Who is Sammi's Daddy?

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Summary: An old girlfriend of Goren's gets in trouble and it comes to light that her child may be his. This story links up to my story Good Intentions – starting about four months into B/A relationship.

A/N: If you've read my story Good Intentions you'll know that there's a little girl called Sammi, who may or may not be Bobby Goren's daughter. Her mother, Lilianna Giovaissi, had a relationship with Bobby around the time of his transfer to MCS and cheated on him with two other men. Any one of the three could be Sammi's Daddy.

28 August 2004 – Home of Alex Eames, Rockaway

"Why exactly am I doing this?" Bobby Goren grumbled, standing in the hallway of his partner's house.

"Because you love me." Alex Eames countered, sounding equally disgruntled as she pulled on her jacket beside him. "And you don't want to have to arrest me for murdering either Junior or Beth if I have to go to this party alone."

Alex's eldest brother had invited the whole family to attend an early evening barbecue to celebrate his daughter's birthday. Even though Alex and Bobby had been together as a couple for almost four months there was still tension between Alex and Junior about the relationship. Alex's sister Beth was still unable to accept that Alex was not about to capitulate and give up a future with Bobby. Other than the tension with two of Alex's siblings, the couple themselves could not have been happier, already had their wedding organised for the Saturday after Thanksgiving and were, very actively, trying to get Alex pregnant.

They had decided to rent out Alex's house in Rockaway, the practical reason being that his apartment was closer to work but Alex had admitted to Bobby that she really didn't want to live with him in the house she had shared with her late husband. It wasn't that she felt Bobby couldn't compare to Joe, it was more that Alex felt the house represented her past and she wanted to concentrate on her future, which was most definitely with Bobby. Plus the extra income from the rental would come in handy, especially if as they hoped Alex got pregnant soon, and Alex Eames was always one for the practicalities of life.

Unfortunately, that morning the agent dealing with the rental arrangements had called Alex to say that the potential tenant who had been to view the property the week before wanted to have another look around the property. The woman was extremely fussy and had insisted on meeting her would-be landlord in person, apparently not content with the agent's assessment of his client.

They had intended to spend their day relaxing following a busy week at work, before heading to Junior's house in Queens. Instead they'd gone to Rockaway to show the potential tenant round Alex's house. The woman had asked what seemed like a thousand and one questions, not all of which had been about the house. Both Alex and Bobby had found the woman snobbish, nosy and annoying. They'd refused to answer several questions when she'd tried to grill them about their relationship and exactly why they were renting out such an apparently perfect house.

They'd finally got rid of the woman, but now they were running late for the party. Truth be told, neither of them were actually that enthusiastic about going to the party. They knew Junior and Beth would once again team up to try and convince the rest of Alex's family that the wedding scheduled to take place in three month's time was only going to end up in the divorce courts.

Alex and Bobby had just arrived at Junior's house and finished making their apologies for being late, when both their cell phones rang.

"Goren." Bobby flipped his phone open. "Uncle Nicky … yeah … well, erm, it's not really the best time." He glanced at Alex as she answered her phone. He continued listening to his phone, his eyes darkening with a combination of annoyance and worry.

"Eames." Alex looked confused. "Yes, Sir." She looked at Bobby, her eyes suddenly filled with concern. "Yeah, he's here … he's on the phone at the moment." She listened to her caller. "Tell them we'll be there as soon as can." Another pause to listen. "Yes, I'm sure. We'll just make our apologies and then we'll hit the road. We should be there within the hour." She listened again for a moment. "Thanks, Captain." She flipped her phone closed.

Bobby had moved away to continue his conversation, still throwing glances at Alex as he spoke into his phone. After another minute he finished his call and rejoined her.

"That was the Captain. We need to get to the 2-7. They have a suspect in custody who's throwing your name around as a close personal friend." Alex explained the basics of her call to him as he stopped beside her.

"It's Lilianna, you met her at the wedding, Nick Giovaissi's daughter. That was Uncle Nicky on the phone. Something about Lil being arrested in connection with the homicide of her boss. He wanted to know if I could maybe go down there and find out what's going on. They've got a lawyer on the way for her. I'm sorry about this. Look you stay here, enjoy the party. I'll get back as quickly as I can but …" His tone of voice made it obvious he was torn between staying to support Alex in the impending dual with Beth and Junior, and going to see if he could help an old friend in need.

"I'm coming with you. Deakins wants us both there, just in case anything …"

"In case anything happens that might get me into trouble?" He finished her sentence for her.

She nodded, looking slightly embarrassed at his ability to not only read her but to know what their captain had been thinking after he got the call from Lieutenant Van Buren.

"It's okay Alex. I can understand Deakins' logic. I do tend to be a little overprotective when it comes to my friends." Bobby shrugged as he ran his hand from her shoulder down to her hand, taking it gently. "Thanks though, for understanding."

"Come on, let's get this over with. We'll just say we've been called in, no one's gonna ask for details, they're used to it by now." Alex squeezed his hand reassuringly.

The couple once again made their apologies to Alex's family, saying they'd try to get back as soon as possible, then headed to their car to drive Manhattan to find out what was going on with Bobby's ex-girlfriend.

A/N: This will not be a case file as such – I'm not ready to attempt one of those yet. Lil's arrest is just my way of bringing about the circumstances for Sammi's paternity to be brought into question. Thanks for reading.