only small rebellions would take place—which could be easily wiped out by Axel.

A number of bare, naked werewolves with huge breasts danced around Axel, trying to seduce the King into sleeping with them. One of the things that made the King famous was his strength in bed. He could sleep with eleven, twelve, even twenty woman and had sex with them and felt nothing—not exhausted, no pleasure, nothing. He felt nothing. Some that slept with him were killed in the process but none backed out, only more came to offer themselves to him.

Axel smirked, sitting relaxed on his throne. His spiky red hair swayed as he shifted his sitting position and the red crimson armor he was wearing clunk, making nice sounds amidst all the chaos and ruckus. All he needed to do was a flick of his hand and the area would be silenced instantly. However, it seemed that the red King wasn't even bothered at all by the noise, by the screams of women demons being raped in front of him. All was entertainment for him until he fell into his bad mood and started with his killing spree.

Those that lived in the Underworld, the lesser demons, the white beings called dusks, the vampires, ghosts, ghouls, phantoms, grim reapers—were mere nothing that could be reproduced again and again. The only thing that was needed was a soul—a soul that could contain them and those souls could be easily obtained from the 'stream of life' that was flowing beneath the Underworld. There was another world that goes deeper than the Underworld where if any residents from the Underworld were killed, they would return there and it was left to the 'life-creature' to bring them back to the Underworld. However, all these were not simple process and those that were considered 'inferior' souls would be terminated and might never leave the 'stream of life' forever.

There was one protector who stayed in the 'stream of life', protecting the Underworld. No one—none, except Axel knew about that fact…

The blaring loud music pierced through everyone's ears. Then suddenly, the music stopped. Two ogres carrying spears and swords on their back came in, holding a small boy that was four times smaller compared to the ogres. The boy glared with his cerulean eyes. His face covered with white—almost like diamond—helmet. He stared from behind his helmet, eyes narrowed to mere slits, loathing every sight that he was taking in.

In front of him sat that man…the man he loathed so much. "My King, we caught an intruder in the party," one of the ogres reported, kneeling down and pushing and shoving the little boy to Axel.

"And who is this?" Axel asked calmly, still sitting, not even a single trace of emotion could be seen radiating from his face. He stood then, approaching the boy, taking off the helmet, and his eyes were met with those bright cerulean, those golden locks. Axel's emerald eyes narrowed and he smirked, showing his fangs. "And you are?"

"You don't need to know my name," the blond hissed.

"How did you get out?"

"What?" the boy frowned.

Axel shoved the boy back to the ogres. The boy stumbled to the floor, landing with a loud thud. "This party is over," he said with a deep voice and then without any warnings, the area was surrounded by walls of fire. Several lesser demons were killed while there were those who stood in a safe area and remained untouched by the fire. The temperature in the room rose extremely. It ceased afterwards, leaving only ashes.

All the demons merely stood and watched and the noises were gone. "Bring the boy to my room," he ordered, walking away, giving the boy a last glance.


"Get your filthy hands off of me, you fucking ogres!" the boy shouted.

"Shut up and walk, punk!" the ogre screamed with a deafening voice.

"If it was not for the King, we would have killed you earlier," the other ogre added.

"Then kill me! I'd be better off dead than having to go to his room!"

"No one ever comes back out alive once they entered the King's room, you can rest assured boy."

The blond grunted. He couldn't get away from the ogres when his weapons are taken away. Soon, they arrived and he was once again shoved and pushed inside the room, the ogres not following and they quickly closed the door, leaving him there.

The blond recollected himself and stood, staring face to face with Axel. "I'm going to kill you," the blond hissed.

"You're a human, aren't you?" the King smirked, standing up, towering over the blond.

"I am," the blond glared with expression full of hatred.

"Tell me your name."

"It's none of your…Ah!" the blond jerked and yelped when Axel took hold of his wrist and began scratching, tearing the delicate skin open with his nails, drawing out blood.

"Tell me."

"I won't!" the blond shouted, trying to ignore the pain in his wrist. The nails kept going deeper and deeper and more blood spilled and dropped on the floor.

Without much effort, Axel lifted the boy up and tossed him on the crimson red covered bed. The blond landed there, hissing, holding his bleeding wrist. "I have to find out in the rough way," the redhead narrowed his eyes.

He took the blond yet again and with some unseen force, he tore open the white armor that the blond was wearing. The King scooted closer to the now naked blond, looking over the delicate lithe body. The blond tried to struggle but Axel quickly pinned the smaller boy down on the bed. "You'll be begging to let me know your name later," Axel smirked, his fangs showing.

The King leaned down and placed his fangs at the blond's neck, sucking, and drawing out streams of blood, enjoying the taste of copper and iron that assaulted his mouth. In a strange way, the blood tasted sweet for him—so sweet that he would drink up all the blood that was in the blond's body. The blond jerked and screamed because of the pain. However, at the same time, he felt such a sinful pleasure that he tilted his head a bit to give Axel better access.

Axel's hand caressed the blond's body, smoothing it up and down and the blond shivered, biting his lips hard to prevent himself from letting out moans of pleasure. Axel drew his nails into the delicate skin, drawing out blood and inflicting wounds everywhere on the blond's body and he leaned down to lick the blood clean. The blond screamed, pleading, crying. Axel grunted and moved his hand down—lower and lower and lower until he came to the blond's member, wrapping his hand around it skillfully and began pumping it. The blond couldn't hold it anymore and he parted his lips, letting out moans that sounded too sexy for the King's ears. It had been so long since Axel had heard those sounds, felt the pleasure. He moved up again to plant his fangs on the blond's neck.

The King released his fangs from the blond's neck soon and went up to plant a hard kiss on the blond's lips. "Roxas…" the blond moaned into the kiss. Axel moved his head up a bit to look at the blond's flushed face. "My name…" he moaned, "it's Roxas…so please, stop…" he pleaded.

Axel narrowed his eyes. "Roxas…" he hissed and slammed his lips onto the blond's, hard. His pumping began to increase in speed, making Roxas screamed and moaned even harder. The tip of Roxas' member began to seep out white liquid and Axel noticed as his bare hand that was wrapping it became wet and slippery. He continued ravaging the blond's mouth with his skillful tongue while at the same time pumping Roxas into completion.

Roxas could taste copper and iron and he hated it. He wanted to go away—tears began streaming out—out of control. He felt the pleasure yet at the same time he felt misery. What had he gotten into? He moaned again, his face bright red, redder than the King's fiery hair. He shut his eyes tight as he felt that he was about to come. To his surprise, the redhead stopped.

Axel scooted down and brought his lips upon the blond's erected member and he took the length in, licking and teasing. "Ah! S-stop…" the blond pleaded again. Axel ignored the plea and began to suck. "I'm…I'm…" before Roxas could continue his words, he came, spurting out his seeds that went straight into Axel mouth. Axel licked the cum clean, leaving no trace.

Roxas shuddered, tears still streaming out. It was silence for a while, not until he felt two fingers intruding him. He cried out as the fingers began stretching him, pushing in and pulling out. That night, Roxas wished for nothing more than his death.


This might not make much sense… But I hope you enjoyed it. My first gory lemon… Thank you! Oh, and happy belated Halloween! I hope this satisfy the Halloween scares.