Dean Winchester sat still in his '67 Chevy impala, contemplating about things, he was alone until Castiel appeared by his side. "Took you long enough to show up"

"I'm sorry Dean, I was….thinking about things"

"And what thing's could you thinking about?" The angel didn't say anything so Dean decided to leave that subject alone. "Never mind, dont answer that. Anyway, You got any news for me?"

"Yes I do Dean" Castiel said looking forward, "The war is approaching upon us"

"I'm aware"

"Your brother….Sam….is growing more powerful than ever before Dean, if we don't do something about it, we will lose the war and all hell will roam free"

Dean didn't say anything, but looked at Castiel. After a while of staring at the angel, Dean decided to respond. "I failed Cass, I failed dad, I failed mom, and most importantly….I failed Sammy" Dean's voiced cracked while mentioning his brothers' name.

"You didn't fail Dean" Castiel said turning to face Dean, "It was his destiny, as I once told you, destiny can't be changed, all roads lead to the same destination"

Dean couldn't hold in the tears anymore so he let them fall freely down his face. He squeezed his eyes shut and then opened them again. 'If Sammy were here he'd be laughing at me'

"He isn't your brother anymore Dean"

"You reading my mind again Cass?" He hated when the angel did that.

"Sorry Dean, but it's the truth. Sam has….said to be more powerful than….Azazel"

"I don't care, he's still my brother, no matter what you or anyone else says" Dean said trying his best not to let the angel see him cry.

"Dean I'm going to tell you one more time, it's the truth weather you like it or not. I have to go take care of some business, think about what I said Dean, you will soon understand everything"

As Dean watched his friend go, all he could think of was,

"My god Sammy"