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Gabriella stood up, with her shirt clung to her chest, not reveling herself. She walked rather quickly to her dresser and shut off her radio. She smirked and came back to the bunk bed where Troy was still sitting, eyes wide and mouth straight. She smiled and dropped her sweatshirt again, revealing her naked chest for all of Troy to see.

She leaned forward and kissed his lips. "Troy… what do you think?" She whispered against his lips and started attacking his neck with hot sweet kisses.

Troy held in a groan and kept his eyes shut. "G-Gabriella… are you sure you want to do this? I don't want to make you feel like you're being pressured into anything…"

"Troy, I know… you won't be. I promise. I just want to try this… please." Troy closed his eyes, thinking. He wanted to do this with Gabriella so bad, but part of him was scared to death. He had never done just oral with a girl… or oral at all. He just… had sex. He had no idea how he would be with Gabriella. He wanted to pleasure Gabriella in a way that no other man could… but he wasn't good enough… or so he thought.

He nodded, softly. "Okay… but if you feel uncomfortable, please tell me." Troy gripped her wrists and looked her square in the eye. Gabriella smiled. "Of course, Troy… I promise." As soon as the words left her mouth, she leaned forward and kissed him hard on the lips. He closed his eyes and ran his fingers through her now long and flowing brown hair.


It was five minutes later and Gabriella now all hot and bothered from Troy's kisses all over her body… was ready for the real pleasure.

She sat up and pulled away from Troy's mouth. She laid her forehead on his and looked down. She clung hold of his shoulder and got on her knees. She carefully grabbed the waistband of her thong and slid it down her long slim legs, slowly. She was feeling a little self-conscious with her now nude body, but she took a breath and realized this is what she wanted and this was her boyfriend that she loved with all her heart.

She threw the article of clothing on the ground and looked at Troy. "Feel me Troy…" She kissed his slightly bruised lips and forced her down on him. He gladly accepted the kiss and leaned down on her, careful not to crush her. He shivered as Gabriella's hands brushed over his bottoms and down his thighs, pulling lightly on his boxers.

"Oh!" Gabriella cried out and threw her head back as she felt Troy's hands caress her folds. His thumb worked his way up to her clit and rubbed slowly in circles. Gabriella gasped and shut her eyes tightly. This felt amazing and she never wanted it to stop.

Troy smiled and out his left hand on her cheek as he felt her tense up. "Just relax, Gabriella… relax." Gabriella breathed out and let her muscles relax. She was a little tense, but she had no other way to react to this. This was all new for her.

Troy spread her legs apart and ducked his head in between. He sighed and felt Gabriella's legs shake and she whimpered. She needed more. But could Troy be enough? He wondered.

Troy leaned forward and bit down on Gabriella's clit softly. Gabriella cried out and scooted up towards him, wanting to feel more of him. Troy closed his eyes and ran his tongue up and down her folds, tasting her and licking her. She tasted amazing to Troy and he couldn't wait to get more. His hormones kicked in and he began licking up and down faster, darting his tongue in every now and then.

Gabriella just sat there, enjoying the immense, wonderful pleasure. Her legs were shaking and her hands trembled. She had never experienced something as wonderful as this before. It felt heavenly. Troy had so much effect on her, she didn't think Troy even knew about it. Knowing that Troy was giving her all this pleasure just made it even more worth the wild.

Troy inched his head away and slipped his two fingers of his right hand in her pussy, sending shivers down his and Gabriella's spine. He could feel his cock restrained against his boxers and he grunted.

"Troy k-keep going, oh god!"

Gabriella felt like a lightning bolt had just ran threw her. Her legs shaked like they never had before and she came onto Troy's fingers. He thrusted his fingers inside her slowly now, letting her relish in the moment. He did it… he was good enough. He couldn't believe he gave a women such pleasure like this. And not just any women… his Gabriella.


Gabriella searched through her bag for some sunglasses. She couldn't seem to find them anywhere and she was getting angry.

"Ah-hah!" She exclaimed. "Found 'em…"

"Found what?"

"AHH!" Gabriella jumped up and spun around when she felt someone place their hands on her hips and say that.

"Yo, calm down, dude."

Gabriella hit Troy's chest playfully. "Don't sneak up on me like that, you know I hate it." She pouted.

Troy leaned down and pecked Gabriella's lips, sweetly. "Sorry babe, but we have to go to the gym now… counselors meeting." Troy stuck his tongue out in disgust. Gabriella did the same, she hated meetings.

"Okay… lets go then." She smiled and took his hand, leading him out of their room.

Gabriella was all smiles that day, due to her and Troy's…night last night. After giving Troy a blow job and making out fifteen minutes after, they feel asleep together, muttering over and over again, how much they loved each other.

It was an evening she wouldn't forget.


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