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14 years after the end of Picking Up The Pieces Ava Marie DiNozzo is a freshman at Waverly University majoring in Criminal Justice. Her brother, Aaron Anthony DiNozzo, is a sophomore in high school and is on the football team. Their father, Anthony DiNozzo, is head of the Major Case Response Team at NCIS. Their mother, Ziva DiNozzo, is also on the Major Case Response Team.

When Ava was six and Aaron was four, Jenny was killed while attending a funeral in LA, with Tony and Ziva serving as a protection detail. As a punishment Ziva was reassigned to a different team, McGee was assigned to the Cyber Crimes unit, and Tony was assigned as an Agent Afloat, despite the protests that Vance couldn't reassign an agent to agent afloat if they had a family. Four months after Tony had left Vance caved under the pressure and brought Tony back to the States.

When Ava was eight and Aaron was six, one of Vance's daughters was kidnapped and killed, forcing him into early retirement to protect the rest of his family. Gibbs was appointed Director, much to his displeasure, and Tony became the head of the MCRT.

When Ava was ten and Aaron was eight, Ducky and his mother were tragically killed when their house caught on fire in the middle of the night. Reports later showed that Victoria had left a candle burning in her room that one of her Corgi's knocked over when they jumped onto her bed. This left Palmer, who had just graduated from medical school, as head Medical Examiner.

When Ava was twelve and Aaron was ten, Abby and McGee married in a small quiet ceremony. Six years later they were still trying to have a baby. Abby had miscarried three times and no doctor could explain why.

When Ava was sixteen and Aaron was fourteen, Tony had a dangerous relapse of the pneumonic plague. He had been in the hospital for a little over a month and to this day he couldn't run as fast as he used to without getting breathless.