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With Someone

Gabriella Montez woke up to her first day of summer after her 11th grade year at East High School. And guess what she was going to be doing? She was getting ready for her first job as a counselor at camp 'Wildcats' Yes it was a cheesy name she thought but it fit the camp well.

With Someone Else

"Troy! Wake up now, or your going to be late for your new job!"

"I'm already up, mom!"

Troy Bolton was also getting ready for his counselor job at camp 'Wildcats'. Troy was new to the neighborhood. His family had just moved into the city about one week ago. They thought it would be a good idea if Troy got a job so they hooked him up with one. Troy didn't object to the job. He needed the cash and he was willing to do anything for it.

Troy thought for a moment. "Just one more hour until I have to leave." He sighed and walked downstairs.

1 hour later with Gabriella.


"I'm leaving, be back tonight at about 9:00!"

Gabriella then closed the door leading her outside and she walked to her car. Now… Gabriella signed up for a day time counselor which means she would be with the kids until about 8:30 and then her shift would be over. She grabbed an envelope out of her purse as she sat in her car. Supposedly her counselor partner was a guy the same age as her. His name was Troy Bolton.

"Hmm…" she said to herself. "Okay… lets go…" She started her car and backed out of the driveway.

Back with Troy

Troy was now in his car pulling into the camps parking lot. He grabbed his car keys and walked into the office.

"Hi, I'm Troy Bolton… I volunteered to be one of the camp counselors here."

A women in a red and white uniform spoke. "Oh, yes, you and another volunteered counselor will be looking over the…" She paused to look down at a sheet of paper. "You will be looking after the five-seven year olds." She smiled at Troy. "Why don't you go and wait in room thirteen, your counselor partner and our administrator will meet with you both, shortly." She smiled again and walked off.

"Umm… okay thank you." was his reply before walking into room thirteen. He set his backpack on a leather chair and sat down. He spinned in his chair and whistled to himself to pass the time. He tapped his fingers on the chair.

"Excuse me… are you Troy Bolton?" Troy turned in his chair and stood straight up. He stopped breathing when he saw the gorgeous, petite, brunette standing before him. She had cute little braids that ran past her chest. He could tell her hair was curly from the end of the braid. She had brown beautiful chocolate eyes that Troy could drown in. She was wearing a jean skirt that ran about mid-thigh with a cute yellow tank top to match.

"Umm… yeah, yeah that's me."

Gabriella stuck her hand out. "Its nice to meet you, I'm Gabriella Montez."

"You too… that's a very pretty name." Troy said sweetly.

She blushed. "Thank you…Troy." She giggled and thought. He was cute! He looked about her age. He had brown shaggy hair (A/N: Picture his hair like it was in HSM 2) and the bluest eyes she had ever seen! She blushed just thinking about this. She shouldn't be.

"So I guess I'm gonna have to deal with you the whole summer, eh?" Gabriella joked.

"Yep, sorry to say… you are." Troy shoved his hands in his pocket and chuckled. She giggled too and for a moment blue eyes met brown and they stayed that way for quite some time, until…

"Aw, Mr. Bolton, Miss Montez, please… take a seat." It was the administrator. He wore a gray, plain, suit. With a red striped tie. He looked like he was in his late fifties… maybe younger. He took a seat across the table from Gabriella and Troy. Gabriella took a seat right next to Troy and sat her purse down.

"Okay well, I don't want to take up too much of your time, but here are both of your schedules." He handed Troy and Gabriella two manila folders with a packet inside.

"Since this is your first day, I would like you two to just go around and explore the camp ground, talk to the kids and maybe get to know each other since you two will be working closely the summer." Troy shifted in his seat and took a glance at Gabriella while starting to scratch the back of his head.

"Okay, Now run along… oh and thank you for volunteering for this wonderful camp!" He nodded his head once and walked away. Gabriella turned to Troy. "Hmm… he was… nice… in a way" She snorted and got up, grabbing her purse.

"Yeah… totally." Troy chuckled. He walked over to where he set his backpack, then picked it up. "So… you wanna go check out the place?" Troy asked putting one hand in his pocket.

"Sure! Lets go!" Gabriella said and giggled light heartedly.


Troy stepped on a branch and tried to make his way through the woods with Gabriella close behind. "So, what's your favorite color?" He asked.

"Troy! That's so lame! You can't ask another question?" she smiled and maneuvered through some bushes.

"I've asked you everything. but that question!" He accused back at her and laughed.

"Ugh! Fine, umm… yellow!" She smiled as she pondered her thought.

"I can tell by the tank-top." He said.

"Oh so you noticed?"

"Always." He chuckled and moved a branch out of their way.

Gabriella made an icky face. "Ugh, Troy… we went to explore the camp and you take me to the woods! This is like the pit of hell!" She gave a disgusted look at him.

Troy smiled at her. He thought it was cute when she made that face. Troy hoped she would do it again. Troy also liked it when she said his name. He thought it sounded good coming from her. Troy thought for a moment longer. Was he really crushing on her? They just met… theirs no way. Maybe in the future but now is way too soon. He wouldn't let himself get that far.


Troy jerked his head back to his left and looked at Gabriella. She was on the ground rubbing her arm up and down, like she was trying to rub away something.

"Gabriella!" He bent down to her. "What happened? Did you fall?"

She breathed in a sharp breath. "T-Troy! I got stung by a bee! I'm allergic to b-bees!" She tried to breath in and she started to wheeze.

"Gabriella, just breath… here, come on. We'll go find a nurse or something, there's got to be one around here." He got closer to her and wrapped his arms under his legs. He looked at her first as if to ask if it was okay. She nodded her head and tried to breath. Troy swiftly picked her up and ran out of the woods.

"Troy! I-I cant b-breath!" she wheezed.

"Shh… don't talk. Just try to relax, were almost there." Troy tried his best to run but it was hard because he didn't want to trip and he didn't want Gabriella struggling to breath.

He finally reached the camp ground and ran into one of the buildings. He walked up to the same women he met earlier. "Excuse me, Miss?" Troy asked. Gabriella coughed and put her face in Troy's chest.

The lady turned around and looked at them both confused. "Yes, can I help you, Mr. Bolton?"

"Yes, please tell me where the nurse's office is, please? Hurry!"

"it's the building right across from here." She answered calmly as if nothing was wrong. Troy found that rude so he just nodded his head and ran out the door.

Gabriella pulled on his shirt. She wasn't breathing steady now. It was jagged and every breath she took in was wheezy and sharp. "Troy… Help…"

Troy's face turned sad at her words. She was helpless in his arms and he felt terrible. He ran into the building, "Help! Someone!"

The nurse came out. "What, What's wrong with her?" She looked at Gabriella and immediately looked worried. Its about time someone showed some emotion, Troy thought.

"She was stung by a bee! She's allergic to them!" Troy said.

The nurse nodded her head. "Come in, lay her on the bed." Troy rushed her to the bed and laid her down. Gabriella reached out for him as she was set down. She slowly rolled her head on the side and closed her eyes.

"Troy… help…" was her last words before she drifted off to unconsciousness.

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