Am I already gone?

Ancient eyes watched silently as the young man folded in on himself, slowly but surely sliding off the hood to the ground. Trembling arms wrapped around shaking knees and drew them up against a chest that was heaving slightly. Tired, empty eyes stared off into the distance, the troubled mind too busy crying out in silent pain to care for his surroundings.

He had seen this before, countless times, the hopeless fight of a being that sought to escape its destiny and couldn't. Despite his reputation he was compassionate; he did feel kindness for the distraught soul which trembled violently at the test of faith his father had placed upon it. He smiled wistfully, drawing strength from the knowledge that all things worked together for good, for those who loved his father, who were called according to his purpose.

Sam Winchester would find his way and make a decision, he was certain of it. And if the young man had had enough strength left to listen into the night he would have heard a firm, yet surprisingly gentle voice ghosting across the parking lot.

"Have faith."

Author's note: Unlike Sam I am not a religious person, so it's very tricky for me to write something through the eyes of an angel. My apologies to everyone who might feel uncomfortable with this.

I'm quoting the bible, the original line is "Romans 8,28" and goes as follows:

28 We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.