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Unexpectedly Ever After

"You didn't see any of this coming, did you?""

My usually silent husband broke through the quiet of the clearing, his smooth voice cutting through the night like butter. His question startled the sleeping girl between us, and she yawned, curling closer to her uncle, unconsciously drawn to the protection of his embrace. I smiled at Jasper when Renesmee started to mumble, and laughed out loud when she mentioned her"over-protective father.

We had come out to the stargazing rock to give Bella and Edward some privacy. Apparently, Edward was still having some misgivings about his young" daughter's growing affection for Jacob Black, and needed some reassurance from his loving wife. Of course, that meant he had caught Jacob and Renesmee kissing. Fact was, Renesmee was no longer a child. Having seen her seventh official birthday this past week, she looked like an 18 year old girl, and could easily pass as her mother's sister. It was only in the moonlight of the clearing that I could still see the little girl Edward did, whose innocence needed to be protected on a 24 hour basis.

No, I answered Jasper's question, watching my niece drift deeper into sleep,

"I didn't see anything. You know I can't tell what will happen in Renesmee, or Jacob's, future."

"Besides what happened earlier tonight.""

He gently reached over Nessie to take my hand, weaving his fingers through my own. "

"I'm talking about everything: Bella's amazing sense of self-control, Renesmee's destined arrival into our family, our friendship with the Quileutes? Was there even an inkling?""

My visions of his arrival, our first meeting with our adopted family, and that of the human girl, Bella Swan, had been the only premonitions I had seen that had changed my life. Even then, I hadn't realized how greatly these events would impact me. I hadn't known back then how wonderful my future family would be, how close to being sisters Bella and I would become, or how deeply I would fall for Jasper. All of the things that mattered the most had been unannounced.

I tore my gaze from him, looking upward to gaze at the brightly twinkling stars above us.

""Everything took me by surprise, Jazz.""

I kissed Nessie's bright curls, then the back of his hand.

"The best things in life usually do.""

A/N: yeah yeah... i know, the title is pretty similar to that of my beloved story, An Unexpected Legacy, what with the Unexpected-ness and all. big deal. i thought it was catchy, so i stuck with it. plus, i couldn't find a synonym for unexpected that worked as well. hope you guys liked it!

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