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September 13, 1987

Charlie Swan looked fondly down at the tiny baby nestled in his wife Renee's arms. It took all of his willpower to keep him from bursting into tears of joy at the sight of them. He felt like he had waited his whole life for this one moment.

It had been a long evening, and during labor, Charlie had been called every name in the book by his wife, worse than he had been called by any hard-nosed crook on the street. He chuckled, recalling a few of the more colorful ones - who knew Renee could be so creative? She may have ranted and raved like a harpy, but he loved her all the more for it.

In the end, however, it was all worth it.

Nestled in his wife's arms, was pure perfection. She was small, a mere 6 pounds. Her skin was mottled red, and she had ten perfect fingers and ten beautiful toes. The baby's head was covered in short, spiky brown hair. Charlie could see a lot of Renee in her.

"Oh, Charlie, our little girl is perfect." There was such love in his wife's voice, and the baby cuddled closer.

Charlie couldn't believe that he was a daddy. He finally had his own little princess. Part of him was afraid to hold her, worried that he could crush her with one wrong move.


Husband and wife turned their attention to the cheerful voice coming from the young nurse standing in the doorway. She was wearing colorful scrubs and carrying a clipboard as she snapped her gum, smiling brightly.

"Hi," Charlie said cautiously. He was afraid that this interloper would try to take his baby away to the nursery.

"I'm just here to fill out some information for the birth certificate. Do you mind answering a few questions?"

"Not at all," Renee said, cradling the baby closer. Obviously, she had the same fear that Charlie had, but there was a sigh of relief in her voice.

"Awesome. Ok, Mother's maiden name?"

"Higgenbotham," Renee answered, blushing slightly. Charlie knew the distaste that Renee had for her former last name, and used to joke that she only married him so she could change her last name.

"And the correct spelling of Swan is S-W-A-N, right?"

Both Renee and Charlie nodded.

"Charlie, is your name short for anything?"

"No, it's just plain Charlie."

"And have you decided on the kiddo's name?" The nurse turned amused eyes on their daughter.

"Bella," Charlie said. He and Renee had argued during the nine months of pregnancy as to what their angel would be called. It was Bella if it was a girl and Charlie Jr. if the baby was a boy.

"Is that short for Arabella?"

"No, it's short for Isabella," Renee said, placing a delicate kiss on top of the baby's head. "Isabella Marie Swan."

"Adorable. Alright, folks, enjoy your time with baby Bella. Your doctor will be by shortly," the nurse snapped her gum one more time, then left the room.

"Sweet, pretty Bella," Renee nuzzled the brown spiky hair on her daughters head. Charlie's heart swelled with pride, and he tentatively placed his pinky on her hand.

Bella chose that moment to open her eyes and coo.

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