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Lucius lead Remus down the corridor to his room and opened the door, showing Remus inside. Harry was stood waiting, and looked shyly at Remus as he smiled.

"Hi Moony- sorry I haven't seen you in a while."

Remus scooped him up in a hug while Lucius looked, on half jealous and half happy that Harry still had family that loved him.

"Cub, I have missed you so much, and it is not your fault at all what happened to you and anyone who says it is, is so very wrong!" gushed Remus.

"You sound like Lucius, I bet he told you to say all that," pouted Harry.

"Well, he might have mentioned it- but it's all true, my little lion! It isn't your fault at all!"

"I will leave you two to catch up. I'll just be next door if you want me, Harry. "

Lucius left Harry with Remus in his room to talk. He smiled as he thought about whether Remus would be telling Harry about his liaisons with the dark haired potions master. Lucius was guessing not.

He strolled down the corridor to the library and pulled out a book and sat down in his favourite armchair to read. Unfortunately three pages in and half way through a gripping paragraph about the development of Felix Felicis potion he was interrupted.

"Hello father, still not bagged your lion yet?" smirked Draco.

"When I decide it appropriate for you to comment on my love life- which will not be happening soon might I add- I would appreciate it if you never used words such as 'bagged' and what was the other term you used? 'Screw'. It goes no way to conveying the love which Harry and I share."

"'Love you share'? Merlin, you even sound like Potter!"

"And what's wrong with that?"

"Apart from the fact you are a Malfoy and a Slytherin, and that being in love or nice is totally against our nature- then nothing!" exclaimed Draco.

"Dragon, you are going to have to accept soon that I want Harry in my life and not just to 'bang'. I will want him forever and nothing you say will change that. So what do you have to say for yourself?"

Draco was silent for a moment, considering all his father had said.

"I want you to be happy, and if your think you can make it work with Harry then I will support you. But I refuse to stand by while you mess it up with him, because it will destroy you, and mean that the few friends Harry has left will hate you. This includes Hermione, and you are definitely not screwing up my one chance to have a hot smart girl who keeps me in check and doesn't come from a family of inbreds so our children have a chance of being relatively normal!"

"That is not going to happen! I can't imagine life without Harry or with him with someone else- especially Charlie Weasley," fumed Lucius.

The last line had unintentionally slipped out due to his earlier frustration, but Draco immediately latched onto it.

"Excuse me, Charlie Weasley? What could that whorish ginger peasant want with Harry?"

"I apologise if I am wrong in this matter, but was it not you who allowed that 'whorish ginger peasant' access to the manor in the first place? You obviously didn't mind his flaming red hair when it was performing unspeakable acts in your rooms Draco!"

"Yes- well- that is, ahem, safely behind all concerned… but if he is making a move on Harry then I would be very concerned, Daddy dear, because he is quite a….talented individual," said Draco, smirking.

"Yes, thank you Draco- there are some things a father just does not need to know about their protégée and that is most definitely one of them!"

"Well, anyway, what are you going to do about it? I would recommend using the age old family secret and seduce him until he is an incoherent mess in your bed or on your desk- if what the house elves tell me is right."

"Sometimes your perverse mind manages to shock even me, and I taught you everything you know!"

"Ahhh, the pupil has surpassed the master," winked Draco.

Harry and Remus had talked about Harry's time here, and why he had run away. Remus explained that he had started to question the order after Sirius died. Dumbledore had seemed too ready to sacrifice his members in order to further 'the greater good', and Remus had not been happy about it- then he had learned a little of what Dumbledore planned for Harry to do, and how the old Wizard had manipulated the situations so Harry would in the end be the final Horcrux which would destroy Voldemort. That was when he started to talk with Severus, who had become more and more…amicable since the death of Sirius (Remus neglected to confess to Harry -who still for the most part hated his old potions master- the true nature of his relationship with Snape, deciding it was better left for another time). So Remus had eventually met Voldemort, or 'Tom' as he was now known- though it was habit for many of the Death Eaters to refer to him as 'The Dark Lord', which was now used (unbeknownst to the fearful masses) as a pet name for Tom by Narcissa.

"So now you have adjusted to it all, would you like to move into your rooms?" asked Remus excitedly. "Me and Se…well, just me really," he corrected, "decorated them red and gold for you and there is a huge window looking out over the Quidditch Pitch!"

"Umm… I quite like it here, Moony," Harry mumbled awkwardly.

"Well, I'm sure Lucius will be wanting his rooms back pretty soon; he doesn't let anybody in here, really. I don't think even Draco has ever been inside his bedroom!"

"Oh… well, yes, I suppose when you put it like that," Harry said, embarrassed for imposing himself on Lucius.

"Do you want me to help with your things? Your suite is just down the corridor."

"Yeah, sure, but- well, I haven't really been out before so I don't know how people will react to me," he said nervously, shuffling his feet.

"Well, there was only Draco around when I walked up here and most people are out, so do you think you can do it?"

"I will, but I don't want people to stare!"

"I'm pretty sure the threat of Lucius will deter most of the sane people from doing that, he's quite protective!"

Harry and Remus began taking his clothes and books from Lucius' rooms down the hall to his new suite of rooms which were, as Remus had promised, red and gold with a reception room, bathroom and bedroom shaded in the Gryffindor house colours. However, just as Harry was taking the last of his belongings into his new rooms he was met by Draco Malfoy appearing from the Library. Harry didn't know how to react to his old rival, and it seemed Draco had the same problem. The two stood staring at each other until eventually Draco broke the silence.

"Potter…brought your broomstick I see, fancy a round later? I'll beat you then we can come back in for dinner?"

"Malfoy, the only time you could beat me at Quidditch is if I was playing without a broom…and even then it's doubtful… but sure, giving Slytherins a good bashing always makes me hungry."

"So that's why there has been no food in the kitchens recently," winked Draco.

Harry ignored the innuendo. "15 minutes on the front lawn?"


"Later… Draco."

Draco strutted off, wondering why he had just used his arch-rival's first name…His father was obviously rubbing off on him, how foul.

Lucius appeared shortly after his son, listening to his and Harry's exchange with a smirk on his face. He didn't doubt Harry's ability to beat Draco and thought their little Quidditch match would make for a humorous spectacle if nothing else. Then he noticed that Harry had other things as well as his broomstick in his hands.

"Harry, why are you carrying your possessions down the hallway?"

"Just, um, Remus said he had decorated these rooms for me and that I should move into them, so I'm not…well, you know."

Lucius did not like this. He knew he should have made his move earlier, and now that Harry was moving to his own rooms… he probably wouldn't see him anymore. Although, it was to be expected, for why would Harry want to continue sharing with him! It was strange; he could fully understand why the boy wanted his own rooms; what he couldn't understand was why Harry looked so sad about it! Lucius resolved to bring up the subject later, but for now he should get ready, to watch the Quidditch match.

Harry walked into his rooms. Now all his things were in the room it seemed more welcoming, but he couldn't shake the feeling of something being not right. He felt… he felt lonely, he realised, as he walked round these big rooms; he had no one to talk to. He could go and see Luc but Remus had been right about him imposing himself. Lucius was probably sick of him by now!

Lucius moved slowly round his own rooms. They seemed smaller without all of Harry's books, and he half expected to see the Gryffindor curled up in one of the chairs, or lying on the bed. However, this was obviously how Harry wanted it, and Lucius knew he should respect the boundaries that Harry had laid down. He didn't know if this was Harry's way of telling him that he didn't want anything more, but in any case he wasn't going to force himself on the boy he was so in love with and so, for now, Lucius would not push it.

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