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I stood there in the middle of a field. A cornfield in the past but now nothing grew here. No one had tended to this field in near three years. Not since the elderly man that had owned the five acre, lot had passed away from the stress of his ninety-seven years. His daughter had placed the land up for sale shortly after her father's funeral. It had not yet sold.

So there I stood in the middle of the abandoned cornfield, overgrown with weeds and a bright red 'For Sale' sign by the road. Standing there staring, staring at a 'For Sale' sign at the edge of the road, not the one for the old field but the one for the house across the road. It was my childhood home. My father had placed the sign some weeks ago yet there was still no offer. My father was upset; I was not. All of my memories were in that house; I did not want to leave. My mother and my brother would never have let him sell the land; but they were gone now. That was his reason, my father's, the memories were too great for him the pain still too fresh. That was why he was selling our home.

A strong breeze kicked up from the south and blew my straight, waist length hair into my face. I let out a ragged sigh as I began to comb the mostly dark tresses from my gray eyes. My hair was that of my mothers. The long locks that donned my crown were the color of ebony, save a single lock, just behind my left ear that shone with the brightest ivory, which rivaled that of a white dwarf star. I was told that the lock had lost its ebony color when I was a small infant; after a fitful night's sleep. My parents were worried; however, the doctors were not. They said that it was rare occurrence. It happened when people become extremely frightened. The fear would cause loss of pigment in parts of the hair or eyes or even their skin. The problem with that explanation was my utter lack of fear. I had long proved to my parents that I feared nothing. This included the most commonly feared thing for the human race; falling. I had a total lack of this basic human instinct. Proving so on several occasions; among which was an incident where I fallen from our barn roof and broke my left arm quiet badly. I began to remember all the times that I had shown my lack of fear, those memories made me subconsciously grasp the white hair that I kept separate from the rest by wrapping it with a ribbon.

The southern breeze swept past me again, blowing my hair into my face again, and pulling me from my thoughts. I glanced to the sky, the sun was beginning to sink behind the western ridge of the valley, and it would be dark soon. I pulled my hair back again as I stared home. My father would be returning home soon and I had to make dinner. As I passed the 'For Sale' sign in the front yard the thought of tearing it out of the ground and flinging it miles away came to me. I knew it would do no good. I made my way up the drive to the house instead. Halfway up a ruckus in the barn caught my attention. I shook my head; it was probably just Rascal messing with Bay. She had most likely chased a mouse into Bay's stall and upset him. I smiled at the thought of my calico barn cat scaring my noble white steed with a rodent as I moved toward the barn.

Entering the building, I could see Bay tossing his head back and forth and nickering as if he were agitated. Rascal sat in front of the stall, her kill under her front paw. She was staring towards the back of the barn as if there was someone there. Suddenly I felt a strange feeling come over me. I felt confused, and sad. My heart began to race and I began to shake and sweat. A knot formed in my stomach and my head began to spin. It felt like I was never going to see my father or my home, Bay or Rascal, or anything I knew ever again. I wanted to vomit, to purge my body of the knot that had been building in my guts but I could not. I was burning hot; it was as if I was on fire. My heart raced and my eyes swelled with tears. I wanted to die, to feel it end. I collapsed to the floor I tried to scream but no sound came from my mouth. My head hit the dirt floor and everything went black. Somewhere deep inside me I felt something snapped. Had my wish come true? Had I died? I am sorry father.

Something cool touched my forehead. An angel?I could hear humming near me. Am I in heaven?The coolness left my forehead and I groaned.

"Are you waking, young miss?" A voice came. It was gentle and soft. It was a girl's voice; she was young, sixteen to eighteen. I squeezed my eyes closed; it was bright... where ever I was. Slowly I forced my eyes open, the light burned my eyes like molten rock but they adjusted quickly. I blinked a few times trying to focus on the person who had spoken to me. I was lying on a bed in a room that looked to be made of stone. The girl was sitting next to the bed; her hair was pulled up in two buns, one on each side of her head. Like that, girl from that video game, my brother used to play. I could not think of it at that moment, and trying to made my head feel like it was going to explode. I cringed from the pain and the girl frowned. She placed a cool cloth on my forehead. She then stood, giving me a small bow she smiled brightly. It almost made me want to knock out her teeth to rid my eyes of the glow they gave off, but my thought was lost when she spoke again.

"I will be back soon. My lord told me to go get him when you awoke," she bowed again and left the room. I laid there trying to think of what happened and where I was. Nothing was coming to me, I had no idea; I had no memory. Once again, my head felt like it was going to explode so I decided it might be better if I just relax for the time being.

From the other side of the door I could hear the girl's voice and another that sounded like a man. His voice made him sound strong, maybe tall, young yet older than the girl, in his twenty's, most likely.

"You say she seemed to be having a nightmare? Is she alright now?" He almost sounded concerned for me. It was weird, I had never had anyone but my family concerned for me and this man sounded nothing like my father, my brother was gone and I had no other family. I heard the door shift and open. A gasp escaped my lips from the sight my eyes now were set upon.

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