Why Napoleon Hates Tina

"Tina you fat lard come get some dinner!" he says. He really hates that flippin' llama.

It all started a couple of years ago…..

"Napoleon, time to get up!"

It was morning. Time to get up for school. He gets dressed, brushes his teeth, gets his school stuff together. He eats breakfast, goes outside to wait for the bus.

School passes by with such slowness. Picked on, made fun of, beat up. Gets on the bus, goes home. There she was. She wasn't there before.

"Did you have a good day at school Napoleon?" his mom asks.

"No, what do you think? What's that llama doing back there?"

"Oh, you mean Tina?"

"Who else would I mean gosh!"

"I bought her."

"Well she's creepy."

"Oh Napoleon, you're just imagining things."

Later that night: eats dinner, brushes teeth, watches tv, goes to bed. Asleep.

He wakes up to a noise. It sounded like a monster. Could it be the dragon or the Liger? He gets up to investigate. No. It wasn't either of them. Instead it was Tina. Tina the llama. And she was eating his mom! OH NOS!

Ambulance comes, police ask questions, put in psychiatric ward for evaluation.

Next day…gets out, perfectly sane, goes home. There it was. That's all the llama would be: an it or just simply Tina.

Tina was watching the boy. Llamas can't smile but if they could, Tina would be smiling evilly. He stares at it. Loathing, hate, despise. He glares. She spits in his face. He swears she was laughing at his suffering.

One day he will get even.


Skip a couple years in the future.

Tina was fat now. He smirks.

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