The Witwicky Heist

Summary: Just as Sam thinks things are about to return to normal, he faces a new threat, this time of terrestrial origin…

Rating: Probably T, but for safety rated M for mild torture and violence.

Warnings: mild torture, violence.

Disclaimer: Transformers belongs to Hasbro and Dreamworks/Paramount, not me.

Genre: Transformers 2007 Movieverse Action/Adventure

A/N Thanks to my betas Anne Clothier and KDZeal for help with the title, and checking the document.

The Witwicky Heist.


"So, is everything ready?" asked a voice.

Agent Simmons, formerly of Sector 7, now of an organisation whose name was an even better kept secret, nodded.

"Yes, we took notes of his measurements, clothing size, all pertinent stats." he replied. "Of course, things like blood pressure and height can be re-checked when he's brought in, but the equipment required should be appropriate, he will not have increased in height or mass that much." he said.

"The room and it's equipment has been readied, I see no further reason for delay. A team shall be sent out to acquire the subject, and once we have him, we can begin." he finished.

"And with a minimum of fuss?" the other asked. "We only just managed to hide ourselves by re-branding, and even that involved shedding more resources and equipment than we would like."

Simmons nodded: he knew how close S-7 had come to being disbanded for real, instead of renamed and buried deeper.

"Of course, the biggest issue would be disengaging the subject from his extraterrestrial guardian, but I think I have found a way around that." Simmons stated.

"Explain your method." said the other. Simmons did so, although with a pang of guilt: the boy would be the worst off in this issue, but he squashed the pang: it was always the way with S-7, or whatever they called themselves now.

Once Simmons had finished explaining, the other nodded.

"It seems sound. Go ahead and procure the subject. If all is ready, why delay any further?"

Nodding, Simmons went out to make his preparations.

oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo

As Sam and the rest of the class began to pack up, a boy came in and handed Sam a call slip. Sam blinked in confusion: he couldn't think of anything he'd done to warrant the slip but figured he'd best go.

Sam rolled his eyes at Mikaela and Miles who shrugged and made sympathetic mouth signs to him.

"Meet you by 'Bee when I've found out what this is about." he whispered as he drew abreast. They nodded, and Sam headed to the Principal's office, knocking and then entering.

It took him a second or two to register that the man behind the Principal's desk was not the Principal. He was dressed, bizarrely, in the white shirt and navy blue pants of an ambulance attendant. He stood, extending his hand.

"Hello Sam." he said.

Sam was lost for words and not sure what to say, which distracted him long enough for Simmons - who was stood behind the door - to close it, and his companion the other side - also in ambulance attendant garb - to jab at Sam with a hand-held device. As the Taser contacted his shoulder, a wheezed groan escaped Sam, who toppled to the ground, stunned. The effect only lasted a few seconds, but it was long enough for Simmons to take a syringe from his pocket, stick it in Sam's other shoulder and depress the plunger, withdrawing it before Sam could start flailing and risk snapping the needle inside his muscle.

As he recovered, Sam tried to cry out. By then, however the other agent had turned off the Taser and put his hand over Sam's mouth, muffling his attempt to cry out, as Simmons threw himself on top of Sam to stop him thrashing around and making too much noise.

Simmons and the other agent did not need to restrain Sam long: as the drug took effect, Sam's struggles weakened and then ceased. The third agent, the one behind the Principal's desk, took a mid-brown wig from his briefcase and threw it to Simmons, followed by a fake moustache: Simmons put them on, totally altering his appearance.

Then the other agent threw Simmons a blonde wig and fake moustache. He took down a stretcher they had brought in earlier, and with Simmon's help, put Sam on it, put a blonde wig and moustache, also from the briefcase, on Sam, and covered his body with a blanket. With his face slackened by the drug and disguised such, Judy Witwicky would have been hard pressed to recognise her own son now.

As the other two agents picked up the stretcher, Simmons took the briefcase, and led the way out of the Principal's office and through the corridors to the waiting vehicle outside. It looked like a standard emergency ambulance but a search for it's registration plates would have come up negative, as it belonged to the organisation that had replaced S-7.

A curious crowd was gathering, but as they loaded Sam in, strapping his stretcher to the bed, one of the 'attendants' said "Please move away, there is nothing to see here, get out of the way so we may do our job." Climbing down, the two agents left the disguised Simmons in the back with the unconscious teen, closing and locking the two doors, and climbed into the cab.

The ambulance pulled out of the school smoothly, the kidnapping accomplished and the victim, recognised by none, was removed by his abductors in front of a crowd, hidden partly by being removed in full sight.

By the time anyone realised Sam was missing, and then found the Principal had been called out of school on a fool's errand, the ambulance was long gone.