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"Shino, ya know, I've noticed you've never really 'had a crush' on a girl. Why?" Kiba asked, just wondering and not really meaning anything by it.

"I've just never been interested…" Shino replied, turning slightly pink.

"So you've just never found a girl you liked, or you aren't interested in girls general?" Kiba continued, still unaware that he was prying.

Shino's face turned a darker shade of pink, but he stayed silent, not wanting to dig himself into a whole, the shovel already in his hand, after Kiba's previous question.

"Ya know, I've never seen your mom, either, are Aburame's like, asexual or something?"

'That's a safe enough question' Shino thought, "No, my father is straight. I had mom, but she was KIA."

Kiba stopped, "Oh, I'm sorry..."

"It's okay, I was young, and I don't remember her very much."

Kiba recovered rather quickly, getting back to the matter of Shino's sexuality, "So what about you? You never answered my question. Are you straight, or what?"

"I'm straight, dammit!!!" Shino snapped, even redder than before.

Kiba, deciding that Shino needed teased a bit, started singing a song he had heard from one of his friends, "Well, okay, but just so you know, if you were gay, that'd be okay. I mean cuz hey! I like you anyway. Because you see, if it were me, I would feel free to say, that I was gay, but I'm not gay."

Shino sighed, "Kiba please, can we change the subject?"


"Thank y—"

"If you were queer, I'd still be here."

"Kibaaaa," Shino warned.

"Year after year. Because you're dear to me. And I know that you would accept me too, if I told you today, 'Hey! Guess what! I'm gay! But I'm not gay."

Shino just sat there, stewing in his frustration at Kiba.

"I'm happy, just being with you, so what does it matter to me what you do in bed with guys?!"

At this, Shino snapped, lunging at Kiba, knocking him over and pinning him to the ground, "How about I show you what 'I do in bed with guys'?"he growled.

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