The Doctor is In…

Grumbling filled the arena like a swarm of agitated midges as the crippled Tornado was wheeled out, Morgan Tilford shaking hands with the vanquished trio. Mauler's painted face seemed contented as debris was swept out.

"Not bad, boys, but we've got plenty more fighting to do," said Craig.

"Oh ho, Craig, sounds like a challenge," remarked Bill.

"We still owe you for 1812," continued Craig.

"Ancient history, pal. Anyway, looks like the next pair of fighters are ready."

The steady beat filled the air once more as the announcer introduced the new combatants.

"From Surrey, Dantomkia."

The odd yellow machine sped into the arena.

"Got the record for number of opponents hurled out of the arena, you know," Craig reminded his cohorts.

"From the United States of America, Surgeon General."

Disc spinning slightly, Team Loki's pride and joy wheeled itself into its square.

"Roboteers, stand by."

"He ate Hexy D; he can eat your boys," said Tim.

"Really, now?" replied Craig, with a smile.

"Three, two, one, ACTIVATE."

Surgeon General's blade came to life with a shriek as Dantomkia rushed. Not wanting to risk a full-on wall rush, Dantomkia tossed the invertible machine into the air. The General pirouetted, KE from his disc making him quite the dancer, until a lucky spin brought his disk in contact with Dantomkia's flipping piston.

It snapped with a hard CLANK, the arm flopping back down. The crowd booed while the American commentators smiled.

The offending disk scraped the floor in a gyroscopic breakdance as the pummeled flipped nudged him towards the CPZ.

Dead Metal was waiting with open claws.

The disc ground to a halt against the metal carapace of the House 'Bot. As the saw whirred away, Dantomkia shoved the pit release button.

Released, the General plopped back on the ground, only to be caught from behind. With a powerful shove, he was dumped into the pit.

Dantomkia spun as the mighty weapon beat itself into stillness against the inside of the pit.

Craig was beaming and the crowd was going insane.

"All even now," he smirked.

"So far. Fourteen left, Craig." said an obviously-humbled Tim.