Tsuna cries at the top of his lungs and clings to a wobbling wooden stake as if his life depended on it - it probably did considering the fact that it was quite a few feet up in the air, balanced on Iemitsu's shoulders. The father finds the situation quite amusing and lets out a hearty laugh.

"Eh? Why? This is a great chance for you to practice your balance Tsuna!"

Tsuna wraps his arms around the stake tighter, trembling in fear and anger. He really wants to shout 'I'LL PROBABLY FALL OFF AND SPLIT MY HEAD BEFORE THAT HAPPENS!' but he can't muster the courage to yell at his father. Instead, Tsuna continues to focus on the only thing a five year old could do in his current situation: cry and hold on for dear life.

The external advisor of the Vongola Family is deaf to Tsuna's cries, keeping a steady walk through the forest and giving a one-sided heart-to-heart talk with Tsuna.

"You know Tsuna, going camping is considered the ultimate father-son bonding experience! Bravely trekking the woods together – although you're lucky I'm carrying you this time- and fending off dangerous ferocious animals…"

'I'd really prefer to walk over this.' Tsuna thinks to himself, now only loosely lying on top of the stake and surprisingly not falling off. Tsuna doesn't notice it, but Iemitsu does and smiles to himself.

Finally, Tsuna manages to force the question he's been wanting to ask since the start of the trip out of his mouth. "Daddy…Can we go home now?"

"Aww, I miss Nana-chan too," the father sympathized, "but this is a man's journey Tsuna! You need to rely on your own instincts! Bring out that fierce lion within you! "Iemitsu says all of this with the utmost pride, impaling the stick onto the ground while caught up in his excitement. Tsuna falls off, hitting his head on the ground hard and immediately falling into a state of unconsciousness.

"-Tsuna? Tsuna?!…Whoops…"

And ever since, Tsuna has had a healthy fear of "bonding time" with his dad.


A/N: This is an incomprehendable amount of fail that I totally blame eriea on LJ for. Prompt was "high stakes" and I just took a more literal meaning of it. AND FAILED. *HIDES*