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Chapter One

There was hardly a cloud in sight. The air was clean and crisp, and a small breeze fluttered through the leaves. Naruto Uzumaki looked at the sky, thinking about his latest mission. He had gotten a lot stronger these past three years. He knew he had a long way to go, but he hadn't given up. After all, he was going to be Hokage. He shoved his hands into his pockets, quickly glancing over his outfit. He couldn't see any dirt on it, for once.

Naruto looked over at Sakura Haruno, a small smile tugging at the end of his lips. It didn't feel like those three years away from Konoha had happened. It felt so right to be walking next to Sakura as a part of Team Kakashi. He had been part of her team ever since they had graduated from the academy. Despite their different fighting styles, Sakura and Naruto worked best when paired together.

Kakashi, of course, was their leader. He had been their sensei until they had all trained separately three years ago, but now that Naruto and Sakura had grown, they were considered on an equal level to Kakashi. As usual, he was reading Icha Icha Paradise while the group walked back to Konoha. Naruto still didn't understand what was so interesting about those books. His gaze wandered over to Sai, Sasuke's replacement.

The small smile disappeared.


Naruto involuntarily balled his fists. He would bring Sasuke back. He had failed again recently, just like he had before. He hadn't been able to save Sasuke the first time, and the second time had been no different. But no matter what difference there was in talent between Naruto and Sasuke, he wouldn't fail again. Naruto had promised Sakura that he would; he never went back on his word.

But he just couldn't quite accept Sai. He worked with him so that he could get closer to Sasuke, but Sai simply was not a part of Team Kakashi. To Naruto there would only be four people in that team, and the team wouldn't be complete until the fourth member came back. Naruto heaved a sigh.

"Naruto?" Sakura's head was inclined towards him, her mint green eyes looking more worried than they needed to be. The short strands of her pink hair fluttered in the small breeze.

Naruto managed a laugh. "Don't worry about me, Sakura-chan. I—"

The leaves rustled; a shurikan flew out of the bush. Naruto bent over backwards, his kunai in his hand in a moment. With a flick of his wrist he hurled the shurikan aside, then straightened himself. He grunted as more shurikan were hurled from the bush. He flicked his left wrist, grabbing onto another kunai as he defended himself from the attack.

But there was one more shurikan. Naruto gasped as the last one sliced into his right shoulder, tearing his shirt as blood spattered onto the ground.

"Naruto!" Sakura cried. Instantly, Sakura and Sai were standing next to him. Naruto glared in the direction of the bush. "Kneel, Naruto. I've got to heal this quickly," Sakura instructed. Naruto shook his head.

"No way! I'm going to kick his—" But Naruto's sentence stopped there. It was as if he couldn't move. He was completely frozen—his eyes weren't even blinking.

Sakura gasped. "Naruto! Naruto, what's happened to you? Naruto!"

A grunt managed to escape his throat. Though he couldn't move, Naruto was already focusing his chakra. He remembered what Ero-sennin had said about genjutsu, and this seemed to be one of those cases. The trees and everything looked the same, but his teammates weren't there and the path in front of him was swinging gently. Even though stopping his chakra hadn't worked so well that time he had fought against Itachi, Naruto was sure it would work now.

Stop the flow. Stop the flow. He gritted his teeth, etching that sentence into his brain, concentrating with all of his force to stop the flow. He could feel it slowing, the mental image the best way of helping him. He imagined suppressing his chakra flow, the chakra points receiving less and less chakra. He was almost there. A little more, and it would be stopped.

He had practiced stopping the flow of chakra with Ero-sennin, but stopping the flow of chakra to his feet was completely and utterly different from stopping the chakra from flowing through his whole body. He had to concentrate on every single point that he knew of, and try to imagine the points that he didn't know. The most important was to stop the flow of chakra to his head. That was where most of his senses were—the ones that were controlled by genjutsu. All of his senses—taste, smell, sight, hearing—with the exception of touch were all near his head. He had to stop the flow.

Even if was only for a moment, he had to stop his chakra. He gritted his teeth together even harder, pouring in more concentration. Never had he concentrated so hard in all his life. He was easily distracted, but he couldn't afford to be now. Finally, for a split second, his chakra ceased. Then, it was rushing back all at once from every different direction.

The abnormal forest disappeared, and Sakura and Sai were now standing right next to him. Naruto grunted to his feet and started for the forest. Sakura reached out and grabbed his arm, protesting. Naruto tried to shake off her hand, but the moment he rotated his shoulder, a searing pain paralyzed his arm. The force of the pain drove him to his knees. He gasped for air, and in a moment Sakura was there beside him, her hand carefully placed on his wound.

Naruto grunted as Sakura's medical ninjutsu took effect, but it was painful nonetheless. Kakashi dropped to the ground in front of the three, a person slung over his shoulder. They were fighting pretty forcefully, bashing their fists and feet against Kakashi, but it was completely futile. Kakashi's grip was firm but not too harsh. Naruto growled, partially because of the pain, and partially because Kakashi hadn't killed the person already.

"Why'd you bring it here, Kakashi!" Naruto yelled. He was thoroughly outraged that this person had tried to attack him for no apparent reason.

"Calm down, Naruto," Kakashi said as calmly as ever. His grip on the person relaxed, and with a gasp they fell to the ground. They hit the dirt with a thud, their complaining completely ceasing for a moment as they realized what Kakashi had just done.

Naruto stood, oblivious to the pain in his arm. He had felt worse pain than this. Sakura gasped but didn't try to stop him this time. Naruto gritted his teeth. "What's the big idea? What did you attack me for? I didn't do anything to you—" Naruto stopped. He groped for something—anything—to say, but nothing seemed to fit.

"Yo—you're a girl!"

The girl glared up at Naruto, her blue eyes flashing like ice. Her mouth was turned down in a frown. Naruto's eyes quickly caroused over her long brown hair and fair skin, and white garment that very closely resembled the style of Neji's. Her hands were curled into fists.

"You got a problem with that?" she shouted. Naruto was still too stunned to speak. Taking his silence as a "no", the girl continued. "You can't keep me here! You have to let me go! If not, I'll—! I'll—!" Her brave façade seemed to fade almost immediately as she thought of what she would do. She bit her lip, looking as if she was not at all pleased about what she was planning to do. Naruto finally found his voice.

"But why did you throw shurikan at me? I didn't do anything to you."

She shrugged, looking away. Naruto caught a glance of a fierce light in her eyes. "I have to get away! If I don't, they'll kill me!" She attempted bravery and stood to her feet. "I… I'll have to use my technique if you don't let me go! I don't want to, but if you force me to… Then I'll have to!"

Naruto took a step back. His hands flashed up, forming the sign for his shadow clones. Two popped up on either side of the girl, latching onto her arms and holding her where she stood. She gritted her teeth, but didn't fight his clones. Naruto smirked, folding his arms over his chest.

"We'll let you go. You've just got to answer our questions."

She sighed in defeat.

"What's your name?"

"My name is Mitani Kelmisha."

Naruto grunted in approval. "Mitani, why are you running away? Why did you attack us? Why are you so afraid of those people who are after you? What have you done that's making them follow you?"

Mitani sighed again, rolling her eyes at Naruto's stream of questions. But she answered, her voice meek. "I'm running away from the people in my village because they're afraid of what I can do. They want to kill me so I won't be a problem to their village anymore. I attacked you because I was traveling this way, and I thought that… if I could injure you then I could get away quickly. But I didn't see the other three people for some reason. I only saw you."

A satisfied smile lighted Naruto's face. He dispersed his clones. Kakashi, Sai, and Sakura were all around him now, Sakura now the one to ask questions. Naruto smiled happily. Though Mitani had cooperated with him, it still felt good that he had been the one to get the answers first and not anyone else.

Sakura quickly gave Mitani a once-over, making sure that she had no injuries. There was still something so cool and professional about the way Sakura performed her medical ninjutsu. It never failed to amaze Naruto. His smile faded. He really was still just a genin, and Sakura was a chunin. He still hadn't made it past the lowest rank. He was still short-tempered, still impatient, still obnoxious. All the things that Sakura hated. How was he ever going to get her to like him, and even more important to become Hokage, if he hadn't even made it to chunin yet?

"Naruto?" Sakura was looking at him with concern again.

"What? Oh, it's nothing, Sakura-chan," he smiled. He glanced over at Mitani. She was looking at Sakura with a strange kind of… jealousness. Naruto turned to her. "Mitani, what's the matter?"

Before she could answer, a small rustle could be heard not too far away. Mitani whipped her head around and gasped. Her eyes immediately filled with fear, and her body became rigid. It was clear that she had been telling the truth before, even though Naruto hadn't really doubted her.

"They're coming!" she whispered urgently.

Naruto curled his fists. "We'll help you fight them!"

Mitani gasped and vigorously shook her head. "No, you can't! I can't let you do that!"

"Ha!" Naruto laughed. "I never back away from a fight."

A look of uncertain determination flooded Mitani's eyes. "I can't let you! I'm sorry, the one called Naruto, but I must use this jutsu on you!" Naruto's eyes widened as she placed her hands together, forming a string of seals. Her fingers ended in the customary way to gather chakra, and she focused all her attention on Naruto.

"Ninja art: Ultimate Memory Reliving Jutsu!" A ring of white light burst from Mitani and flooded over Naruto. He gasped, and immediately his eyes widened and he was frozen in place. Mitani backed away to flee.

"How dare you!" Sakura yelled, moving after her. Sakura balled her fist, gathering her chakra in her hand. She was going to pummel Mitani. But Naruto's cry of anguish stopped her in her tracks. Sakura glanced back at Naruto. He was clutching his head, shaking it, grunting and occasionally crying out.

"No. No!" he screamed. Suddenly, his face went completely blank. His eyes were wide and unseeing, his hands falling limply to his sides. His mouth was agape, making him look completely stunned. Sakura stood, watching the sudden change that had taken over Naruto. Just a moment ago he had been able to dispel Mitani's first genjutsu attack. What had happened to him?

Naruto's knees gave way, and he crumpled to the ground.

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