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Chapter 27:

"So class, I'll be leaving you in the hands of Ms. Lauer for the next few days. No worries she definitely knows Biology so you'll still learn. I briefed her on the topics she needs to discuss on the next few days. I hope you don't give her a hard time, like you do me." Chester Reynolds said the last part with a sigh.

"I'm sure I can handle this bunch just fine." Rachel said with a chuckle.

"Alright, I'll leave you to it. Thank you again."

"Don't worry about it." Rachel waved off with a smile.

Ashley raised her hand after Chester Reynolds left.

"What is it, Ms. Davies?"

"I have some concern." Ashley said with a glare.

"Give it up."

"Was I talking to you at all?" Ashley said as she turned in her seat to face Carmen.

"Just because she's not putting up with your shit doesn't mean she's not cool." Carmen said with a smirk.

Madison raised her eyebrow at Rachel as she shook her head amused.

"Alright that's enough Ms. Sanchez. Let's go outside and address this concern of yours, Ms. Davies." Rachel said as she walked towards the door and kept the door open as she waited for Ashley to get where she was.

"What's wrong?" Rachel asked as she closed the door.

The hallway was empty because classes were going on. It was just the two of them now.

"I don't know what you're up to with all these crazy tricks you're pulling. The guys are having a blast that you're here. Madison is continually amused. So fine, make my time here unbearable. I don't care that much. But whatever you fucking do, do not put Madison and Carmen together. Don't do it. I'm warning you. I will never forgive you, if you do. You can always read me. Look at me right now and see if I'm just fooling around." Ashley finished while looking at Rachel straight in the eyes.

They continued their staring contest for a few seconds before Ashley turned to go back to the room.

"What's going on?" Rachel asked before Ashley could fully open the door.

"Something you'd never know if you don't listen to me." Ashley said as she went inside the classroom leaving Rachel confused.


"What was that all about?" Madison asked after Ashley took a seat beside her.

"This whole shit that's been happening."

Madison raised her eyebrow amused.

"You should just tape that eyebrow up since you keep raising it anyway."

"Someone's grumpy" Madison commented with a chuckle.

Ashley just rolled her eyes.

"Okay so since I'm in charge for the next few days, maybe even weeks. Why don't you tell me about yourself so that it'd be easier for me to remember your names?" Rachel said with a grin as she heard some of the students groan.

"This is so lame!" Ashley said groaning to her desk.

"I can help you with what you'll say to her." Madison said.

"What?" Ashley said already knowing it would be something she wouldn't like.

"I'm Ashley. I'm your cousin. Why are you doing this to me?" Madison said with a straight – face which made Ashley laugh really hard.

"We're not doing stand – up comedy here." Rachel said in Ashley's direction.

"I know, but Madison is!" Ashley said still chuckling, her mind playing Madison's act all over again.

"Why don't you tell us about yourself, Ms. Davies?"

Ashley rolled her eyes, but then she smirked.

"I'm Ashley Davies. I'm rich. I'm a spoiled brat. I have an annoying sister."

"Hey!" Kyla said.

"Forgot to add, she's rude too. What was I saying? Oh yeah, I have an annoying and rude sister. I have a best friend who's a major bitch." Ashley said as she stepped back from Madison's reach knowing she's going to get hit.

"Bitch!" Madison said not attempting to come closer to where Ashley was.

"What else? Uhm, I have an awesome life. I'm not some pathetic loser who will die soon."

"Ms. Davies." Rachel said warningly.

"What? I'm not yet done. You wanted to get to know me, didn't you? I'm not desperate enough that I would force myself on others just to get laid. I don't hit girls. And lastly, I have this super old cousin who sucks so much. I'm telling you her wrinkles are not something you want to lay your eyes on." Ashley finished while pretending to shiver in disgust.

"Are you done?" Rachel asked somewhat annoyed.

"Yes" Ashley said with a grin.

"Ms. Duarte, you're next."

"I'm Madison. I used to have a best friend who's a lesbian and a major bitch."

"Very nice." Rachel commented.

"Lame." Ashley said.


"I'm Kyla. I'm into theatre."

"Boring." Ashley commented.

"Shut up!" Kyla replied.

Ashley just stuck her tongue out to her.

"I'm Brett. I like Science."

"I'm Jacob. I like taking pictures."

"I'm Spencer. I spilled coffee on you."

Ashley raised her eyebrow and looked pointedly at Rachel who deliberately ignored her gaze.

"We didn't know that." Madison whispered.

"I'm Carmen. I'm not a spoiled brat who uses her money to get her way. Best of all, Spencer is my girlfriend." Carmen said with a smug smile as she looked at Ashley's back. Ashley did not bother turning around to look at other people after Kyla introduced herself.


"Yo, Mark! Tell them we're having lunch at the quad!" Ashley yelled from her locker when she saw a glimpse of her friend on the other side of the hall.

"Your treat?"

"Just tell them be there at lunch time. Bring the rest of the foo- jocks with you."

"Stop calling us that!" Mark exclaimed.

"Stop being annoying. Tell them! I'll see you later!" Ashley said as the bell rang.


"Hey, I heard you're gathering the guys at the quad at lunch." Aiden said as he passed by Ashley's seat in Algebra.

"Yeah. See you there." Ashley said as she shoo him away.


"Holy shit Ash! You weren't kidding!" Aiden said his mouth already watering at the feast in front of him.

There were around 5 people dropping what looks to be around thirty boxes of pizza on the table.

Ashley just smirked in their direction.

"I'm sure Ashley didn't mean that you're the only one who gets to eat that Aiden." Madison said as she rolled her eyes.

"Where did these come from?" Kyla asked with wide eyes. She had never seen that much pizza in one location.

"The pizza place, Ky." Ashley answered.

"You're so hilarious today Ashley." Kyla replied.

"You asked." Ashley said with a shrug.

A chorus of curses and amazement were suddenly heard.

"Are these ours?" One of the guys who were wearing a letterman jacket asked.

"Knock yourself out! Just give some to the other students who aren't part of your little foo-jocks group."

Many of the guys groaned because of the awful nickname that Ashley gave them.

"She did say the whole school. So go distribute." Madison said as she waved her hand towards the other table.

"If you choke, it's not my problem." Ashley commented as she bit a mouthful from her slice.

"Did the Pizza God drop by King High and I was sleeping?" Glenn said as he saw the reason why there was such a big gathering where Ashley was.

"Go ahead, Glenn." Ashley said.

Madison just rolled her eyes. She could not understand why Ashley was being nice to Glenn.

"Miss?" One of the pizza delivery guy said.

"Oh yeah, how much is it?" Ashley said as she wiped her hands on her jeans to look at the receipt.

"485 dollars."

"Oh wow that's a lot. She's not gonna be happy. Ahh here, go straight ahead you'll see the faculty lounge. Look for Rachel Lauer. Tell her I covered the tipped already." Ashley said as she took a couple of bills in her pocket.

"Here." Ashley said as she handed him twenty.

"Thank you. I'm Mario, by the way."

"You're welcome and nice to meet you too, Mario. I'll be here just in case there are problems with her paying."

Mario just nodded and went on her way to find Rachel.

"Uhh, Ash, the others?" Kyla said noticing the other guys looking at their exchange.

"Oh yeah here. Wait, I'm short. You have another 20 there?" Ashley asked her sister as she handed the other three guys their tip.

"Okay, I got it." Kyla said as she gave the bill to the last guy.

"You can call us for delivery any time." One of the guys said flirtatiously.

"Sure, just don't ever try to flirt with me or my sister ever again." Ashley said annoyed.

"ASHLEY DAVIES! ONE WEEK DETENTION! DON'T YOU EVEN DARE SKIP!" was suddenly heard on the intercom silencing the room.

The other students who were not friends with Ashley looked from one another to their pizza and then to Ashley who looked really happy and then back to each other again.

"Relax guys! You can keep on eating." Ashley said to the other students.

"Wow, you literally made her pay." Mark commented.

Ashley just smirked in response.