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Bella POV

"Wow, this place sure is something," Charlie said, whistling as I gave him the tour of my new apartment in downtown Seattle.

I had recently moved into this dream apartment last month and had finally gotten Charlie down here to see it. Normally I didn't like super-modern and expensive things, but this place was out of my world. It was one bedroom but it had a huge kitchen, a dining room, a large living room, a bathroom and plenty of storage. There was two woodburning fire places and the view was spectacular. I had the top floor so I owned the roof. As soon as I got around to it I was going to go up and put furniture and plants so I could sit and see all of Seattle.

"You sure you can afford this Bells? You're only 23, it might be too much to handle."

"I'm fine Dad. I have a good salary at the paper, I know how to manage money," I assured him.

He walked to the end of my living room and out onto the balcony.

"This view is amazing though," he observed.

I placed my arm around his shoulder and sighed. The sun started to set and the colors spread out like wildfire.

"It is, I really love it here."

"Enough to stay? We all miss you back home so much."

I kissed his cheek and I could tell he was blushing. "I miss you all too, but this is my new home, my new life. I've got to grow up sometime."

He smiled and we continued to watch the sun go down on my balcony.

In the morning after Charlie left, I hurried to get ready and then headed out to work. I was the new entertainment writer for the Seattle Tribune. (a/n:i don't know if that is a real paper there so I'm making it up.) I made my way to my desk next to Angela who wrote the literature section.

"Morning Bella. How was your weekend?" she asked politely.

I put my stuff away and turned my computer on.

"Oh it was good. My dad came down to visit me, still trying to convince me to move back home," I replied with a laugh.

She smiled. "Do you have your proposals ready for the staff meeting today? I totally forgot and I'm trying to put them together. I might have to skip lunch to finish."

I bit my lip. I had two proposals but I doubt my boss would go for them. I was the new girl who was young and my ideas were never good enough.

"Yeah but he won't choose them anyway. I can stay and help you too though, "I offered.

Angela's face lit up. "Oh thank you! I would be forever grateful."

I shrugged.

We skipped lunch and worked on typing her drafts up and making quick examples. When the clock struck 1:30 we all shuffled into the board room and sat down around the large oak table.

Our boss Andrew stood in the front. Andrew was fairly young, in his 40's. He was to the point and wanted things done and they had better been done right. One by one he gathered our proposals and denied most of them. When he got to me he wouldn't even let me begin to speak.

"I don't want to hear your proposals today Swan. I've got a special assignment for you. It's a special one so stay in here after the meeting so we can discuss it."

My open mouth closed and he moved on without another word. Angela eyed me curiously but I just shrugged.

"Swan, do you know what is hot to write about these days?" Andrew asked.

He stood with his back to me, staring out his floor-to-ceiling window.

I bit my lip. Was this a rhetorical question? "No, Sir."

He turned around. "Undercover. People want to know what really goes on and you are going to be my undercover girl for the next few months or so. However long it takes, you get it. I want this story to be amazing! I have immense trust in you so let me down and you are fired, you hear?"

Undercover? Lying? Spying?

"Uhm, what would I be undercover as exactly?" I asked hesitantly.

Andrew smiled. "There's this hip bar/dance club place in the city called The Twilight Studio. It's huge and we want to know what makes it tick. You are going to work there."

A bar? Was he serious? I don't do bars, I'd barely ever drinken in my life! The only exceptions were my friend Jessica's wedding which I woke up with the rudest headache ever and when my old friend Jacob made me two years ago. Me and alcohol don't mix well.

"Sir, are you sure me? I don't look like a bar kind of girl," I protested.

He glared at me. "Swan, you will take this job and keep intricate notes. I expect reports ever once in awhile. You don't have to come into work too much either. Just fofuc on this story. This will be story of the year. It will blow us off the charts, the Seattle Daily News will be so jealous of our amazing story and work. Just think of it."

I let him bask in his glory before standing up.

"Okay, I guess I can do it."

He smiled. "Good! I've already gotten you the job. Just show up there tomorrow around 2ish. Ask for Emmett, he's the owner. I expect great things Swan, now get lost!"

I jumped and quickly scurried from the room. There was no way I could do this.

The next afternoon I found the bar very easily. It looked like a very hip and nice place. It wasn't like one of those trasy warehouse bars. It was nice on the outside with new looking neon lights. I went through the huge double doors. I stopped in the foyer so to speak. There were stairs that went down and at the bottom was a a huge dance floor. Around the floor were little tables and booths and at the east side there was a gigantic bar filled with everything you expected a bar to have. A large muscular guy walked around the bar.

"Can I help you?" he called.

I made my way downstairs and over to him.

"Uhm ya, I'm here about my new job..."

He smiled immediately.

"Swan! Hi."

Swan? Geez, Andrew didn't even know my name.

"Actually it's Isabella...or Bella."

He chuckled,"Good, I thought it was weird your name was Swan. I'm Emmett, the owner."

I shook his hand, "Nice to meet you."

Just then a tall blonde walked out from the back room. She looked like a model that was airbrushed...except she wasn't airbrushed.

She glared at me.

"Who the hell are you?"

Emmett smiled.

"This is Bella, the new bartender."

She gave me the once over and wrinkled her nose.

"Bella, this is my fiance Rosalie," he introduced.

She didn't even offer to shake hands.

"There's like two boxes of this nasty crap on the loading dock. Can you go grab it?" she asked.

He nodded. "In a minute. So Bella...you can start tonight. We open at 7 so be here at 6."


"Wait! I don't know anything about this. I don't know how to mix drinks."

He considered it. "Be here at 4, I'll show you everything."

"And don't dress like that. " Rosalie added.

I looked down at my business suit.

"You look like an office tramp. Dress like you work in a bar. Have you seen Coyote Ugly?"

I though my eyes were going to pop out of their sockets.

"You want me to dress like that and dance on the bar?" I asked.

"No! Just dress hot. There is NO dancing on the bar for ANYONE! This bar was expensive, keep it clean."

Then someone else emerged from the back room. She was short and extremely thin...but like Rosalie extrondinarily beautiful. What was this place?

"Bella, this is my little sister Alice. She's the manager."

She smiled and gave me a hug.

"It's so nice to meet you!"

I smiled but pulled away from Alice uncomfortably.

"Uhm, hi."

I blushed and she laughed.

"Where's Jasper?" Emmett asked.

Alice shrugged, "Work. He'll be here later."

I bit my lip. "Who's Jasper?"

Alice smiled, "My fiance!"

"That's nice, you're all engaged."

"Ya, it's a funny story actually..."Alice started.

Rosalie threw her head back. "Here we go again!"

"You see, Jasper is Rosalie's brother. One night she brought him in and I just had to dance with him so we danced and it was so sweet. He wanted to ask me out so badly but he thought I didn't like him. As if! I finally got him to ask me and it was over the phone and he told me he wanted to do it in person. How sweet? Anyway, now we're engaged!"

I smiled. That was a sweet story.

"Congratulations," I said.

"When's Edward going to be here? He promised he would come tonight. He never comes."

Emmett shrugged, "I don't know. You know how he is. He'd rather go to a 5-star restuarant than his brothers bar."

I listened to them talk for a little bit longer before announcing I had to leave. The all said goodbye, except Rosalie, and then I quickly exited the bar.

Ya, this was going to be a long night.

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