'Well I was there on the dayThey sold the cause for the queenAnd when the lights all went outWe watched our lives on the screenI hate the ending myselfBut it started with an alright scene'"Dean….you did what you had to do" Castiel said."I know but…I feel so guilty about it because I could've stopped him Cas, I…I could've saved him""Yes you could've in a twisted way, but in an other way you couldn't because it was his destiny…and like I've told you before Dean, destiny can't be changed, all roads lead to the same destination""I know but…still…I could've helped him not kill all those people, I mean he killed Ruby, Bobby and Pamela""I'm sorry Dean, I know it's hard"'It was the roar of the crowdThat gave me heartache to singIt was a lie when they smiledAnd said, "you wont feel a thing"And as we ran from the copsWe laughed so hard it would sting""Why are you sorry for?""About Bobby and Ruby, they were really good people Dean, they didn't deserve to die"

"Yeah well, they fought their part of the war, and I fought mine"

"But your part isn't over Dean" Castiel replied.

'Your just a sad song with nothing to say

About a life long wait for a hospital stay

And if you think that I'm wrong

This never meant nothing to you'

"What do you mean by that?" Dean asked.

"Sam, your brother, was right. Just because you've killed him doesn't mean it's over. There are more like him, more evil than he is."

"Yeah? Well, at least I have my guardian angels to come and help me" Dean smirked.

Castiel smiled.

'I spent my high school career

Spit on and shoved to agree

So I could watch all my hero's

Sell a car in TV

Bring out the old guillotine

We'll show what we all mean"


"What?" Dean asked.

"I think your dad would be proud of you"

Dean frowned. "What makes you say that?"

"Well, throughout your whole, well…since you were four, you always followed your father's orders, never questioned him, not even once, and you were always there for your brother no matter what the cost"

"Well someone had to be, Sammy couldn't take care of himself ya know"

Castiel laughed again, "That old lady in India was right Dean, you are young and strong, so don't go and take life for granted."

"Cas" Dean glared, "Don't tell me this is another one of your biblical advice sessions"

"It's not" The angel glared innocently.

'So go, go away, just go, runaway

But where did you run too? And where did you hide?

Go find another way, price you pay"

"Good…" Dean said leaning against the impala while taking another sip of his beer. Chuckles was right, the war wasn't over and it never would be over, Well, unless the Angels and Demons magically somehow became best friends, But he knew that would never happen. Dean had nobody, hell, he was the last Winchester standing.

"At all, at all, at all, at all"

Now that he was an angel, and he had to somehow save the world, Life for a Winchester could sure be a bitch.