Naruto Hitman for Hire

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Chapter 1

"Target sighted."

The whisker marked blond made an adjustment to the scope and looked through from his position in a tree. The crosshairs landed on a pudgy midget of a man in a suit wearing shaded glasses.

"Confirm. Target Gato in my sights."

"Smoke 'em." The voice came over his headset.

The sniper rifle didn't even twitch due to the runes carved into it and the nearly silent PFFFT was the only sound.

Down in the middle of the village, Gato's head disintegrated, his bodyguards in shock, but they soon joined their boss as headless corpses.

The villagers of Wave looked in shock as the tyrant that had ruled their island for nearly fifteen years was dead.

Inari, the grandson of the Bridge Builder Tazuna who died ten years ago for hiring ninja to try and protect him while he tried to finish it stepped forward. He looked at the body of Gato, there was a gust of wind, and he watched as a card drifted on the wind and landed on Gato's body.

Inari picked it up. On one side was a stylish 9 and on the other CONTRACT COMPLETED. Payment due…

Inari smiled as he raised his hand and the gathered villagers who had thought Gato was going to wring more from them, cheered as they were finally free.


"Well that was easy."

Nine sighed as he walked, the fox on his shoulder balanced perfectly. "You know we're going to be late." The fox spoke.

Nine grunted as he shouldered his sniper rifle, after wrapping it in all purpose weather tape.

"Why did you take this contract kit?" the fox asked.

"To prove that tyrants can be taken out." Nine responded in a flat tone.

"Or is it to show that you can do something that those fools in Konoha couldn't do?" the fox asked.

"Leave it alone Kyu." Nine said, his blue eyes focusing on the path ahead.

"You're still hating." The fox said.

"And why shouldn't I?" Nine asked finally. "They locked me up for ten years, turned their backs on me, on us. Then when they finally let me out, the villagers try and kill me, I defend myself and am threatened with death."

The Fox sighed and remembered it like it was yesterday.


"Naruto Uzumaki, you are charged with the theft of the Forbidden Scroll, breaking and entering, assault, murder of Chuunin Instructor Iruka Umino…" Naruto stood there in shock as the charges continued, some were obviously made up and some were from things he'd done (and been punished for).

He looked up to where the Third Hokage sat watching the trial and the old man's face was turned away, Naruto could see tears. Help me Ojii-san. I didn't kill Iruka-sensei. It was Mizuki. Naruto thought. He was unable to speak as some guards had put suppression seals on him before dragging him into the courtroom. Silencing jutsu's were used on him as well as the chakra suppressor cuffs on his wrists.

I did what I was told. I took the scroll and learned the Kage Bunshin. Why did this happen? Naruto thought.

Mizuki sensei and Iruka sensei showed up. Mizuki claimed I stole the scroll, but I told Iruka-sensei that Mizuki told me I could make Genin if I took the scroll and learned something from it.

Three hours since he stole the scroll he'd sat out near the abandoned shack and learned the Kage Bunshin. He'd just made and dispelled one when Iruka showed up.

And then Mizuki showed up and demanded I give him the scroll, and Iruka-sensei told me not to. And then Mizuki attacked me. Iruka took the windmill shuriken to the back.

Naruto had run then and Iruka and Mizuki fought. Mizuki yelled out to Naruto the secret that the village had kept the past eleven years. The reason why everyone hated him. The reason they abused him.

"You're the Kyuubi!" Mizuki had told him. And then Iruka had said that it was true. But he didn't see Naruto as the nine tailed demon fox. He saw him as Naruto, a hero.

Mizuki then stabbed Iruka with a kunai…later it would be revealed to be one of the kunai Naruto had thrown to get away.

Naruto in anger summoned a thousand Kage Bunshin's and they pummeled Mizuki into unconsciousness.

Mizuki however had a partner and Naruto never saw the person who struck him from behind. Naruto woke up in a cell and was told that he was charged with murder and theft. They'd found him with the scroll and Iruka's body with his kunai in the chuunin's throat.

Mizuki was gone, and the Anbu figured Naruto was his accomplice.

And now I'm on trial…trial, that's funny. No one is defending me, and I can't speak for myself.

The sentencing was ten years in prison for the death of Iruka, the scroll which had been found on him was returned to the vault in the Hokage's office.

(End Flashback)

Nine's leaps passed several trees and he would leap just after touching down. The fox didn't even feel it. As he continued to remember for the blond whose shoulder he rested on.


Ten years had passed. Naruto had trained his body, while in the cell. During that time he'd sunk into his mind and met with the Kyuubi. The fox had been huge behind the seal and the rage and killer intent flooded out. The two exchanged insults and Naruto woke.

The next time Naruto met with the fox, they once again exchanged insults and the Kyuubi forced him out.

And so it went for three months into his sentence, when the fox finally broke and started to talk to Naruto. Not about how he came to be sealed, but about Naruto's life.

They talked about everything else over the months, and Naruto was finding the fox had an odd sense of humor. It was nearing his ninth month in prison that the Hokage who visited once a week never showed up. Naruto yelled for the guard and asked where the old man was, he was given a beating for his question.

Another week passed and still no Hokage. In his mind he ranted at the fox, who seemed as surprised as Naruto that the old man hadn't come. "I might not like many humans, but the old monkey did best by you as he could."

A year passed since the Hokage stopped visiting and it was during his talks with the Kyuubi that the fox started to show him how to train in his mind on chakra control.

"But its sealed off. The bracers…"

"Stupid kit. In your mind you can still learn. When those things come off, we'll surprise them all."

Kyuubi not only taught him chakra control and manipulation, but he taught him about the ages past.

"I heard a village to the far north rediscovered gun powder and is making firearms." Kyuubi said. "How about when we get out of here I show you how to really make them?"

"What? Why?" Naruto asked as he worked out.

"You are my container. The longer you live and the more power you have the more prestige I get." Kyuubi admitted. "You'll never be allowed to be a ninja of this village, that's for sure."

During their mental training, Naruto learned what the teachers had sabotaged in his training. The Kyuubi was mad. "And they call themselves teachers." He was heard muttering.

So he had Naruto create a shadow clone and used a tail to control it. Naruto learned a whole new style of taijutsu, as well as how to use fox fire, the chameleon ability to blend in and kitsune illusion magic.

"I am a creature of the elements kit. And what I have you shall have." And that added another lesson in his mind space as Kyuubi showed him how to mold the elements. Fire, water, earth, wind, metal, lightening, ice, life and shadow. One element per tail.

In the real world Naruto worked out, his body lean, a dancers build, but ripped. The new taijutsu was fluid and graceful.

Time passed and the only human contact was guards bringing food. Naruto had no visitors after he told Ayame and old man Ichiraku not to come back when the told him about the death of the Third Hokage.

"I'm sorry we couldn't visit before…but the lower levels of the prison you need permission and it took…" the old man said. "The new Hokage is making things…"

"Leave. Don't come back." Naurto said coldly. It had hurt, but he knew it would hurt more when they stopped visiting later on. Like when Ojii-san…

Kyuubi comforted the boy with a tail hug when he sobbed in the mental space after hearing about the death of the Hokage.

"Kyu." Naruto said.

"What kit?" the fox asked from its side of the bars.

"When we get out of here…show me how to become better." Naruto said.

"As you wish." The fox said.

(End Flashback)

"Why aren't we using the contraption the girl made?" Kyu asked from his seat on Nine's shoulder.

"Because you hate teleporting and Sei's device makes you antsy."

"Feh. Its unnatural scattering one's chakra and atoms and rearranging them at a different location."

Nine chuckled. "I like it."

"You would. You're an adrenaline junkie and think sky diving is fun."

"It is."

"If we were meant to be in the air like that, Kami would have given us wings." The fox argued back.

Nine smirked. "Wait till I tell Yugi-chan and Ni-chan the great and all power Kyuubi no Kitsune is afraid of heights."

"Do that and I'll rip off your ear!" The fox growled.

Nine chuckled a bit as he continued to speed along.

Kyu remembered for him the day he was released.


The cell door opened with a load creaking groan. Lantern light flooded the room and Naruto winced as he turned his head away.

"Come on demon, your sentence is up." The guard said.

"Really?" Naruto's voice was whispery and rough. "And here I thought I was to remain forever."

Naruto stretched like a fox and his spine cracked as he worked the kinks out. He shuffled along, his blue eyes avoiding the lantern as he allowed the pale light to lead the way.

They reached the foyer where the desk and doors were. Naruto wasn't surprised there was no one waiting for him. The guards removed the leg shackles.

"Naruto Uzumaki, you have served your full sentence of ten years, it is time for your release." The warden said.

Naruto said nothing. He held out his arms to get the suppressors removed.

"You'll need to see the hokage about those." The warden said.

Naruto grunted and waited. "Wolf, Ox, Boar, take the prisoner to see the Hokage so he can be given his final release papers and housing assignment." The warden said.

No words of luck or anything else, the Anbu led Naruto to the tower. Once his eyes adjusted to the bright light of the sun, he noticed Konoha had changed greatly in ten years. Buildings were changed. Naruto didn't look at the faces, he didn't see the questioning looks as he man with blond hair to his ankles and whisker marked cheeks and a beard passed them all. The Anbu kept anyone curious or meaning harm away as they reached the Hokage tower.

Naruto looked at the monument. The four faces were there and a fifth one was added. It was the new Hokage who took control after the death of the Sandaime.

"Get a move on demon." Ox said shoving him. Naruto growled and the man backed off. "Don't you think…" Naruto began, his harsh voice carrying. "That if I was a demon, I would have killed you all for the treatment you've all given me since I was a baby?"

Naruto entered the tower and walked the path he hadn't taken in over a decade.

They soon reached the secretary's desk.

"Uzumaki to see the Hokage." Wolf said to the woman that Naruto did recognize. The pink hair and green eyes.

"Hello Sakura." He said.

She looked at him coldly, but didn't respond to him. "Take a seat, the Hokage will be with you gentlemen shortly." She told the Anbu.

They shoved Naruto into a chair and took up positions. Sakura at the desk went back to work, ignoring Naruto.

"Your looking good Sakura." He said after several minutes of quiet.

"Don't speak to me murderer." She said.

"I was framed." Naruto said.

Sakura said nothing when there was a buzz from the intercom on her desk. "You can take it in now." she said.

The three Anbu ushered Naruto into the Hokage's office, a room that used to warm and welcoming, now felt cold and alien.


"Danzo. Finally made it to the big chair." Naruto greeted the man who was the Godaime Hokage. "And all it took was for the old man to be murdered while you hid in your home during the invasion I bet."

Danzo smirked and looked at the Anbu. "Leave us."

They looked ready to protest, but he waved them out. Once the doors were closed he smirked. "Truthfully, Orochimaru did me a favor in more ways than one. Sit." He gestured to the chair. Naruto shrugged and did so.

"You see, my Root discovered that you were framed, we knew that before you went to trial, but we knew that if you were free you would have been a wild card."

Naruto remained silent.

"So you had to go to jail. I never thought Orochimaru would kill the old fool. But in the end it turned out well. You were out of the way, Sarutobi dead, and I could mold Konoha into the greatest empire ever."

Naruto still said nothing, but held up the suppressor cuffs.

"Ah, yes. Those. I think we can remove them now."

He slid the key over and Naruto removed one then the other. The resulting explosion of chakra had Anbu rushing the office, Sakura could be heard screaming that the demon had killed the Hokage.

Danzo had been thrown back against the wall, his eyes wide. "Such power. Sarutobi, we were all fools."

Naruto sat motionless through it all. His head was tilted back, his eyes closed as his merged chakra rolled through him, around him, embraced him.

I am whole. We are whole. He thought. The twenty-one year old felt complete.

Anbu stood in shock. "Stay back." Danzo ordered. "Its alright. Uzumaki's chakra was surging after being sealed away for so long." What power. if we could harness it. He thought.

When it settled Naruto opened his eyes. "What?"

"Leave us." Danzo ordered. "And someone calm down Haruno." He said about his secretary that could still be heard screaming about the demon killing the Hokage.

Once the office was emptied again, Danzo retook his seat, his hands shaking.

"Now then, we can get you assigned to a team so that you can take up your duties as a ninja of Konohagakure, and…"

Naruto's laughter filled the office. "You need to remember Lord Hokage, I was never a ninja. I failed the academy three times and then was thrown in jail for the murder of Iruka-sensei and Mizuki vanished right after I kicked his ass for killing my mentor."

Danzo was speechless. Naruto stood. "Now, we're done. I'm out of here."

"Your apartment was destroyed…"

"No. I am out of Konoha. There's nothing here for me. You and the rest of the villagers made that obvious over the years."

"What about…"

"Old Man Ichiraku and his daughter left. I got a letter a year after they left. Civilians burned down their ramen stand after they visited me one time, they told me the old man died. Something no one else cared to tell me about. They told me of the invasion by Oto and Suna." Naruto said. He looked over his shoulder. "I'm done with this village. Do what you want, I no longer care."

"I'll mark you as a missing nin." Danzo threatened. "Again, I was never a ninja, but of course, I was never the Kyuubi either and you fuckers treated me like shit because you couldn't tell the difference between a boy and a being of chakra sealed away."

Naruto walked away, Danzo knew he'd made a mistake leaving the boy in jail the whole time, but they needed his power now.


An Anbu eager to please the boss, reached out to grab Naruto. But the blond sidestepped and grabbed the man's wrist and with a simple flick sent him to the ground hard, cracking the floor with the impact.

"Never touch me again bastard." Naruto said as he continued to walk, his gaze passing over Sakura and the guards still there. He reached the stairs and looked back to see Danzo in the doorway of his office. "Anyone you send at me will be killed. I am not a ninja and I've never been treated as a civilian, so I am solving all the problems and leaving Konoha. I hope the village burns around you Hokage-sama."

He was on the streets when the first tomato flew at him. His chakra swirled around him and obliterated the flying object, shocking the people around him. "Do that again and I will kill the person who threw it."

Naruto walked to he gates in silence, civilians watching, too scared to attack. Ninja watched from the roofs. And Danzo watched from the balcony of the Hokage's office, realizing that his plans had backfired.

(End Flashback)

"Okay, kit. Call her. We'll be days running before we get there otherwise." The fox said.

"Are you sure? I don't want to…"

"Do it. We have no reason to dally around here anymore." The fox said.

Nine smirked as he tapped a button on his watch.

"Twelve Tails, Operator." A females voice came from the small speaker.

"Hey Shizune."

"Naruto. Where are you? Lady Tsunade is not happy that you've vanished." Came the scolding voice.

"Heh. Tell Baa-chan that the issue in Wave is settled and they'll be sending the payment in."

"You were supposed to take back up."

"Heh. One and Two are dealing with that mess in…"

"Don't give me that Naruto." Shizune's voice cut him off.

"Its Nine now. Naruto died in a Konoha prison." The blond said.

"Get off it. You are Naruto. Lady Tsunade will beat it into your head if you don't stop thinking of yourself as that number you and the other two gave yourselves."

"We are sacrifices Shizune. Our villages stopped seeing us as people the day the Bijuu were sealed in us. None of us got warm affection…"

"I can't talk to you like this." Shizune said. "Where are you?"

"On my way from Wave, I took the long way around to avoid Fire Country."

"Stand still. I'll have Sei transport you."

Naruto stopped and smirked at the fox. "Body Slide." He said. Naruto was surrounded by twinkling lights and soon enveloped by blue-white light, and then was gone.

AN: Welcome to another idea. Naruto and the others have formed a service called Twelve Tails. See why in Episode 2: BANG!