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Harry had to get out. He grabbed his skates and ran out of the common room to the lake. He often came out here to calm down, or think. All of this was too much for him. He just couldn't take it anymore, all the lies all the pretending. And hearing Ron say that had finally tipped him over the edge.

Nothing had been the same since the beginning of the year when Harry had gone to the dungeons on a detention for Snape. He was a little early and so being the inquisitive person he was he had looked into the open pensieve. He had seen the memories of Severus Snape, his hated potions master turned death eater and now spy for the order. Harry had still questioned Snape's allegiances, and his suspicions had been confirmed after seeing these memories, but something else had been revealed, about him and his whole life- that it was filled with lies and deceit. Dumbledore never intended for Harry to kill Voldemort, he just wanted to use him as a pawn; he thought Harry was a Horcrux. Dumbledore intended for Harry to die in order to save the wizarding race.

Harry had been struggling with this burden for the past three months, and now it had come to a head when moments earlier he had overheard a conversation between Ron and his mother. Ron had been talking about how annoyed he was with Harry, about how depressed Harry had been recently. Ron's mother had said that he only had to put up with him for a few more months because soon Dumbledore's plan would be put in place to lure Voldemort to Harry and kill Harry, then Voldemort.

Harry felt sick as he ran. The idea that his best friend could be anticipating his death caused his stomach to heave. Harry felt the metallic taste in his mouth as the bile rose. He threw up on the grass but he did not stop running. He rammed his feet into the boots, and skated furiously onto the ice, going faster and faster. He felt nauseous again but fought it down- he needed to clear his head even though his whole world was crashing down around him. Harry had no one to turn to and nowhere to go. He sped up again, the wind whipping round his body and face faster and faster. He felt his ankle crack first. He slipped and staggered but the speed he was going at made him skid and fall face first. He was skidding along the ice as he felt it crack underneath him. The icy water enveloped him.

'I'm going to die and I don't care anymore- there is nothing left for me to live for.' Harry stopped struggling as this thought overtook him, blocking everything out as a sense of calm overcame him. Harry let himself fall down deeper into the water, forcing back the urge to choke as the water entered his lungs, freezing out all feeling he had. His oxygen-starved brain was running quickly on adrenaline.

'Ironic,' Harry thought. 'The Boy Who Lived is dying and no one cares. What an anti-climax this has all been. Voldemort should be here cheering, hand in hand with Dumbledore at my death. 'This is it…..I'm dying… my life is ending, like Sirius and my mum and dad.' As Harry drifted lower and lower, the black at the edges of his vision closing in, he saw a blue light… and then darkness closed over him, cutting off everything.

When Harry came round he was warm. This was the first thing he noticed. He tried to open his eyes but found he could not. He tried to move his arm up, which was also a vain attempt. He lay there considering the options. He could be dead; if he was dead then death was very comfortable. Or the more viable option -considering he felt pain everywhere and this meant he could not be dead, because it hurt too much- was that he was in Hogwarts Hospital wing, probably with Madame Pomfrey there and with his 'friends' faking concern. Soon he would go back to his life of drudgery and lies. Harry could not stand thinking there may be hope when there wasn't, so he concentrated all his strength on opening his eyes to confirm what he already truly knew.

Harry opened his eyes and his blurred vision only allowed him to see a little, but what he could see did not seem to be Hogwarts hospital wing, for one he was lying in a double bed with dark green silk sheets. They definitely didn't have that in Hogwarts… plus, his bed was facing a large window, which looked out onto vast gardens and blue sky. No, he definitely wasn't in Hogwarts. Harry sat up, feeling his strength returning at this new mystery. He looked around the room and saw rich tapestry covered walls with Slytherin emblems and….the Malfoy crest. Harry flopped back down in the bed with a groan. Great, he thought, so I haven't died, but I'm being held captive by Voldemort. This is like the lesser of two evils. Strangely Harry did not think about Dumbledore or the order. Even being held by Voldemort was better in Harry's eyes than going back. No, Harry thought, I can't be a prisoner, Voldemort wouldn't heal my wounds or keep me in a nice bed- he would just have killed me.

Then the door opened and Lucius Malfoy walked in the room. Harry reached round for his wand, but saw it was in Lucius's hand.

"Kill me. I don't care, I've given up, please, get it over with… I don't care anymore." All the emotions of the previous day came rushing back to Harry, and tears pricked at his eyes.

Lucius walked over to the bed and sat down.

"I am not going to kill you. I didn't save you from drowning just to kill you, silly boy," drawled Lucius.

"Well, why have you got me here then? Why did you save me? You of all people should want me dead."

"Because contrary to what you think I am not some cold bastard- I do actually have a heart."

"But why me? You hate everything about me!"

"Because I know how you feel. To be betrayed by everyone you trusted, and to be forced to do something, used as a pawn in someone else's game."

"But you are a death eater, and I am the Boy Who Lived- you should hate me."

"Why? You pose no threat to us anymore. Harry, what do you know of prophecies?"

"Well- I know nothing other than what you told me in the ministry."

"Once a prophecy is destroyed, it can never be true. It stops that possible reality from becoming reality. You are no longer wanted dead by the Dark Lord- he now wants dead those on the light side. Why would he want you dead- after all, I believe you already know that you are one of his Horcruxes. Since that prophecy was destroyed last year, the Dark Lord wanted you, but not to kill you, only to protect you. Snape told us of Dumbledore's plans and from then on we have been working to keep you from him. Obviously, it has in the end worked out our way; but not without damage to you. You attempted suicide and have lost your whole life. And the friends you thought you had have lied to you. We want to help you, Harry." Lucius reached out to touch Harry's hand but he flinched away from the touch.

"But- why-what-how did this happen?! Why did Voldemort kill my parents?!"

Lucius flinched at the sound of his master's name.

"The Dark Lord, please, Harry- and at the time he did want you dead. After we failed to obtain the prophecy the first time, the Dark Lord decided the best plan was to act out the prophecy in his favour, but when this failed he still wanted you dead until that prophecy was destroyed. When it was smashed, he knew that the prophecy could not happen, thus making you inconsequential- but then we discovered via Snape that you were in fact a Horcrux. This changed everything. The Dark Lord immediately ordered the Death Eaters to start trying to find you and keep you safe from Dumbledore's plan to kill you and himself. Even Draco was ordered to lay off you- did you not notice the petty insults had stopped?"

Harry blinked, surprised. "Yes I had… but I sort of thought he was doing something else. Is this true? All of it?"

"Yes. I would be willing to swear it under Veritaserum."

"So what does it mean? What will happen now?"

"Well, I have informed the Dark Lord that you are here and he will see you when you are able to. All of the other Death Eaters have been ordered to leave this house until you are well enough."

"But what will they…I mean, how will they react to me?"

"As if you were one of us."

"All of them? They all hate me!"


"Voldemort hates me, he has no emotions- he killed my parents!" Harry was getting more and more upset, tears streaming down his face. Lucius reached out to Harry and pulled the younger boy to him. Harry flinched away again but Lucius calmly and firmly continued until the young man was pressed to his well muscled chest, his tears staining Lucius's shirt.

Softly, Lucius continued. "When the prophecy smashed and the possibility of it coming true was made impossible, the Dark Lord reverted to his original form, as if the years in between his return had never happened. He does have emotions; he is in love, in fact. The idea that he has no emotions is what Dumbledore told you, Harry, to make you feel better about killing him- more prepared. It is not true. The Dark Lord is in love with my wife Narcissa- they have been together for years. We have never loved each other, but we are the best of friends. Voldemort no longer hates you, Harry. You are safe now."

Harry leaned further into Lucius's embrace.

"Lucius…. Why did you save me? Why were you there?"

"Because I was set to track you at Hogwarts; the Dark Lord didn't want you on your own. And also because I am a father Harry- I know what it is like to be alone as well. My mother died when I was a baby, and my father never saw me. I was brought up by Severus' mother, who was my mother's best friend at Hogwarts. You aren't alone anymore Harry… you will be looked after."

Lucius had always been intrigued by Harry, How could someone so small stop the Dark Lord? He had been shocked that day in Flourish and Blotts at how attractive Harry was. He found an inexplicable draw towards him. He had meant to give the diary to Harry that day, but could not bring himself to. From then on he had sought proximity to Harry, trying to see the boy, just to know how he was, what he looked like. At the Ministry last year he was surprised at how attractive a young man he had become. When the Dark Lord had asked for someone to tail Harry, Lucius had jumped at the chance to be closer to the boy- and now here he was. In his arms. Yes, Lucius thought, this is what he had been missing all these years. This is what he had wanted since he realised that this feeling could not come from Narcissa.

He broke away from his thoughts to look at the beautiful boy in his arms, who was now sleeping peacefully. Now Lucius had Harry safe, he would be his and his alone. Never again would Harry be hurt by anyone.

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