OK, this is the end. :( I'm actually sad that this is done. Anyway, enjoy.


It took a week for Cyborg to release Beast Boy and I from the hospital. And even though he had cleared us as healthy, Cyborg still checked on both of us almost every two hours. It turns out that we had been missing for two days and when I had called Robin and Starfire had been out chasing a lead, which had turned out to be nothing, but all the same.

At this moment I was reading the latest book in the House of Night series. It wasn't my favorite set of books, but they were alright, and I didn't feel like reading full on horror right now.

Beside me on the half circle couch was Beast Boy and Cyborg, who were locked inside they're little world of racing.

It really was annoying sometimes, and I could feel my temper rocketing fast. It seemed that Beast Boy noticed, because he hit Cyborg in the back of the head, made a shushing sound, and pointed to me.

That was another thing that had changed since we got back. Beast Boy was really aware of my emotions and did everything in his power to keep me content. I wasn't complaining in the slightest.

Cyborg, however, could care less it seemed because he went on with his yelling. I was just about to get up and head back to my room, when Beast Boy threw down his controller and stood up.

"Can't you see Raven's trying to read!" the shout alone was enough to knock me back to reality and I looked up at him in shock, tough it didn't show.

Cyborg seemed just as shocked as I was because he too dropped his controller, though it only fell in his lap instead of the floor. Before anyone could so much as breathe, Beast Boy was Storming out of the room. I followed him out, intrigued enough to find out what was going on with him.

I followed him all the way to the roof before he stopped, staring out over the ocean between Titan's Tower and Jump City. His fists were clenched tightly, and I could tell he was crying.

"Beast Boy, what is it?" My voice was still a monotone, but somehow it was softer, and I knew it wasn't a conscious decision. Strange how that happens when I'm around him.

He sniffed once then turned to look at me. His eyes were full of tears that were making tracks down his face. He took a deep breath.

"They don't even see how hard it is for you to keep that demon back." He said, his voice cracking in a way that would have been comical in any other situation. "And it's like they don't care. But I know. 'Cause I have to deal with that too. With the beast." He stopped, shaking.

"You still struggle with that?" I asked, surprised. The last time I had talked to him about it he had said it was gone, except for occasional fits of anger.

"Yeah. I just don't tell anyone." He confessed. I took a deep breath and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I can help you, if you want." I said quietly. "I can teach you meditation. It should be enough to keep the beast at bay." He nodded in answer, and suddenly I was enveloped in a tight hug, and he was crying on my shoulder. I didn't really know what to do, so I just patted his back, and fought down the urge to shove him as far away as I could. Again, he showed that strange new gift of knowing what I was feeling, and pulled away. But not that far. In fact he stopped so his face was not even five inches away from my own. His eyes locked onto mine, and then he was moving forward. Before I knew what was happening his lips were on mine in a soft kiss. I froze and just let him kiss me. But it seemed that he realized what he was doing and pulled away suddenly.

"That was…" But I cut him off.

"Like kissing my brother." He smiled and I could feel the relief rolling off him.

"Oh, thank God. 'Cause that was like…I don't know. Not what I expected I guess." I nodded and felt a smile coming on, but I quickly suppressed it.

"So, friends." He offered his hand, and I took it.

"Friends." I responded.

As I looked out over the water again, admiring the sunset, the thought of what villain would attack tomorrow entered my head, but I pushed it away. That didn't matter, as long as I had my friends.


Ok, I know it was short, but oh well. Well, bye for now.