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With effort, I tried to keep the impatience from showing on my face. I bounced eagerly from foot to foot as Edward and Bella stood deliberating. It was evident from Bella's face that she really didn't want to leave her daughter alone. Ever since the showdown with the Volturi, the two of them were glued to Renesmee's side. As if one of them left her, she would disappear.

"Will you two just go hunt already?" I stomped my foot. I heard a small giggle, and quickly winked at my niece, whose bronze head was poking out from her bedroom door. She knew what my visit meant, and was jumping with silent excitement.

"You really don't mind babysitting, Alice?" Edward raised an eyebrow, a dubious look crossing his face. In response, I smiled my most angelic smile. Just because once upon a time, I mentioned that children were a bizarre species better appreciated through the safe confines of…say, a zoo, that didn't mean I hadn't had a change of heart.

I want to play dress-up. Now, get going! I hissed to him in my mind. Aloud, I said "Bella, if you don't leave now, you will be late. Now, go!"

With a sigh, Bella disappeared into Nessie's room. I could hear her whisper soothing words to her daughter. Edward just stood there like a doofus, a goofy smile on his face. He was really loving this whole dad thing.

"Now, Renesmee, you be good for Alice…ok? Give Mommy a kiss." It was hard not to be awed at the undying love mother and daughter had for the other.

Soon, the two of them were dragging their feet reluctantly from their small, stone cottage. They were spending the weekend in San Diego, having a second honeymoon. Jasper and I had felt that it was appropriate, seeing as their first honeymoon was short lived. Not that I had any ulterior motives. Oh no.

"Auntie!" Renesmee squealed and hurtled her small, but solid, body against my knees. With a huge smile, I scooped up the little monster and ruffled her bronze curls. Her warm hands caressed my face, and I saw the little girl tottering in way too big Jimmy Choos and a fur coat.

"You bet we can play dress up!"

Ah, a child after my own heart. Bella always acted like my gifts were a cross she had to bear. Even as a dazzling vampire, Bella was still comfortable in a pair of ratty sweats. Her daughter…ah, little Nessie, loved dressing up. And it was rare that I could have alone time with her. Jacob had a pack thing going on, otherwise he'd probably be here making a nuisance of himself. And Emmett had promised me that he would bring Rose hunting this weekend. I had her all to myself.

With a flourish I produced a bag filled with new goodies. It was only a secret to Bella that Nessie had enough clothes to clothe a metropolis; they were hidden in the attic at the main house.

"Look , Nessie!" I chirped, holding up a small silk Japanese kimono. "How do you feel about learning Japanese tonight?" Renesmee quickly stripped out of her pj's and lifted her arms. I draped the silk around her, and quickly pulled her curls into a low bun.

A giant smile graced her face, as she clapped her hands together and bowed.

"Lesson number 1," I murmured, as she looked at herself in the mirror. Nessie turned, and cocked her head, her chocolate eyes wide. "If you ever want to hide anything from Daddy, nothing frustrates him more than thinking in another language. Can you say, 'konnichi wa'?"

"Konnichi wa, Auntie-san!" Nessie giggled. Once more her fingers were on my face.

Before answering her, I glanced out the window. Twilight was looming, and the forest was alive. I ignored the small thirst pains that burned my throat. "Trust me, when you're older you will want to know how to hide stuff from Daddy."

It still amazed me that this perfect little girl was my niece. That my favorite brother was a father. And, not a father like Carlisle, but an honest to God biological father. Who knew? Certainly not me. I hadn't even caught a glimpse of this until Bella actually acknowledged that she was having a baby, and that she was keeping it come Hell or high water.

Suddenly, my mind was filled with a vision of Bella talking Edward into turning around.

"One moment, pumpkin," I said to Nessie, and left her twirling in the living room. My fingers were dialing the numbers before I even had my phone out of my pocket.

"Don't even think about it, Edward," I snarled and hung up.

"Auntie Alice, is everything OK?" Nessie's eyes – so like how Bella's used to be – were wide with concern. She climbed into my arms, and as her hands touched my face I saw the concern was for her parents.

"Oh, they're fine!" I trilled, spinning the two of us in graceful pirouettes. I did it again and again, and she laughed the sweetest laughter I had ever heard. I loved these moments with her.

"Can I be a princess now?"

"You already are," I laughed. "Princess Nessie, the Cute." But I was already helping her change into a pale green micro-ballgown. I curtsied, and she repeated the gesture.

The game continued, until she was drooping. She protested as I changed her back into her pjs and settled her into her bed. I kissed her forehead, and in her way she asked me for a bedtime story.

"What would you like for me to tell you?" I ran my fingers through my short, spiky black hair. What did kids like to hear about? Dinosaurs? Frog Princes? I was out of my league, but I would try my best.

"How did you and Uncle Jasper meet? Was it like Mommy and Daddy?" a picture of a baby Nessie filled my head. I briefly wondered if she wished she had siblings or cousins. I hadn't been expecting this request.

"No," I whispered. "It wasn't like Mommy and Daddy."

I stared at a point on the wall, and my eyes were far away. Sometimes, a certain smell or sound would bring me back many years. It still amazes me how quickly time goes by for us. When I say that it felt like yesterday, it really did feel like yesterday. On the other hand, sometimes it really did feel like it was many decades ago. I tried not to think of my life prior to Jasper entering it. There really was no point. I didn't like to be reminded of the darkness.

Small little hands patted my face, and I saw her concern. I smiled, "Your Uncle Jazz and I met before your Daddy even knew your Mommy would one day be born…"

I closed my eyes and was brought back to 1948, and a small little diner that was dear to my heart.