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Chapter 1: The new student

Tala watched the landscape pass by the bus window. He was on his way to his new school, Sakuro High School, a boarding school just for boys, located on Sakuro Island. He was the only passenger on the bus this late autumn morning. The only sound was the bus engine and the bus driver's radio. He sighed and continued looking out the window. There, not too far away, he could see the island. The autumn leaves painted the trees and water in breathtaking colours. The bus stopped by the bridge that connected the island to the rest of the world. Stepping off the bus Tala noticed a black Mercedes and two men in black suits waiting for him. Slowly he walked over to them.

"Mr. Ivanov. Welcome to Sakuro Island and the boarding school for boys," one of the men said. He had thin grey hair, which looked newly shaved, was a bit over average height and had cold grey eyes. He looks strict. Tala thought. The other man was dark, bold, very tall and well trained. He also wore black sunglasses, so Tala guessed he was some sort of private driver or body guard.

"Get into the car Mr. Ivanov and we'll drive to the school. Unless you want to walk that is."

There was no humour in the grey haired man's voice as he said those words, and Tala had no doubt they would leave him behind if he didn't follow quickly.

"Yes sir," was his only reply, as he silently got into the back seat, before they drove towards the middle of the island where the school and dorms were located.

Tala felt like he was an exhibition. The moment he got out of the car, everyone turned their heads and looked at him. All of the students wore the same uniform as him. It consisted of a white shirt, pinkish red blazer or jacket with the school logo, brown pants and black shoes. To finish it was a green tie. He swallowed and started walking towards the dorms. In the car the grey haired man, who had turned out to be the principal, had told him where to find the dorms and what room he was staying in. He also said that his room-mate would show him around and explain everything to him. As he walked he felt the eyes of the other boys follow him. With a sigh he started walking a bit faster. Soon he found himself at the dorms and in front of his room,

"Room 201, this is it."

He took a deep breath and opened the door. Inside he found…

On one of the two beds lay a guy with two toned blue haired. He had his arms crossed behind his head, feet resting on the edge of the bed and closed eyes, like he was taking a nap. The moment Tala fully opened the door, the guy opened his eyes and revealed a pair of breathtaking violet orbs. Tala ended up staring at him. He'd never seen a guy that handsome before. They looked at each other for a moment, before the blue haired guy smirked and got on his feet.

"Kai Hiwatari," he said and held out his hand. He didn't have any expression on his face, which made it look like he didn't really care. Tala shook his hand.

"Tala Ivanov," he replied. Kai just nodded before he turned around and put on his shoes. Tala noticed his stuff had already been brought there, and was now standing beside the second bed. He walked over to it and was about to unpack when Kai stopped him.

"What are you doing?" he asked blankly, still with no expression.

"Unpacking," Tala answered with a strange look at the blue haired teen.

"Later. I'll show you the school. Come on."

Kai walked out the door and Tala had to hurry to put down his stuff and lock the door before following him.

Kai showed Tala everything in the school grounds, from the classrooms and cafeteria, to the park and school pool. The buildings were Victorian in style, surrounded by fountains and Sakura trees.

"So that's why it's called Sakuro Island," Tala realised.

"Mhm, since you came here at this time, you missed the flowers. But they'll be back in time for spring," Kai explained. Tala nodded while his eyes continued to explore the surroundings.

"Come on, let's go eat dinner."

The blue haired teen lead him to the cafeteria, where the meal they were given was lasagne, with ice cream for dessert.

When they came back to their room Tala sank down on his bed.

"Puh, I'm so full. Thanks for showing me around Kai."

He looked over at the other guy who only answered with a "hn" before lying down on his own bed. The red headed teen looked at him for a moment before he sighed and resumed unpacking. Kai followed him with his purple eyes. Tala was actually quite handsome. He had a well toned body, flaming red hair, milk white skin and ice blue eyes.

"Kai could you tell me more about yourself?" Tala asked.

"What?" Kai stared at his back a bit surprised.

"You know. What you like to do and so on. If we're going to be room-mates for the next few years it would be wise to know. I'll tell you about me afterwards okay?"

He glanced over his shoulder at the other teen on the bed, who silently stared back.

"What do you want to know?"

Tala turned back to his luggage as he replied, "What do you like to do?"

"Many things."

The red head turned and glared at Kai, he replied with a sight, before talking again, "Fine. I like parties…and drawing."

Tala grinned and turned his back to him again.

"Okay. Have a girlfriend?"

"No, I'm gay."

Tala froze, before he turned around and looked surprised at Kai, who had no expression at all.


"Have a problem with it?" the blue haired teen growled.

"No. You just don't seem like the type.

Kai just looked at him and Tala felt like he was seeing right through him.

"And you?"

"What? No… I'm not gay..." Tala quickly turned around once again and hurriedly continued to unpack. He could still feel Kai's lavender orbs on his back, and he could swear he was smirking too. At least not that I know. Tala added silently in his mind.

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