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Dark Underworld

Chapter Beginning


He sat there on his throne above the clouds. The fluffy white clouds served as curtains that blocked his vision to the emptiness down below. Somehow, he was glad for the fact that the clouds had done him a huge favor. He couldn't bear the hollowness that he saw every time he stared to that enormous space of nothingness. The void made him feel…lonely.

He released a deep breathy sigh. He wondered how long had it been… how much time had passed. How many times the sun and the moon had revolved around him, around the death and the hollow. He wondered if he were one of the hollow too, for he lived in nothingness. Therefore, shouldn't he mean nothing? After all, wasn't a meaning something that only other living creature could give him?

He had lost all sense. And he wasted the time he had by sitting and thinking. He had all the time he needed. Time was there for him, never once rushing him.

And it wasn't a surprise that he eventually wondered why he was the only…thing alive in that… space—whatever he would call it.

The endless horizon of clouds with him above it...

The sky would change in color as the day passed. It would mirror the color that was nearest and greatest in its brilliance. At day, it would bring out the radiant color of blue and also mirror the yellow-white brightness of the sun. At afternoon, it would depict the color of the burning, setting sun. A bright orange. At night, it turned gloomy, sinking and swallowing in the darkness.

He eventually stood up, reaching out and bending down, touching the softness of the cloud. Brilliant leaves of greens popped out of nowhere and from amidst those leaves, small white petals appeared one by one, forming a beautiful flower at the top of the plant. He saw that it was good. However, soon the plant withered and died, turning back into its original cloud form. He released another breathy sigh, crouching down, making circles on the cloud's puffs.

He contemplated.

He could actually create a plant from clouds. He wondered if he could do something else.

He dismissed the thought. Anything beyond that would only turn into clouds after a while. It was useless. He was all alone.

Cerulean eyes searched around, hoping for something to maybe appear in the middle of nowhere. But no… there was nothing.

It would all be even emptier if he hadn't created all the things that were around him.

The Sun, the Moon, the little speck of dusts up in the sky that gleamed only at dark, the soft fluffs that he called clouds… all was his creation. But below the clouds… there was emptiness… He hadn't yet created enough to fill the giant hole that was hidden by the curtains of clouds. Even so, with all the things he had created… it all still felt so empty. It was like he had done nothing at all. He was still all by himself.

Taking a fistful of clouds, he created a kind of wooden instrument in his hand, a flute. Raising his other arm, he created a rock pedestal where he sat down. He silently looked at the flute as if the piece of wood would magically talk to him somehow and he would have friends. Friends… he wondered where that word came from. If he had never had a friend before… how did he know about its existence? He didn't have an answer.

He put the piece of instrument to his lips and he released a soft breath. The flute gave a resounding sound through the hollow of the air. He closed his eyes as he began forming melodies with the instrument. It started out awkward and noisy at first, but he eventually got better at it. The soothing tunes echoed through the air, filling the hollow.

And he stopped as the instrument reverted back into clouds and as the pedestal disappeared and turned back into clouds again. "All creations eventually return to their original forms…" he whispered weakly, smiling a bit as he petted the fluffs of clouds.

He walked through the air. He parted the clouds and looked through the Sea of Hollow stretching far and beyond in front of him. He put his index finger to the tip of his nose, thinking for a bit. He bit his lower lip. Afterwards, with a flick of finger, he created more water, filling up more of the space. The pure white seas that were calm and still mirrored the color of the sky. But it was all too calm and too quiet and he wasn't satisfied.

And then, he summoned the wind. The seas, blown by the wind started creating waves. Their sounds travelled through the air to his ears. And he saw that it was good.

The first day, God created the seas.


The second day, God again, felt lonely. He looked around only to find nothing. He began to wonder why he would look around when he knew that he would only get the same result. He could hear the faint melody of the swishing of the seas and he saw that it was good. He loved the sounds of the sea dancing and swirling with the winds.

But then, as he walked in the air again, he saw that it was not perfect. Then, he created rocks near the seas and found out that he was right. The melodies were even better as the water hit the rocks. And then, he created the bigger version of rocks, which he named the mountains and the hills. They curved up in angle. The mountains were as if triangles, but sharp at the edge. In contrast, the hills were smoothed and rounded at the edge.

Then he saw it befitting to create greeneries around the hills. And he did, generating fields of grasses, and lands, and trees, bushes, flowers… and he saw that it was good.

The second day, God created the human world.


It was yet another day. Cerulean eyes were bright, gleaming in excitement, looking through what he had created in the past two days. It wasn't much. But he was relieved to find out that the world below the clouds wasn't a hollow anymore and somehow, it gave him a personal satisfaction. But then, as he walked in the air again, he found out that there was some part of the seas and the mountains and the hills and the grounds that went unreachable by the sunlight… that lingered in the darkness, untouched.

He walked around some more and found out that there was another hollow below that other world that he had created. He tilted his head to the side. He thought that he had filled in everything… but there was yet another space of emptiness. One that was really dark… where he could almost see nothing.

It was a world that was resting under the other worlds that he had created.

It was the Underworld. Then, a smile graced his expression.

He started creating again. However, instead of using the ball of fire that floated up in the sky as a source of light, he melted the ball of fire into hot liquid flames that burned and incinerated everything in its way, swimming around the ground of the Underworld. The liquid fire served as a source of light. And he created mountains and mountains and mountains everywhere. And everything was crimson red, glowing brilliantly in the dark.

But then, as the day ended, God came to realize that it… wasn't as good. No living being would live in that despicable piece of filth that he had created. It wasn't beautiful.

Yet at the same time, the color of red reminded him of something—as if he had a long forgotten memory.

However, he was all alone from the time before Creation. He wondered what his feelings were about. He shrugged it off. And finally erased the Underworld… but he hesitated. That long hard day work, should he delete it from existence? But it was of no use…


Then, he decided to leave the Underworld be. He severed all the connections that would lead to the Underworld and left the Underworld there. No one would find out about that one creation of his. Only he would know.

… Who would find out? He was the only living being in that hollow world.

The third day, God created the Underworld, but severed the ties to said world.


God eventually saw that everything wasn't as lively as he would have liked it. As he walked through the air and observed again, he saw that everything was as hollow as it had been before he started Creation. Sticking his bottom lip out, he grabbed a fistful of what he called stars—the tiny speck of dusts in the sky—and he walked down to the human world. He swirled around, spreading the dusts everywhere.

The dusts flew, taken by the wind. Some went into the sea, crystallized and turned into corals and reefs, some travelled to the ground, becoming plants and greeneries, some to the mountains, creating cracks, some to Celestia—the world beyond—creating more stars and eventually plantations. The Underworld remained untouched for it was already forgotten.

The fourth day, God created the plants and perfected the World.


Then, God saw that it was all dead. What he had created… the plants were alive… however, they weren't moving and they weren't animated. He wondered how he could create life… maybe he could create something…someone that was the same as him. Maybe… just maybe. But how?

He sat there again on his throne. He parted the clouds so that he would be able to see down below. What he would call the Human World was perfect. The human… he wondered. What was a human? Someone such as himself would be a human. So, should he live there? But then again… he tilted his head to the side in confusion. Then, he sat up and sat down on the soft clouds, lying on his stomach, looking lazily.

Why was it called the Human World? Because he liked it.

And the world where his throne was was called Celestia. Representing the sky… he thought that Celestia was good.

He was alive and he was animated.

"Everything returns to its original state…" he mumbled.

And soon, his cerulean eyes went wide.

That was it!

He walked through the air again and he stopped at a tree. He observed until he found a small branch. Then, he snapped the branch into half, watching at the sharpness of its tip. He panted, releasing a deep breath. Shutting his eyes, he put the tip of the branch to his finger, drawing out blood.

The blood dripped to the clouds, staining the beautiful pure white with crimson red.

A little fluff of yellow could be seen coming out, animated, chirping, and living. And it flew off to the sky. God called it a bird… a creature that could fly.

Then as his blood kept dripping, more beings were created. They were animated and alive. Just as he was. However, they looked nothing like him… nothing. But he was excited. It was a huge step forward! He could create live! He could!

He needed more blood to create more of those beasts and animals.

And he began using the tip of the sharp branch to slit his arm.

And also in the Human World…

In the Fifth Day, God created the animals with his blood.


God was exhausted. He was pale as a corpse. The Creation that he had done the day before drained his very being. His wounds had healed mostly, but he was still exhausted. The pain was still there and he could barely stand. As he parted the clouds again, he could see that it was all good. The animals were feeding on the plantations. They made beautiful sounds. Birds were chirping, crickets were cricketing in the distance, horses neighed, cows mooed, cat meowed, dogs, barked… it was all well.

Then he started thinking again. He was having a headache and he felt as if his head was about to burst open. He had never felt like that before. And he thought that it was good. It made him feel alive.

He wondered how he could create a being such as him… someone that resembled him. Someone…maybe with the color of red and green instead of golden yellow and blue like him.

He didn't know why he would generate a creation with the color of red and green. Maybe it was because of the Underworld… the world of crimson and darkness—the false creation that he had attempted. Or maybe it was because of the plantation, the color of fresh green that soothed him.

He released a soft sigh. He could only create animals—beings that looked nothing like him, with his blood. He wondered what more he could do. His heart was pounding against his chest as his headache became worst.

His heart… pounding against his chest…

He had a heart…

It was pounding…

That was it!

A heart…

Maybe… just maybe…

He took in a deep breath, a very deep one. And he cried out as he used his hand to reach inside himself. He knelt down in pain. His hand was fully inside his chest. He reached around. Where was it? Blood kept dripping to his fingers, touching the clouds, creating more animals. He screamed in pain and the birds that were resting in the trees flew away, scared.


He grabbed it. That little object called a heart that was pounding and beating against him. He took in a sharp breath as he prepared himself. He dragged out his heart. And he could hear some veins snapped and a giant hollow was created... a giant hollow inside him.

He trembled. It was painful… He shook and shivered…

With the last bit of his strength, he examined his heart. It was beating profusely in his hand. He held it gently, careful so that the precious thing wouldn't shatter. And he closed his eyes.

On the Sixth day, God created a human—the being that was similar to him… at the price of his own heart.

And the world turned dark for him.


"A-Are you alright?"

There was a voice. He could hear a gentle voice, speaking to him. Cerulean eyes fluttered opened slowly. A giant hole could be seen in his chest… a hollow. He shot up and shut his eyes due to the overwhelming pain. The soothing chirpings of the bird could be heard.

As he slowly gained vision of his surrounding, he slowly registered in everything. There… in front of him, bare without any clothes was a human… someone the same as him. With two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two arms, two legs… everything was the same. He cupped the others face. His hair was spiked. The color was bright crimson as it was touched by the gentle comfort of the sunlight. The color of the other's eyes weren't the same as his. They were bright jade, green. And he saw that it was all good.

"You…" he smiled—a smile of happiness.


"Finally…" he took in a deep breath as he approached the redhead, circling his arms around the other's bare body. He buried his face into the hollow of the redhead's neck. "Finally… someone…"

The redhead returned the comforting gesture, hugging back with an equal show of emotion. He smiled. "I am here."

"Welcome... to this world."

At the Seventh Day, God welcomed the human.

And thus was the Creation.


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