"TITAN'S GO…" cried Robin as he and the other six dashed down the streets of Jump-city…

Slade was on the loose again, only this time, there were seven Slades exactly. It was his idea to evenly match the Titans; seven to seven. It seemed to be working as none of the others could tell which one was the real Slade…

Finally, the seven Slades were cornered at the site of the construction of a new building. "Yo', it's the end of line, Slade." said Cyborg.

"I would advise you to give yourself up before we are forced to take measures so drastic." added Starfire.

"Hmm, mm… you Titans never cease to amaze Me." one of the Slades hissed.

"I shall make you a deal…" added another. Then all seven spoke at the same time. "If you can figure out which one of us is the real one… I shall come peacefully."

"Dude… how do you expect us to figure that out." snapped Beast-Boy. "You all look exactly alike."

Copy-Cat tried sensing their thoughts, or brainwaves of what were obviously robotic-clones, "It is no good…" he said, "Even I am unable to tell."

"Never mind that…" Robin said as he readied his metal-staff. "Titans; everyone pick a Slade and… GO!" and with his word, all the Titans rushed into action, each chasing one of the Slades around the construction site.

Cyborg's and one of the Slades engaged in a fist-fight. "That all you got, man? C'mon…!" Cyborg taunted.

"What…? Please don't tell me you're getting tired." the Slade hissed. That insult steamed Cyborg up. "Yeah…? I'll show you tired… TAKE THIS!" and he fired his sonic-cannon right at his opponent, destroying the robot-clone. "BO-YAH! One down… six to go."

Terra and Raven were dealing with two Slade, as they were being chased up a rocky dirt-hill. "What's the matter ladies?" one Slade said, "Afraid of being crushed in battle?" added the other.

The girls gazed at each other in utter disgust. "The only ones getting crushed are you-two." Raven said.

"Do it…" Terra said as she and Raven concentrated their powers on the huge boulders at the top of the hill, and buried the two Slade's in an avalanche. Sadly, they both were robot-clones, but that still left only four left to beat.

Beast-Boy, as a green mouse, moved quietly along the floors on the unfinished building, until a huge foot stomped on the floor and nearly crushed him, scarring him out of his little mind. "Thought you could outwit me, could you?" said the Slade.

Beast-Boy resumed his normal shape. "Dude… way not cool!" he ranted, and then he changed into a T-Rex… which unfortunately was a bad idea as the unfinished floor wasn't strong enough to hold all that extra weight, and it collapsed sending both Beast-Boy and the Slade crashing down, down, one floor after another… until they both landed with a thud on the hard ground at the bottom.

Ironically, Beast-Boy had managed to crush the robotic-clone upon his landing. He changed to his normal form and stood there, "Heh! What do you know…? I did it."

Only three Slades were left, and one of them was chasing after Starfire. "Twinkle, Twinkle little star… you will never get real far." The Slade mocked her.

Robin's wife gritted her teeth. "That humorous comment grows less humorous every time I hear it!" she growled, and she began to fire he star-bolts which one by one knocked off a piece of the robot-clone, and put it out of action.

Now there were only two left, and Robin, with his staff armed, and Copy-Cat with his X-Men claws, were starring the two remaining Slades down like cowboys ready to draw.

"It's two on two." Robin said.

"But in the end… it is we who shall reign victorious." added Copy-Cat.

The two Slades gawked at each other, and then grabbing two long steel-bars they shouted, "ENGAURDE…!" and the four fighters charged into battle. The clashing of the metals would make one think that a gladiator battle was going on.

The other Titans gathered together on the other side of the battlefield and were still trying to depict the real Slade. "I can't tell…" Raven said, "Their moving around too much for me to even sense close enough."

Using his Psychic-Foresight to determine all of his opponents moves, either robotic or human… he got the best of the Slade he was fighting knocked him to the ground and then stuck his claws right into the robot's chest.

Sparks and small electrical currents began to flow through the metal of his claws, and through his body. "Whoo-oa-oa-oa-oa-oa-AAAAH…!"

Robin saw what was happening, "Copy-Cat…!" and he rushed over quickly and pulled him out of the short-circuiting robot, and then turning quickly to fire his disc-bombs at the last Slade, which also turned out to be a robot.

All seven Slades were defeated, and the Titans were very unhappy, they had been tricked again, and Slade was still out there to fight another day.

Still, for once Robin wasn't concerned about that, "Are you alright…" he asked Copy-Cat.

The Psyconian Prince, who looked very much like Robin…shook his body vigorously, retracted his claws, and straightened out his Robin's-mask. "I am… undamaged." he said.

Raven sighed in relief that her boyfriend was alright. "Well let's head on home y'all." Cyborg said, "A battle like this calls for a mean stack of home-cooked ribs."

"A-A-Ahem…" Beast-Boy said while tapping his foot.

Cyborg sighed, and replied with, "And a side dish of tofu-dogs." He understood Beast-boy's desire not to eat meat, but he still just couldn't imagine life as a vegan. Regardless… all the titans headed for the direction of Titan's-Tower.

(Intro cue…)



Robin as Dick Grayson...

Starfire as Kori And'r…

Cyborg as Victor Stone…

Beast-Boy as Garfield Logan…

Terra Markov/Logan as Herself…

Raven as Herself…

Copy-Cat as Kato…

And… Slade Wilson as Principal Slade…!