London and the rest of the crew waited for the arrival of her precious dog, Ivana, and her sister, Mariella Tipton. London and Mariella never did really get along, Mariella was a girly/tomboy girl while London was a rich/girly girl. London's dog came down first,swinging in her carrier bag. After London finally got ahold of Ivana, the helicopter lowered Mariella down in the ladder and she jumped the few feet to the ships dock. "Hi , London" Mariella said as she landed on the dock,her black curls bounced as her feet hit the dock. Mariella wore a blue tank top with a blood red rose and over it a black unzipped hoddie, she also wore black jean capris, and plain black all-star converse. Her black thick hair was curled and she had side bangs with red streaks in it. "Ah, . Good to see that you made it her safley" said as he handed Mariella her puppy, Max. "Thank you" she replied as she got the dog from Mosbeys hands. Mariella had called the ship earlier and asked them if she could have her yorkiepoo,Max, they happly agreed to her request. Cody and Zack were on the ships dock when Mariella arrived and now they were gawking at her. Bailey had gotten jelouas, having the boys gaking at someone other than her, she was now huffing with her hands crossed over chest and her foot tappping on the ship's dock. Zack and Cody hadn't taken their eyes off Mariella "Wow" they sighed dreamily and continued to gawk at what they thought-The most gorgoues, pretty, and godess like girl, Mariella. Mariella walked away to her suite with her dog in her arms. London with Ivana in her arms in the same direction but walked into a different suite, right across her sisters suite.