A/N: A part of the thrilling drabble challenge set forth by the talented Enkidu07 and Onyx Moonbeam, which is also participated in by... a bunch of people I'm still in the process of hunting dow--erm, getting acquainted with. See Enkidu's or Onyx's tales to find them for yourself!

All I can say for this one, is blame the rabid dust rabbit!

Prompt word: Skin

Word count: 98! (yay, me!)


Changing in Public


If anyone asked Sam what he hated most, at that moment, the answer was skin.

"What I wanna know," said Dean, face contorted in disgust, "is why this dude is changing on a frickin' public beach."

Sam rose from studying the abandoned skin. "No kidding," he agreed. "It adds a whole new meaning to the term 'clothing optional.'" The two brothers gazed dubiously at the sign which declared their current location a 'nude beach.'

"Yeah..." Dean coughed. "Now, can we get outta here before the wrinkly old guys come back?"

Sam's eyebrows shot up in alarm. "Let's."


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