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Chapter 1:

Spencer was sitting on the quad waiting for Ashley. She knew that she may have overreacted when she got mad at Ashley for talking to Aiden. She was just so scared of losing Ashley to Aiden. They had too much history. She knew she could not compete with that. And the fact that Aiden is still hung up on Ashley does not help matters much for their relationship either.

Ashley saw that Spencer was waiting for her and could not help but smile. She knew they were finally okay. She got out of her car immediately without bothering to say goodbye to Aiden. She just went straight to Spencer who wore an apologetic smile.

"Hey" Spencer said as soon as Ashley reached her.

"Hey back" Ashley said smiling. Her eyes were red and puffy from all the crying she did last night.

"Listen, about yesterday, I'm sorry. I was just stressed and I didn't mean to pick a fight with you. Sorry." Spencer said looking at the ground while fiddling the bottom of her shirt. She could not bear to look the brunette in the eye after she saw how red it was.

Ashley held Spencer's chin up and smiled at her knowing that the blonde felt somewhat guilty.

"Hey, forget about it. I'm just glad you're not mad at me anymore."

Spencer kissed Ashley who was surprised at first but before she could kiss back, her blonde beauty had taken a step back.

"Spence, what's wrong?" Ashley asked confused while trying to get a hold of Spencer's hands, but the blonde just took another step back increasing the distance between them.

"Please tell me Aiden did not spend the night at your place? Tell me, his car broke down and you just had to give him a ride." Spencer said her voice broken and barely above whisper. Ashley would not have heard it if she was not hanging on every word the blonde is saying.

"Spence, it's not what you think. Believe me. We just ta—" Ashley could not finish her explanation because Spencer's angry ramblings cut her off.

"You will not even deny it? Or make up some lie? God Ash! Here I was feeling really guilty for yelling at you last night, but it seems like all my suspicions were true it was just about time it happened, right?"

"Whoa… Spence. STOP whatever thoughts you're having right now. JUST STOP! THAT is not what you think it is. There is nothing to deny and lie for because NOTHING happened. We just talked. And I would never lie to you. I know how much you hate that. I've learned from that already." Ashley frantically explained.

Spencer just bitterly chuckled then said, "So is that what you call it now? 'Talk' ? Well I hope you had fun talking because I'm done talking to you."

Spencer turned around and walked away from Ashley.

Ashley was too shocked to do anything. She stayed rooted in her spot for a few seconds before she snapped out of her daze and ran after Spencer.

Ashley reached for Spencer's arm hoping that it would make Spencer stop and listen to her.

Spencer wiped the tears that fell before she turned to face Ashley.

"We're done Ashley. I mean it this time." Spencer said as she yanked her arms away from Ashley.

"I love you Spence. No one else." Ashley said as she held Spencer's arms again pleading for their relationship to not break.

"But it's not enough now, is it?" Spencer said sadly.

"Spence, it is enough. It is for me. I love you. I can't lose you." Ashley said her voice begging and tears falling down her face not caring or maybe unaware of the other students looking their way. Please, don't do this. I need you so much right now.

"You should have thought of that when you let Aiden spent the night in your house." Spencer said with tone of indifference.

"We did nothing but talked. Believe me. He slept on the couch. He was never anywhere near my room. You gotta believe me. I just needed to talk to someone last night."

"Couldn't you have talked to me?" Spencer asked sighing.

"You were mad at me."

"So you talk to Aiden about us?" Spencer said a bit enraged.

"No... Yes... No... Not just that. Nothing is gonna happen between us. I already made that clear to him. He knows and understands that NOTHING could ever come between us. I see him nothing more than an older brother. I'm yours Spence. Just yours. You have to believe that. I need you and I love you. I can't live without you."

"Well, I guess you're lucky you have him to talk about our break up then."

"Spencer… NO! Did you not hear what I just said? I LOVE YOU! Not him. YOU! Why can't you just believe that?" Ashley said throwing her hands in frustration.

"Because I don't know what to believe anymore! We fight, we argue then instead of dealing it with me, your girlfriend, you go to your ex- boyfriend, Aiden. What am I suppose to think?" Spencer said her voice defeated.

"I just don't want us yelling at each other. I was just asking him for advice then. I wanted to talk to you last night but you slammed the door in my face. What was I supposed to do Spencer? I needed someone." Ashley explained frustration still lacing her voice.

"Then you should be happy. You would have that someone now without you worrying about me getting jealous." Spencer spat out bitterly.

"Spencer please… I will not talk to him ever. I will not even look at him. I'll do anything you want just not this. Don't do this to us. Please. Don't break up with me. I'll do whatever you want. Anything. We'll work this out." Ashley said begging. Oh God! Please, don't let this happen.

"Ash, I love you so damn much it hurts. I love you. I'm tired of having the same argument over and over again. I have enough insecurities as it is without you including him in the picture. I cannot do this anymore. Haven't you noticed? We've been fighting a lot these past few days? Do you know the source of our fight mostly? Aiden. The fact that you actually let him spend the night after we had a disagreement about him doesn't help. Understand it from my point of view Ash. Please."

"But nothing did happen. We just talked. That was it. It was already late and since we had a few drinks I did not want him driving. He slept on the couch. Not even on one of the guest rooms. Just the couch."

"Now, you were drunk while you were with him?" Spencer asked in disbelief.

"NO! I wasn't drunk I just had a couple. I just needed to drink. Nothing happened! I swear Spencer, nothing!"


"Spence no…"

"I shouldn't even doubt you. I should believe every word that you say. I should just trust you, but I can't. Not anymore…" Spencer finished softly both breaking their hearts.

"Spence please…"

"I'm tired of getting hurt Ashley. I'm sorry, but I can't do this with you anymore."

"Just one last chance? Please Spence. I'll do everything right this time. I swear! I promise I won't do anything that will remotely hurt you. Please?"

"I can't." Spencer said tears falling her eyes as she softly shook her head.

"Please I'm begging you. Just please. Another chance Spence? I can't lose you. Not now. Not ever. I need you. You're my reason. I cannot do this. Not without you. I love you so much. So much, Spence. Please."

"I love you too Ash. That is not our problem. We love each other but it's not enough. Just let this go. Let me go Ash."

Ashley wanted to protest some more but the look in Spencer's eyes stopped her. The pain that surrounded those blue orbs killed her. She knew she is causing the blonde more pain with every second she is prolonging the inevitable.

"Is this what you really want?" Ashley asked defeated. She knew what the answer to the questions is, but she just needed to hear it for the last time and for the wishful thinking that maybe, just maybe Spencer would change her mind.

"Yes." Spencer said softly not looking anywhere near Ashley.

"So we're really over." Ashley said just barely above whisper. She did not expect the blond to respond. It was more of a statement than anything.

Spencer just nodded at what Ashley said, before she turned and walked away. It broke Ashley's heart more now that the blonde actually responded and agreed with her. You should have said no.