When Edward leaves in New Moon Bella commits suicide. But is Bella really gone?

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I am not the first person with this idea.

The angry screaming swelled in my ears as I turned the music up. I was trying to erase all memory of him but no matter how loud the music was I could still hear the words he had said echoing in my head.

I sighed and took off the headphones. Damaging my hearing permanently would do me no good if I could still hear him. The phone rang and I debated pretending I wasn't here then picked up the phone.

"Hello," I said in a dead monotone.

"Hello this is Dr. Mallow. May I speak to Isabella Swan?" in my head I responded with a No somebody else the same age as her and looking exactly like her has just moved in with Charlie. But out loud I said:

"This is she."

"I'm sorry to inform you that your father and a man named Jacob Black were involved in a car accident earlier. Your father had a defective seat belt and hit his neck on the steering wheel and died right away while the young man hit head hard in the window and has lost his memory," Dr. Mallow informed me.

The old me would've been grieved by the loss but I was ecstatic. I would no longer have to be here to take care of Charlie and make Jacob happy. I could finally leave this earth.

I hung up without saying good-bye.

How would I die? I wanted a dramatic death- the type you see all over the news- but I wanted it to be painless too. I sat there for hours just thinking staring blankly at the wall. Then it came to me. It was so simple it made took my breath away. I could just disappear. But not just any disappearance- no, the type of disappearance that people wait staring at the television for.

I would go out with a bang. Next week Good Morning America would be held in Seattle because the news station in New York had been flooded. If I could sneak on set I could probably get close enough to scream "Edward Cullen, I love you! Remember Bella Swan!" and be heard. Then I could run for it. Ever since Edward had left I had started running trying to get rid of the clumsy Bella I he knew me as and gradually it had went away and I had became swift and quick.

The killing myself part would be easy. Take a whole bottle of Ibuprofen. I still wasn't done though I wouldn't take the Ibuprofen until I got to a creek and then I could just lie down in the middle of it and wait to die.

It seemed like the perfect death- quick and dramatic. I would make myself be remembered by it and no one could hold me back.

So I acted out the part of a distressed daughter whose father had died patiently for a whole week waiting for my death to arrive. I hoped Edward regret his decision to leave me. And if he didn't I promised myself I will haunt him for the rest of his immortal life.

Finally, the day was here! I drove in my truck to Seattle and wondered if how I felt in my heart- full of happiness and naughtiness- was how criminals felt when they had successfully done something illegal.

When- at last! - I arrived at the set I just sat there in my truck the worry and anxiousness finally dawning on me.

How was I going to get in? What if someone caught me? I shook off my discouraging thoughts and climbed out of my truck. It turned out it was very easy to get on set- I kinda just blended in with the crowd until I made it in.

When I made it in I just sat around, very bored, for an hour.

"We're live in 3…2…" The director mouthed the last number and I edged closer to the stunning news lady.

"Good Morning America," she said with a blinding smile, "I'm Diana Sawyer her to give you the news."

I couldn't let myself back out so I waited for her to pause then screamed, "Edward Cullen, I love you remember Bella Swan!" running toward the exit as I said it.

A security guard grabbed me around the waist but I kicked my leg back. I heard cough, then a groan, then a thunk as he hit the ground.

But I didn't turn around to see any of it. I was so close to happiness that I was about to collapse.

I ran and ran. Then- curse my clumsiness- I tripped and fell. My last thought was, My head is going to hit the ground at an awkward angle. Then everything went red and black.

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